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Man to Man

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Ok this is a Riza/ Roy romance story...and they end up getting married...and there will be a few twists in there...(sorry but my summary sucks...but the storys good) Oh, plez review!!!! Oh guys, s...

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Alphonse Elric, Cain Fury, Edward Elric, Heymans Breda, Jean Havoc, Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Schiezka, Vato Falman - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2006-10-08 - Updated: 2006-10-08 - 4719 words

Rated: R

Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and maybe a couple Lemons.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The people who work and make Fullmetal Alchemist own it.

"I hate this..." Roy said, crossing his arms in protest. "Just do it, sir." Riza said, walking over to a filing cabinet and getting a file out. "No. No. No." Roy said, standing up and pacing. "Don't make her do it, sir...please oh god...the bucket Alphonse." Eve said, throwing up as Al gave her the bucket.
"I hate it, I won't even look at it." Roy said stubbornly. "Sir, I'm going to have to resort to begging, please don't make Lieutenant Mustang do it..." Amaya said, writing her report out. "I am not doing my paperwork! Look at that stack! I didn't even get my full three weeks honeymoon!" Roy said, looking outraged. "Well ya know what, sir? The world isn't perfect. Now sit down, and eat your own words while doing your work." Riza snapped, slamming the file down on the desk. "Yes, ma'ma..." Roy said quickly, sitting down and beginning his work.

"I've never met such a whiney bunch of men in my life." Riza muttered, sitting down and looking over the files, her head spinning. Eve's throwing up noises came again and her eyebrow twitched. 'It's getting harder to concentrate...although I can't very well yell at my 2nd Lieutenant for being pregnant...' Riza thought. The phone next to her rang, snapping her out of her thoughts. She winced and picked it up quickly. "Yes, hello?" she said, and a squeal came from the other line and she moaned. "Miss Rockbell, I'm going to have to ask you to not call private military lines." Riza said, slightly annoyed.

"You never told me you and The Fuhrer got married!" Winry said, dragging Russell Tringham behind her into the office 30 minutes later. "Right, well..." Riza said, attempting to stand up. "Lieutenant, are you okay?" Amaya said quickly, standing up to help Riza as she stumbled. "I'm a little lightheaded, I think I have a migraine, don't worry about it Mitsu..." Riza said quickly. "Oh my gosh, I heard about everything, of course, who doesn't know?" Winry said, handing Eve a big box. "Thanks...Miss Rockbell." Eve said, taking a deep breath as she tried to control her morning sickness.

"It was so sweet of you, Alphonse. To accept her and her baby. Even if it isn't yours. I'm so glad you two are getting married." Winry said. "Why wouldn't I, Winry?" Alphonse asked looking slightly confused. "Mrs. Mustang, I really think you should see the doctor on level 3." Amaya said quickly. "No, I'm fine." Riza said. Roy sat at his desk; staring down at his paperwork, ignoring all the chattering that was now going on. He was lost in his own thoughts.

'He's still out there...he hurt my adoptive daughter, he's hurting my wife...he's breaking us all down...and he wants to kill me in front of my military...I...I've worked so hard all my life...I have battle scars and everything from it...I lost a best friend to it all too. Plenty of people have wanted me dead. It's never bugged me before. But I have so much to live for now; I have so much to lose. I have an entire military that practically kisses my shoes everyday, because I've saved an entire country from ruin with the help of Fullmetal, and my friends...They're all looking out for me...' Roy's thoughts swirled in his head as everything went quite and his phone was ringing off the hook, and everyone was staring at him.

He grunted and picked it up quickly. "Fuhrer Mustang speaking." He said quickly. He listened intently for a few minutes before speaking again. "Keep it private till I get there. Don't let a single civilian see the bodies. Don't let anyone in there, you got me?" he said, and hung up quickly. "Miss Rockbell. Mr. Tringham. I'm going to have to ask you to leave, Mitsu, and Fullmetal, come with me. You as well Lieutenant Mustang. Havoc you too, the rest of you stay here, and finish your work, pick up the phones if they ring." Roy gave out his orders as he opened his desk drawer. He pulled out his gloves, and stared at them. Nobody moved. "Get moving." He said, shoving the gloves on and grabbing his coat. Everyone hastily obeyed.

"We found them a little bit before we called for back-up. He got away before we could fire, sir. I'm sorry." The officer said, saluting. "By the looks of things, he killed the husband, who was trying to protect her, and then proceeded to rape and kill her. And he left a message on the blood." Another officer continued. "God, he is so cliché..." Riza muttered, examining the wall, and shut her eyes tightly as the wall seemed to move. "Damnit..." she said, shaking her head. "Told you to go to the damn doctor." Amaya said beside her, writing the message down on a notepad for a report.
"I'm fine. I just have a migraine, don't make me tell you again, Mitsu." Riza snapped, irritated. "Get these bodies sent to the morgue, I want them examined..." Roy said, looking away from them. "Hey chief, take a look at this." Edward said, pointing at the ground. Everyone's head snapped to where Edward was pointing. "Oh My god..." Amaya said, covering up her mouth.

There on the ground, lay a picture. A picture of Eve, sleeping in her bed, holding on to a stuffed animal. "How the hell?" Roy said, snatching it up, and flipping it on the back. In bold, neat writing, it said clearly: "I've always been watching, Mustang. Wishing it was me that held her, both of them actually. Someday I'll have both Eve and Riza in my arms..." Roy dropped the photo and took a step back. "Sir..." Riza said, having read it to, she took ahold of him. "He's been watching us...our private moments...everything..." Roy said, looking both shocked and pissed.

"Ahah..." Riza said clinging to him as the world began to spin again. "Riza..." Roy said, holding her up. "Take her to the damn doctor before I have to shock her happy none doctor going ass." Amaya said firmly, closing her gaping mouth. "No! Damnit, I said I'm fine. I'm not going." Riza snapped again, standing up straight. "Lets just get back to the office. I can't take this..." Roy said, turning around as Edward started giving everyone orders.

"God...that's just what I wanted..." Eve said, holding up a poke-dotted baby blouse. "We are not putting that on Ed junior." Alphonse said, grabbing it and tossing it at Havoc's head. "I told you, Al, it's girl." Eve said, plunging her hand into the box. "It's a boy!" Alphonse argued, kissing her cheek. "I want a little girl." Eve pouted, bringing out a blue dress. "Fine, we'll have twins." Alphonse compromised. "No way!" Eve shouted, looking scared. "No way what, and keep your voice down, Sedgwick." Riza said, coming through the door, holding her head. "Al wants me to have twins." Eve said, giggling a bit.
"No way in hell, there will be far too many Elrics running around...we'll have to start issuing you Elrics numbers..." Roy said, walking in, picking up Elicia and hugging her. "Uncle Roy, why did you and Auntie Iza have to go?" Elicia asked cutely. "Just some Military business sweetheart." Roy replied, setting her down as he went up to his desk. "That's not what they meant, Edward." Amaya said as the couple came through the door and went to their desks.

"They called me a magical midget!" Edward growled, his eyebrow twitching. "Well Alchemy is sort of like magic..." Amaya said, taking up her pen. "So what happened at the place?" Breda asked. Everyone went silent. "Nothing any of you need to know right now, so drop the subject quickly, or suffer the consequences." Roy said shortly. Riza picked up her pen and signed something, putting it to the side before standing up.

"Mrs. Mustang, I'm surprised you waited this long to come see me. How long has this been going on?" The doctor asked. "Two weeks." Riza said. She had finally given in two weeks after the incident, when Amaya had finally drove her over the edge. "Well, I'm surprised you haven't had morning sickness. You must be one of those tough women." The doctor said, smiling as he wrote on a clipboard. " you mean?" Riza said, her eyes wide. "Yes, Mrs. Mustang, you're pregnant, and free to go. I'll call you and the Fuhrer later to set up appointments." The doctor said, walking out of the room.
Riza numbly put on her coat, and walked out of the hospital, into he pouring rain as she walked slowly back to HQ. "This means...that I've been pregnant for three weeks...I got pregnant the night of our Honeymoon..." she said aloud, going through the gates. She entered the building, her coat and hair, soaking wet as she went up the stairs towards the office. How the hell was she going to tell anyone about this? This was no time for her to be pregnant, there was a dangerous criminal on the loose after her and everyone else in the military, and there was already one baby on the way.

She turned the door handle, and entered, taking off her coat and hanging it on the hook, slumping against the door as she did so. Everyone was at lunch, anyways. "Lieutenant, are you okay?" Everyone's voice floated to her ears. She opened her eyes and shut them again. "Why aren't you all at lunch?" she asked, walking over to her desk, and sitting down easily. "We were to worried about you to eat, ma'ma." Amaya said easily. "Oh well, that's nice, but the doctor said I'm fine, this will all go away in a few months time." Riza said, looking over some papers.

"Alls well that ends well then..." Havoc said, writing some stuff down. "No...what's' really wrong?" Eve pressed on, putting her long tresses in a ponytail. "I told you, Sedgwick, it's nothing and it will go away in a few months." Riza said again, calmly as she stacked her paperwork up neatly, having finished it all that morning. "Mmm, sounds like my problem. It's going away in a few months, just before I have the baby as a matter of fact..." Eve said. "It's none of anyone's business." Riza said easily, standing, and going over to the window, shutting the curtains.

"There's something your not telling us, now pipe up, Lieutenant." Roy said, tipping his chair back. Riza began to shut the other curtains as Ross, Bloch, and Armstrong came in, along with Schiezka. "Hey we came to see if she was...Oh hey Lieutenant..." Ross said, shutting the door behind them with a snap. Riza crossed her arms, and shut her eyes tightly. "It's none of anyone's business how I'm doing, or what is happening with my body, now find something constructive to do before I shoot you all into the damn wall." She snapped, going over to her desk, and sitting down.

"That's enough, now as Fuhrer, I order you to tell me, your husband, and the rest of us, your best friends, what the hell is wrong. You're not acting like yourself." Roy snapped back, standing up and walking over to her desk, his arms crossed. "Why the hell do you care? You're so focused on saving the damn country from my mistakes anyways! So just shut up, and go finish your work!" Riza said, standing up and glaring at him. "Not until you tell me what the ruddy hell is wrong with you!" Roy yelled back, shaking her by the shoulders. "Fine, you all want to know so badly, I'll tell you! I'm pregnant! There, are you happy!" She yelled, pushing him off of her, and going out of the room, slamming the door shut with a loud BANG.

"Oh my god...." Everyone but Roy said together. He stumbled back, and looked shocked. "Is it yours? Sir?" Breda asked stupidly. "Of course it's his you dumb idiot. Does Mrs. Mustang look like she loves anyone else?" Eve said, slapping him. "Then why the hell is she so upset?" Ross demanded. "Because...she doesn't think this is the time for her to be having a baby...she thinks all I care about is fixing up her mess. But it's not her mess...she thinks its all her fault, and now she's just giving everyone else more of a burden..." Roy said, clenching his fists, and glaring down at the floor. "But that's not true! It's just not true! This is all Kellerman's fault, I wish he would just drop dead." Eve spat, looking angry.

"Wouldn't we all..." Amaya grit out. "What the hell are you waiting for dofus?" Edward said, getting up and pushing Roy towards the door. "Go after your woman." Alphonse advised. "I'll dock everyone's pay for this..." Roy muttered, shaking Ed off and going out the door. "What a liar." Havoc muttered, getting back to his work. "They love each other so much, it's not funny." Fuery sighed. "That's like my mother and Father, and such love has been passed down generation, from generation." Armstrong began another one of his talks. "Nooo..." Eve said, banging her head on the desk as Al tried to stop her.

Riza ran down to the old office, and shut the door. She went back into Roy's old office, and sat on the floor, crying. "Great, I don't get the damn morning sickness, but I do get the hormones." She said, wiping her eyes furiously, and stood back up quickly, going over to the desk, and picking up the old nameplate. "Brigadier General, Roy Mustang..." she read clearly, and set it back down. She looked around at the bare walls, and cried some more. "I'm being selfish...he always finds time for me...but he's so focused on fixing my mess, and I don't even think he has time for a baby." She said to no one in particular.
"That's not true..." his voice came from behind her. She spun around, and wiped her eyes quickly. "Come here, now." He order, and she walked over to him, wrapping her arms around him. "This is NOT your mess, Riza Victoria. This is HIS mess. He's the one is a sick, twisted, pedophile, who just happens to have a sick and abnormal obsession with a beautiful, married woman, who doesn't return his feelings, so he acts out. He's not like us, he doesn't have emotion when he rapes or kills. He just plots out what he's going to do next." Roy spoke softly, wrapping his arms around her tightly, and kissing her forehead.

"I'm sorry, for what I said. I'm being stupid..." Riza whispered. "Its' understandable, Riza. These past few weeks have been a lot to take in. We're just going to have to sit down, and go through all of our emotions. And our friends are there for us, and they love us, whether we like it or not." Roy said, rubbing her back soothingly. "I know...I acted's not like me...but things are getting out of my control, and I hate it. God I hate it so much, Roy...." She said, her voice rising. "'s okay my love..." he said, hugging her tightly.

"I have a life growing inside of me...a baby, a human being I made with you...and I don't know if you want it or not..." Riza said, pulling back and looking at him. "Riza...of course I want this baby. It's our baby." Roy said, his heart breaking as he put his hand under her shirt and put it on her stomach. "But we're practically in the middle of a war...and..." Riza began, and he cut her off by pressing his lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and the last of her tears leaked out. He pulled back, and smiled big. "I'm gonna be a father..." he said.

"No, move that one over there." Havoc said, switching the cards around for Eve. "Oh yay! I win!" Eve said, clapping her hands. "You're welcome kid." Havoc laughed, going back to his desk as Eve began shuffling her cards again to play another game of solitaire. "Eve, when can I play with your baby?" Elicia asked cutely, holding her doll as she sat on Al's lap. Eve giggled, and smiled, kissing Elicia's cheek. "In 8 more months, you can, okay?" Eve promised. "Whatcha gonna name it?" the little girl asked another question. "I'm not sure yet, I'm going to wait until the doctors can determine the sex." Eve said, setting out the cards.
"Okay, lets not give the kid "THE TALK" until she's in 9th grade..." Edward said, looking peeved as he went through his paperwork. "You're just pissed because you're short." Amaya said, laying her head down on the desk. "You're just as short as I am." Ed grit out, signing a document. "Yes, but you're and inch or two taller than me." Amaya said, closing her eyes with a yawn. "How long does it take for a married couple to make up?" Havoc asked, staring at the ceiling. "Maybe they're going at, wherever they are." Breda said, and Amaya threw the stapler at his head, hitting her target.

"OW! That hurt, you little...." Breda said furiously rubbing his head. "You deserved it, talking about the Fuhrer and the First Lady like that, you nasty." Amaya mumbled from her desk, her head lying in her arms. "Have you been getting 8 hours of sleep, Mitsu?" Fuery asked curiously. "Nope, she's a night owl." Ed said, stamping something. "You need to start getting some sleep, little lady." Falman said, leaning back in his seat. "Get off my case, old man." Amaya said from her little nest. "I am only 36, thank you." Falman defended himself.

"Ha! She's 18, of course us older officers were seem like old people to those young ones." Fuery said, wiping his glasses. "Yeah, and you're an annoying nerdy, blah." Amaya muttered, sitting up, and pushing her red curls back. "Hey!" Kain said, looking hurt. "Just ignore her, she's in a mood." Havoc said easily, flipping his ash into his ashtray. "You know what, blah." Amaya said, yawning again as Ross came in, looking around. "Hey, where's the Fuhrer?" she asked. "No idea, he and the wife had a spat, if you remember. They haven't come back." Alphonse answered boredly.

"Okay, tell him Johnson is looking for him." Ross said, walking back out of the room. "Not a problem, the faithful subordinates will take any messages...." Edward said, looking peeved. "You two midgets need to get more sleep." Breda said, eating a sandwich. "Go screw a Llama..." Amaya said, getting up, and going over to the window. "You know what, you need an attitude change little lady." Falman said. "Hey, leave her alone, damnit." Edward snapped, slapping his stapler down, and stapling his shirt to the desk. "Well fuck me sideways." He cursed, ripping his shirt in the process of trying to get it out.

"You know what, everyone quit cursing in front of the poor baby girl." Eve said. "Miss Eve, what does 'Fuck me sideways mean?'" Elicia asked cutely. Everyone burst out laughing, and Elicia laughed, although she didn't know what she was laughing about. "Maes HAS to be rolling around in his grave right now." Havoc chuckled. "We're dead if she says that to Roy and Riza." Breda said, drinking a bottle of Root Beer. "Bah, she wouldn't rat us out." Ed said, falling out of his chair as Roy and Riza walked in.

"Uncle Roy! I learned a new word! Fuck!" Elicia cheered. Roy and Riza stopped dead in their tracks, and everyone else went deadly pale. Roy snapped his eyes shut, and crossed his arms. "Who in the name of god, taught this child, THAT word?" he grit out. "Elicia, that's a bad word, don't ever say it again, understood?" Riza said softly, picking up the small girl. The little girl nodded, and snuggled into Riza's arms. "Edward did it!" everyone chimed quickly. "YOU WEASELS!" Ed yelled, his face white as he looked at his Fuhrer.

"Elric, outside NOW. Everyone else, get back to whatever." Roy said, spinning around and following Edward out the door quickly. "Breda, why is there a trail of blood going down your head?" Riza asked, as she set Elicia down on her desk. "Mitsu hit me in the head with a stapler." Breda said, picking the object up. "He deserved it! He made a dirty comment about you and the Fuhrer!" Amaya yelled in defense. "Be that as it may, you didn't have the right to hit him in the head, Mitsu." Riza said, sighing as she sat down. "And he didn't have the right to talk dirty about his superiors!" Amaya yelled, looking pissed.

"What is everyone's problem in here?" Roy bellowed, opening the door and poking his head through. "NOTHING, everybody shut up!" Riza yelled as everyone began to talk at once. "That's it...Edward get inside, your pay is docked for a week, and Mitsu so is yours. " Roy snapped, slamming the door shut behind Ed and himself. "God! I try and do something nice, and I always get blamed for the stupidest things!" Amaya yelled, sitting down at her desk with a huff. "You're all acting like a bunch of kids!" Roy yelled, slamming his fist down on his desk. "Oh go a drink a whiskey, you mean old cow." Amaya said, glaring at the ceiling.

Everyone went dead silent. Only the chirping of birds was heard outside. "Amaya, you're suspended for a month." Roy said quietly, sitting down and going through his paperwork. "Fine with me, Mr. Big shot Fuhrer." Amaya snapped, stomping out of the room. "Anybody else wanna take a shot at me?" Roy snapped, signing something. "No, sir..." everyone mumbled. It was quiet for the rest of the day.

As they all walked out of the front doors of HQ that day, after everyone else had already gone (They were always the last ones out), they received a surprising shock and displeasure. "Kellerman." Alphonse grit out in a low, dangerous voice, clenching his fists. "Remain calm, do not act unless told to." Roy said in a low voice to them, walking down the steps slowly, and they stayed.
"Well, well, I'm surprised you even had the guts to show up here, right where I could have you arrested." Roy said, crossing his arms. "Yeah, you'd be using your absolute power again wouldn't you? I came here to take the girls. I was hoping to take them without a fight, but it looks like I'll have to." Kellerman said with a sigh. "You're such a sad, sadistic bastard. Why couldn't you just forget my wife, and move on?" Roy said, standing a foot away from him and stopping.

"Because you stole her away! You brainwashed her!" Kellerman yelled. "That's a pretty serious accusation, Kellerman. But it's not too hard to tell what you're insinuating." Roy said, putting his hands in his pockets and without anyone knowing it, slipping his gloves on. "She'd still be mine today, if you hadn't of come back for her father's funeral!" Kellerman yelled. Roy shook his head, and stepped back a little as Kellerman got closer. "We're both men here, so why play games? Lets get all of this out right now." Roy said, his gaze hard and cold, and his voice demanding.

"Oh please, you can hardly call yourself a man, Mustang. You're nothing but a killer." Kellerman said. "You can't play that card anymore, it doesn't work." Roy said, a smirk on his face. "She may have cheated on me with you, but I still love her! Now give her back!" Kellerman yelled. "Tell me the truth, Kellerman. Who cheated who? You cheated on her first, and you were NEVER there for her! And if you really loved her like you say you do, then why did you make her cry? Look me in the damn eye and tell me it isn't true, you son of bitch." Roy said, his voice rising.

"All of that shit doesn't matter! If I have her, my plan will be complete, and I can move forward and kill you!" Kellerman yelled. "You think all of your anger is justified? Well it isn't! It's just your wounded good for nothing pride, knowing that the better man got her. What did you really think she was going to do? Stay with you and let you walk all over her for the rest of her life! No! She came and she became a woman, and she gets the treatment she deserves! She actually gets some respect from me!" Roy yelled, both men face to face now.

"I WANT HER BACK!" Kellerman screamed. "TOO FUCKING BAD YA DAMN WUSSY ASS EXCUSE FOR A MAN! Raping innocent women, and taking pictures and killing people, and plotting to kill her husband isn't exactly appealing! You stupid fuck wad!" Roy yelled back, shoving him. By this time, Eve was holding a sobbing Elicia and everyone else was ready to rush to Roy's aid. Riza's hand flew to her gun as Kellerman went to punch Roy and he ducked, and the rain started up again.

"You're the one that took her away, you're the one that gets all the damn glory! Everyone adores you for what you've done for the country and the military! And on top of that, you're a fucking war hero for killing innocent people!" Keller man yelled, and Roy punched him hard on the nose, bloods spurting out everywhere. "You should be talking! You've killed tow innocent people, and raped two innocent people, and left one pregnant at the age of 17! What kind of a man does shit like that!" Roy said furiously, kicking him.

"One who just wants what you have, you cock sucker!" Kellerman yelled, jumping up and pulling out a gun. "No!" Riza yelled, running down the steps, and he saw her coming, and just as she made it, He let the gun go off, and Riza pushed Roy out of the way as Kellerman ran, and the bullet hit her stomach, and she dropped to the ground, everyone scrambling after. "Riza! Riza no!" Eve yelled, running down the steps. Roy scrambled toward her, and picked her up, applying pressure to her bullet wound as blood gushed out. "Fuery, go call an ambulance NOW!" he yelled, his voice strained and calmed.

"Roy..."Riza coughed, wincing. "Don't talk..." Roy said quickly, his emotion not showing as he tried to stop the bleeding. 'Damnit if my gloves weren't soaked with this fucking rain I could burn the wounds till I could get her to a hospital...' he thought desperately. "The'm sorry..." she coughed, blooding dribbling out of the corner of her mouth as sirens were heard in the distance. "Its' okay, just hang on Darling...just please, hang on..." he pleaded with her, and Elicia's loud sobbing was heard as Eve tried to calm her.

"It's colder than usual..." Riza said, her voice strained. "No,'re fine, you're gonna be okay." Roy said urgently, taking his gloves off and stuffing them in his pocket as he tried to stop the bleeding desperately. "Roy...I think I'm dying..." she started, and he cut her off. "No, no. You're gonna be fine're gonna be fine." He said, his voice strained as tears sprung up in his eyes. "I love you...please don't cry if I do go...I saved your life...and that's all I want is for you to stay alive.." she was able to get out. "Don't you say that...Don't you dare say your goodbyes, not now, not ever! Damnit Riza, you're fine..." he said choked out, and the ambulance pulled up.

"Roy...I love you..." she said, her hand on his face before everything went black.
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