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Honeymoon and a Rude Awakening

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Ok this is a Riza/ Roy romance story...and they end up getting married...and there will be a few twists in there...(sorry but my summary sucks...but the storys good) Oh, plez review!!!! Oh guys, s...

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Rated: R

Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and maybe a couple Lemons. LEMON IN CHAPTER! (I mean come's their honeymoon peoples...)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The people who work and make Fullmetal Alchemist own it.

Riza looked demurely out the train window as the night wore on. Roy was sleeping on her lap, and he looked comfortable and happy. Their wedding rings seemed to glint in the light, because several people had said they were the cutest newly weds. She looked down at her husband, and smiled. "Husband...Oh my god...I'm married..." she said softly, touching his hair lightly, and running her fingers through it. "I can't believe this is real...if it's a dream, please don't wake me up..." she whispered, her eyes filling up.
"Okay, I won't wake you up, but I will tell you that you wake me up in the strangest ways." She heard Roy's voice mutter. "Oh, and I am certainly not a dream." He added, sitting up and rubbing the back of his head. "What time is it?" he muttered, looking around. Riza smiled, trying to tame his hair for him. "Almost 3." She answered him. "Damn, I wanna be in that house we rented by the beach already..." he muttered, taking her left hand and kissing it. "You pervert." She said, pinching his cheek. "Ow, that hurt Riza..." he said, rubbing his cheek. "Good, it was supposed to, Roy." She said, kissing his now pink cheek.

"I don't just want to thoroughly screw you my darling, I'm also very hungry..." Roy said, leaning over her to look out the window. "Shhh! Someone's going to hear your dirty talk." Riza said, smacking him on the back. "OW!" he whispered loudly, banging his head on the shelf above their seats. "You stupid idiot." Riza said, pushing him off of her. "You're mean, I want a divorce." Roy said, pouting. "You know, you never were good at lying..." Riza said, rolling her eyes.

"I know..." Roy said looking peeved as he swept her into his arms. "What the hell are you doing?" she murmured, looking up at him. "Making you shut up." He said, planting his mouth over hers and kissing her thoroughly. They pulled apart a few seconds later, and suddenly Riza felt weird. She frowned and looked out the window as lightning pierced the sky. She grimaced and clamped a hand over her forehead. "Ahhhh..." she muttered, squeezing her eyes shut. Something was wrong, horribly wrong. "Riza...Riza what's wrong?" Roy said, looking worried as he touched her arm lightly. She leaned back in her seat and shook her head. "Its' nothing...I just feel like something's wrong back in Central..." she said.

"You want me to go call Edward, or Havoc?" Roy suggested, his tone soft and undemanding. ", it's probably nothing." She replied, taking his hand in hers. "Okay..." Roy said, holding her as they both fell into a light doze. But Riza continued to feel uneasy the rest of the train ride.

"Oh me..." Eve sobbed, trying to get up as he finally left her alone. It must be at least 3 in the morning by now. She stammered, her legs hurt, her privates hurt, and her head hurt from her hair being pulled. The dress was ruined, and she was positive she was bleeding in several places including her lower region. "Alphonse...Amaya...Edward...god help me..." Eve sobbed, making it to the street corner. She looked down at her bridesmaid dress, which was shredded and blood filed now and sobbed harder. "You're a dirty, good for nothing horror now! You stupid bitch!" his words rang in her ears. "No...No I'm not..." she sobbed, picking herself up again and stumbling a bit further down the street.
The apartment complex where Amaya, Edward, and Alphonse lived couldn't be that far. She struggled, crying as his words continued to ring in her ears. "God help hurts..." she cried softly. Her ankle felt like it had been sprained in the struggle and she kept loosing blood. Finally after stumbling and getting back up down several blocks, she made it to the apartments. Thank god they lived on the lower floors. She fell down in the street, not bale to get back up. She was weak from loosing blood and crying so badly. "Alphonse! Amaya!" She called out. She heard a twig snap behind her and screamed, a black kitten running away. "God help me....ALPHONSE!" she screamed, sobbing.

Several doors banged open, and lights went on. "WHAT THE FUCK ALPHONSE?" someone yelled. "Help me, god please!" Eve sobbed, trying to get up, her blonde hair falling in her face. "Eve! EVE!" Alphonse yelled rushing towards her, "AMAYA! EDWARD!" He yelled helping her up. Another door banged open quickly as someone yelled, "CALL THE POLICE! GET AN AMBULANCE!" Eve sobbed harder as Amaya and Edward came rushing up with Elicia toddling behind them.

"Eve! Eve baby, talk to me..." Amaya said, looking horror struck as she dropped to her knees beside Eve. "I'm dirty...god help me...He touched me, and now I'm dirty..." Eve sobbed, trying to curl up in a ball. "Eve, sweetheart, tell me what happened, please..." Alphonse said, bringing her, blood and all into his arms. "You were right Alphonse...I'm sorry...he touched was Kellerman...he...oh god! He raped me!" Eve sobbed, and his grip tightened on her. "Ed...go call...go call the guys...get an ambulance..." Alphonse grit out, his eyes hard and his voice pissed. Amaya's eyes welled up and she took a crying Elicia in her arms. "Miss Maya...what happened to my Eve?" Elicia asked, looking fearful.

"Alphonse...Al..." Eve cried, her vision going blurry. "Shhh, Eve, clam down sweetheart. I'm right here...I'm right here..." Alphonse said, holding her tightly against him. "I'm's all my fault..." she whispered, and she slipped into darkness just as an ambulance, Havoc, Breda, Fuery, Falman and the other four pulled up, their uniforms haphazardly thrown on. "Come on Al, let's get her to the ambulance..." Ed said, helping Al pick Eve up, blood dripping on the ground. "Who did it, did she say?" Havoc asked quickly, looking pissed off. Amaya picked up Elicia as Ross and Schiezka came rushing over to help her. "It was Kellerman...I'll kill that fucking son of a bitch." Alphonse swore. He was pretty pissed off.

Roy pushed the door open, and Riza laughed as he picked her up, and set her down on the couch before rushing back out in the rain to bring in their bags. He slammed the door shut behind him, and Riza flipped on the lights. Roy set the stuff down beside the door, and pouted. "I feel useless..." he muttered, holding up his wet gloved hands. "Aww." Riza said, taking his gloves off and tossing them to the side. "Hey, what if I lose them?" he said, about to go after them. Riza shook her head and pinned him against the door, locking it. "You're not useless in the rain, sir." She whispered, and he smirked, unpinning her hair.
"Oh? I'm not?" he asked curiously. She nodded her head and fisted her hand sin his hair, pressing her lips against his. "It's 5 in the morning, and I want you. I've wanted you for the past two and a half weeks we haven't had a nice good screw." She murmured against his lips. "Whoa, now that has to be true, because normally, you wouldn't say something like that." Roy said, and she wrapped her legs around his middle. He chuckled, "My eager First Lieutenant..." he said, kissing her softly, running his right hand through her hair as his left arm held her up.

"Take me to bed..." she whispered, a look of longing in her eyes. He grinned and swung her up into his arms, bridal style, and went up the stairs, and down the hall a little ways before kicking open a door, and going over to a king sized bed, and laying her down gently. "Riza..." he said, laying beside her. "Yes?" she replied softly, sitting up on her elbow, and unbuttoning his outer shirt. "I...I was scarred when...when you started to walk down the aisle. I thought you were going to call it off, or something..." Roy admitted. Riza giggled and unbuttoned his bleu undershirt, wrapping her arms around him. "I was a little scarred too..." she said, kissing his exposed chest.

(Intro Music: Truly, Madly, Deeply, by Savage Garden)
"Lets see what's under that shirt..." Roy said, switching their positions quickly. Riza smiled, and let him toss off both his shirts and her shirts as well. "Well, well. We remembered." Roy smirked, kissing her chest lightly. "How could your lover forget that you absolutely love to see her in black lace? Especially a black lace corset?" Riza asked curiously, sitting up. "I don't know, but I wanna see the rest." Roy said like an eager little kid about to get his birthday present early. He de-pantsed her quickly, and took her boots off before that. "Haha! Sexy negligee..." he said, running a hand over her knee high stockings of black, and continued up to her lacy black bikini panties.

"You are so childish..." Riza murmured, sitting up and kissing his lips, pressing herself against him. "I love you..." he said, pulling her head back by the hair lightly and biting her neck, causing her to let out a moan. "You want me, Riza?" he asked softly, laying her head down on the feather pillows as thunder sounded outside and the room was lit with lightning, followed by another clap of thunder. "Yes...I want you." Riza whispered, tracing his lips. He smiled, and leaned down, kissing her softly while kicking off his boots, and nudging them off the bed.

"Mrs. Mustang...are you begging?" Roy asked softly, trailing kisses down her neck, and to her chest. "Yes, sir." Riza said, resting her hands on her lower stomach. He unclipped her corset in the back, and removed it, kissing each breast, and causing her to shiver. "Cold?" he asked, lifting her up into his arms. "Just a little." Riza said softly, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You look beautiful..." he murmured, kissing her lips softly, working them open. She closed her eyes as she kissed him, wishing the moment would never end. She pulled back suddenly, and gave him a look. "You cheated." She said clearly.

"I was wondering when you would notice." He chuckled, and stood up, taking off his pants and boxers. She pulled him back down on top of her, and kissed him. "Much better, Mr. Mustang." She said, wrapping her arms around him. "Lets skip the foreplay..." he whined, biting at her neck. "You know my rules." Riza said with a smirk. "You're a mean wife..." he said, nipping one of her breasts. She let out a squeak, and brushed her stocking feet against her legs, causing him to shiver. "Do your job, asshole." She said, licking her lips.

"As you wish, Mrs. Mustang." Roy muttered, kissing down her stomach. He pushed open her legs and she obliged, letting him pull off her stockings and panties. "My beautiful, sexy wife." Roy said, pulling her up to his chest, and kissing her crazy. "You're doing this on purpose." Riza pouted, nibbling on his neck. "Yes, I'm doing it to torture you." Roy said, smirking. "Damnit, you cocky son of a bitch." She said lovingly, pushing him down onto the pillows, and climbing on top of him. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her down on top of him, causing her to gasp.

"You jerk." She whispered, bucking her hips, and causing him to groan. He kept his hands on her hips as she moved them, and she had her hands over his. "You tricked me.." she whispered, leaning down. "Yes, but you seem to be enjoying it, my darling." He whispered in her ear, pushing her down more, and letting her whimper in his ear. "'re evil..." she said, nipping at his ear. He let out a groan, and moved his hands up to her breasts as she arched her back. "Riza, you always were good at this...but it's my turn." He muttered, switching their positions and thrusting into her.

"Oh god, Roy..." she let out a gasp, her eyes wide before her lids fluttered shut with ecstasy. "My beautiful Riza..." he said, pushing in and out of her, with an occasional buck of the hips from her, they were soon ready to let go. "Roy...I love you..." Riza said, wrapping her arms around him as she let out a cry of passion. (You don't know what romance novel I'm getting this cheesy crap from so, shut up...) He smirked, and as his own sweet release came, he moaned out her name.

"I love you..." they said together, wrapped in each other arms. Thunder rumbled overhead with a loud CRACK, and Riza shivered. Roy pulled the comforter over them, and kissed her neck. "That was beautiful..." Riza mumbled, snuggling closer to them. "It definitely feels different when you're married..." Roy said with a yawn, pushing his hair back. "Roy...promise me that tomorrow night we'll stay up all night." Riza said sleepily. "I promise, now go to sleep darling." He said, tightening his grip around her.
"We can't question her till Mustang gets back." Havoc said uneasily, looking towards the hospital room. "That's for another three fucking weeks." Edward said, kicking the hospital chair. "We all just need to calm down, Ed, no cussing in front of Elicia." Amaya said, holding Elicia close. The little girl was wrapped up in a pale pink blanket and was barely awake. "At least they did a rape kit. Now we can actually confirm that's he was raped, and she said who it was, Amaya and Al heard it." Fuery said, pushing his glasses up.
"Yeah...but we still have to wait for confirmation from Mustang to actually go out and hunt for him. The Warrant for his arrest.." Falman said. "So all we can freaking do is wait." Alphonse grit out as a nurse came out of Eve's room. "Who here is in charge of this girl?" the nurse asked, holding a clipboard. "We all are." Havoc spoke up, puffing his cigarette. "Alright. Well, we have the results back from the young ladies rape kit. Yes she was raped, there was semen, and there's something else. After we were able to give her back most of the blood she lost, we were able to run a couple of other tests. Of course, we'll have to re check in a couple days, but judging by the results, we're pretty sure." The nurse informed them.

"Well? What is it?" Amaya asked, looking scarred. "I'm sorry to say, but Miss Sedgwick is pregnant." The nurse said. Amaya covered her mouth and let out a sob. Alphonse stood in shock, and the others were shocked as well. "P-pregnant?" Edward stammered. "Like I said, we won't be sure until a couple days from now, but yes." The nurse said, walking away. "" Alphonse said, shutting his eyes, and clenching his fists. "Al..." Edward said, putting his hand on Al's shoulder. "Let go of me..." the younger brother said, opening his eyes.

"I am tired..." Roy groaned, slamming his head down on the breakfast table. "Oh you're such a baby. You got more sleep than I did." Riza said, stirring the oatmeal. "Bah, we should have both slept till tonight, then we should have gotten up and had hot, hot, hot, sex all night." Roy said, yawning. Riza scoffed, "No." she said simply, going to the fridge, and pouring them both a glass of orange juice. "Aw come on, Riza..." he said, grabbing her butt as she set the two glasses down. She glared and slapped his hand away. "You're being bad." She said, her mouth twitching.
"But you like me that way." He yawned again, sipping at his juice. She dished out the oatmeal into two bowls, and set his in front of him. "You better wake up soon, we have site seeing to do. I promise Eve I'd get her something green." Riza said, sitting down quickly. "But I don't wanna." Roy said, shoveling the food into his mouth. "Yeah, right." Riza said, eating hers daintily. "I wonder how they're managing without us..." Roy said, taking a drink of his juice. "They're letting the paperwork pile up, I know that." Riza said.

Roy laughed, "You're probably right." He said, eating some more. "I'm always right." Riza said, eating some more. "What are we supposed to do here anyways?" Roy asked, finishing his food and sitting back in his chair. Riza looked out the window at the sunny sky. "There's a beach, a shopping mall, and a park. You tell me." She said with a smile. "I say we buy everyone back home presents first, then I get you into that sexy bikini and we go swimming. Then we go out to dinner." Roy said. "My thoughts exactly." Riza said, chuckling.

Eve slowly opened her eyes, the sound of hospital machines going on around her, and the sound of harsh voices in the hallway. She winced at the bright sunlight and it all came flooding back, and tears sprung up in her eyes. "How did this happen to me? WHY did it happen to me?" she asked herself, trying to sit up. She looked at her hands, and arms. They didn't look too bad. Just a few bruises and cuts. She winced and almost cried when she looked under her blanket at her legs and hip area under her dressing gown. "Somebody messed with mother nature..." she said sadly to herself.
She put a hand to her forehead and winced again. The images wouldn't go away, they wouldn't leave her alone. "God help me..." she said, reaching for her pendant. She let out a sob as she felt around on her bruised neck for it, finding nothing. Suddenly the door burst open, and Alphonse ha her in his arms. "Alphonse, help me..." she coughed out her sobs. "I'm right here, baby. I'm right here." He said soothingly. "Where's Amaya, Edward? Where is everyone?" she questioned, holding onto him tightly. Just as she said it, they all came in. Ed, Amaya, Elicia, Havoc, Breda, Fuery, Falman, Armstrong, Ross, Bloch, and Schiezka. They were all there, just for her. That's how special she was to them.

"Eve, baby girl, how are you feeling?" Amaya asked softly, sweeping some hair back from Eve's face. "I...I can't get it to go away..." Eve said, closing her eyes and taking steadying breaths. "That's it...screw this shit. I'm calling Mustang right now. I don't give a fuck if he is on his damn honeymoon. He can have another one in ten years anyways." Edward muttered, picking up the phone beside the bed and dialing the number he knew where he could reach them.

Riza pulled her hair into its normal clip and pulled on a light jacket. It was drizzling outside and she didn't want to catch a cold. 'So much for the beach,' she thought as the phone rang. "Darlin, could you get that?" Roy said, still digging through his suitcase. "Sure why not?" Riza smiled, going away from the bathroom mirror (the bathroom was connected to the room, like at their house) and picking up the phone. "Mrs. Riza Mustang." She said coolly. She went pale after a few minutes and hung up the phone.
"Roy..." she could barely breathe. Eve...wonderful, beautiful, all around friendly and sweet loving Eve...had been raped. "Riza? Riza, what's wrong?" Roy said, taking her by the shoulders. "Its' Central...we have to go home..." Riza said, tears springing up into her eyes. "What happened?" Roy asked, looking worried. "Eve was Kellerman..." Riza said, covering her mouth with her left hand as Roy let her go, going over to the phone.

"We got the fastest train here." Roy said, jumping off the train with Riza 6 hours later. Armstrong rushed to collect their luggage. It was raining cats and dogs, and Edward opened the car door for them, both of them rushing in. Armstrong came rushing back, throwing their suitcases in the trunk and jumping in with them in the car, and Edward took off quickly, driving like a bat out of hell.
"So far all we can get out of her, is absolutely nothing, she won't talk without you two present, not even to Alphonse. But she did say it was Kellerman, she's repeated it several times since we found her. It happened...when she was walking home from seeing you two off at the train station." Edward filled them in, turning several corners sharply. "Oh god..." Riza said, covering her mouth. Guilt flooded her, and tears sprung up in her eyes. That girl was like a daughter to her. Edward screeched to a halt in front of the hospital, and the all jumped out in the rain, rushing in.

"Nobody is going in this room!" The nurse yelled. Everyone that had been in Eve's room previously had been thrown out when Eve began throwing up, and that made for one pissy group of military people. Everyone turned sharply as Roy, Riza, Ed, and Armstrong came down the hall. "What the hell is going on here?" Roy asked the nurse. "Miss Sedgwick is one very sick girl, nobody can see her right now!" the red haired nurse said defiantly. "Guess what, I'm your worst nightmare. Now move the hell over." Riza said, cocking her gun at the nurse. "I'm afraid I can't do that." The nurse said strictly. "Well, if Riza's gun doesn't work, nothing will." Havoc said, looking like he wanted to kill someone.
"Do you know who the hell we are?" Roy asked, looking like he shouldn't be messed with. "Do I like it?" the nurse snapped as the doctor came down the hall. "Nurse Miriam! You shouldn't be talking to Fuhrer Mustang and First Lady Mustang like that! Let those people inside!" The doctor said, pushing the stubborn nurse out of the way. "Thank you, doc." Fuery said as they all rushed in. And it wasn't pretty.

"I'm not a whore, I'm not dirty..." Eve whispered, shutting her eyes tightly and rocking back and forth. Riza went forward, and dropped onto the bed, taking Eve in her arms. "Momma..." Eve whispered curling up in Riza's arms. "Havoc, paper and pen, now. Fuery voice recorder. Everyone else, sit down and shut up." Roy demanded, and it was done. Riza took a deep breath.

"Eve...I know that this is hard. But I'm going to have to ask you to tell the Fuhrer and me what happened. If you want him to be apprehended and off the streets so he can't do this to another innocent girl, then we need to re-account everything that happened after you left the train station." Riza said. Eve closed her eyes, and nodded, sitting back in the bed, and taking deep breaths. "We all love you here, Eve, and nobody is going to judge you. We're your family, your friends, and one of us is your lover. We're not going to hurt you, we just need you to tell us everything that happened. Whatever you say doesn't go out to the public." Riza reassured her.

Eve opened her eyes, the startling green eyes lit up, and she pushed her hair back. Havoc got the pen ready and Fuery turned on the tape recorder. "The...the train had just left, and so had everyone else. Alphonse pleaded with me to walk me home, but I refused, saying I was a big girl, and I could walk home by myself. It was a big mistake on my part...but he finally gave in, and kissed me goodnight, and walking back to his apartment. I began to walk to mine, in the opposite direction. I thought I was alone, but obviously I wasn't. I remember thinking that it was stupid of me not to take Al up on his offer. That's when he grabbed me as I turned around." Eve began, closing her eyes for a second before plunging ahead.

"I tried to scream for help, but he covered my mouth and put a knife to my throat. He cut my pendant off so I couldn't use my alchemy. He told me in my ear, "Now you can't use your alchemy pretty babe," and I recognized his voice, I tried to fight him off, but he dragged me into the alley and threw me against the wall...I started to cry, and he pulled me up the hair. Then he..." Eve closed her eyes and breathed deeply. "Go's okay. He can't hurt you anymore." Roy said softly.

"Then he said... 'You look kind of like her you know, dearest Riza Victoria. The blonde hair, the excellent chest and slim figure. But those eyes, yours are far prettier than hers. Those startling green orbs. Now I have you alone, and I can show them all what I could be doing to their precious First Lieutenant.'" Eve recited. Everyone looked shocked, and Riza stood up, shutting her eyes. "Keep going Eve." She said sharply. "He then proceeded to spit on me, and I began to sob as he ripped my bridesmaid dress and cut my body with the knife and grab me, leaving all these cuts and bruises." Eve continued.

"At that point I gave up trying to fight...and he began to rape me...he did it twice, telling me the whole time that he wished I was Riza Hawkeye. Then the second time he told me how much he hated us all, and he said...Oh god help me...he told me how he planned to assassinate the Fuhrer." Eve said, starting to cry. "He's going to torture you, and cut your throat, and he said he'd do it in front of us all. Then he told me to keep my mouth shut, and left me. All I could think about was dying, just dying...and I felt myself bleeding. But I had to tell you. You're my family. So I began to walk, well rather stagger to where I knew Edward, Amaya and Al lived, and I cried and asked god to help me the whole time...even though I don't really believe in him..." Eve managed.

"After that, we found her in front of the apartments, and we brought her here. At that time, she told Alphonse and myself that it was Jason Kellerman who raped her. After that she proceeded to pass out, because of all the blood she had lost." Amaya finished for Eve quickly. Fuery shut off the tape quickly. And Havoc finished jotting it all down. "Havoc, Fuery, take those back to the office, and notify every single inch of Amestris that a man hunt has started. You know what reasons to write down." Roy said quickly, and the two men left the room quickly.

"Falman, Breda, and Armstrong, go search every inch of this city for Kellerman, he could still be lurking. Ross and Bloch, go notify the proper people at H.Q. of what is developing. Everyone else stay here." Roy finished. (Ack, if I left any important details out on all this good garbage, tell me about it people.) Eve laid back in her bed and shut her eyes. "Thank you, Eve. You're a brave, very beautiful, and very bright young woman." Riza said, looking out the window. "Thank you, Riza. I'm sorry..." Eve whispered, opening her eyes. "'s not your's not anyone's fault but mine." Riza whispered.

"It's not your fault." Alphonse spoke sharply. Riza tore her eyes away from the rain outside. "He's obsessed with me. He wants the love of my life dead, he's raping my colleagues. Anything he can do to ruin my life..." Riza said calmly. "We all just need to chill out, and think things through. We need to rest, and when we wake up, our heads will be clear, and we can think clearly." Amaya said softly. "I think that's a wonderful idea, Mitsu." Roy said, grasping Riza's hand firmly.

As all this was said, the doctor came in, holding a clipboard and looking grave. "What is it, doctor?" Eve asked, and they all turned to the man. "Miss Sedgwick...I'm very sorry to inform you, that we ran your tests again, and we're very positive now..." the doctor said. "What are you saying?" Eve said, her eyes wide. "Miss Sedgwick, you're pregnant." The doctor said sadly.

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