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Chapter 17- Repete

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Oh baby Jesus. I'm so sorry, but school's a bitch!

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My eyes watched intently as light snowflakes fell from the lightest of blue sky, whispering winds blowing the dead trees. I sighed and let the cold air morph my breath into frost, it hanging in the air. The back screen door creaked and I turned my head to see a bewildered Pete stepping out.

"Pete!" I exclaimed and stood, my hands leaving the jacket pockets as he laughed and stepped over.

"Hey," he breathed and swept me into a hug. "Watcha doin' out here? It's freezing," I bit my lip, suppressing my smile and rested my cheek against his arm.

"I wanted to think...I love the snow," I whispered and Pete sighed, pulling back and smiling down.

"Touring was fun...just the guys, but it got a little fruity," I smiled and shook my head before sneezing. Pete laughed and cupped my face, my glove clad hands following and holding his wrists lightly.

"What?" I asked and Pete shook his head.

"Your cheeks are pink," I bit my lip again and sighed.

"What are we doing for thanksgiving?" I asked and Pete shrugged staring intently.

"We're going to have it here...right were it belongs," I smiled and pushed my lips to his own, his arms snaking around my shoulders to hold me closer.

A shifty noise was heard and I squealed jumping back as a huge chunk of snow slid off the roof and fell over us. Pete laughed and I shook my head, the snowflakes falling from my ever-growing brown hair.

"God, I'm glad your home," I whispered. Pete nodded.

"Me too,"


I always had a slight thing for diamonds. It was one of the reasons my eyes had drifted as I walked past the rather bright jewelry store that Monday before Thanksgiving. My footing faltered and I turned in, my eyes shimmering at the sparkle of the rings and necklaces. Some were rather busy but it made me smile none-the-less.

I walked sideways as I looked over the small bands with the one diamonds. The simple things, as I liked to put it. My eye caught the perfect one when I bumped into somebody. I turned and jumped back slightly at seeing a rather un-familiar Patrick.

"Jenny? What are you doing /here/?" he asked and I bit my lip.

"I just wanted to look," I whispered and turned back to the rings, my fingers landing lightly on the glass.

"You kinda caught me off guard...I'm sorry,' he mumbled and I smirked.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, my head turning to see him intently looking at the glowing jewelry. He swallowed a lump before shifting his eyes, avoiding eye contact.

"I...I'm looking for an engagement ring..." I decided to bite my tongue and my lip, turning back as he sighed. "Look, I need's kinda a blessing you're here...what do you think Anna would like?" he asked and looked desperately up at me.

Tears brimmed the corners of my eyes and I held my breath as I pointed to the perfect one, the one that I would rather have.

"This one, it's perfect," I whispered and bit my lip before turning and walking away.

"Jenny, wait!" I held my breath again and hesitated before running out and stepping back into the cold of a typical Chicago winter.


I could feel Pete's eyes watching as I sadly set the table in the same slick black dress I wore many years ago.

"Jenny," I turned to see Pete with a curious, worried expression.

I sighed, and shook my head, placing the last plate down. He was about to go on and I thanked God as the doorbell rang. The guests arrived in a timely matter after that and soon we were all seated and ready to eat. I silently started to eat the salad first when Pete spoke up, lightly.

"What's the matter Jenny?" he asked and I looked up, about ready to answer when the bitch, I mean Anna spoke up first.

"Is she being all moody again?" she asked and I creased my eyebrows together, turning to her and clearing my throat.

"What place do you have in this conversation?" I asked and she smirked, Patrick biting his lip and glancing back and forth between us.

"Well, I obviously do if you invited me into your household," she snapped and I huffed.

"I only invited you because your Patrick's eye candy," I hissed and she laughed for a brief second.

"Whatever, at least I didn't fall for Pete's love! Like he's really dating you for you, I mean, didn't he date your /dead twin/?" she asked and I slammed my hands on the table as I stood up, my chair falling back and my fork clinking against the plate.

"Don't you ever talk about Ashley like that!" I yelled and she stood up much to Patrick's protest.

"Why? You know the truth! I mean, who would want to date /you/?" she smirked and I shook my head.

"Even if it was true, at least my friends like me, I never even liked you from day one! You're such a bitch!" she huffed, offended.

"You're such a whore!" she yelled back and I shook my head.

"You're a disgrace!" I hissed and she smiled.

"You're a /mistake/!" she whispered and Patrick and Pete both stood up at the same time.

"Enough!" Pete yelled.

"Stop!" Patrick yelled at the same time. "Anna, why are you acting like this?" Anna rolled her eyes while Pete rubbed his hands over my shoulders. I lightly glanced over at the quiet looks of Andy, Joe and Adi as they watched on.

"Because she deserves it," she simply said and I took in a shaky breath. Please, for the love of god Patrick, make her leave.

"And tot think I was going to propose tonight," I had to open my eyes to see Anna's reaction, one that ended up leaving Patrick dumbfounded. She slapped him across the face and gathered her purse, stepping around him and stomping away.

"Like I'd want to be with somebody that's linked to that kind of bitch," she hissed and Patrick looked down before his hands clenched into fists. Pete gulped and I stared as he looked up.

"You," Patrick hissed and I parted my lips.

"What?" I shakily asked and he shook his head, disgusted.

"Because of you she had to exaggerate that fact that I am just /one big looser/," I flinched in hurt and looked down, his footsteps heard until the door slammed closed.

"Oh fuck," Adi breathed and stood. "Jenny," I glanced up and shook my head.

"I...I'm ok," I whispered and she shook her head before following Patrick's path.

"We'll get him back," Andy whispered and gripped Joe's arm before whisking them away.

"Jenny," I turned towards Pete and he sighed. "Are you ok?" he asked and I stayed silent as I buried my head into his chest and held him close.

"Pete," I whimpered and felt tears brim my eyes, stinging them. He stayed silent for a while before leaning back, my eyes still closed.

"/Ashley/..." My eyes shot open and I instantly saw the regret and fumbling of Pete's expression.

"What?" I asked and narrowed my eyes, tilting my head to one side. Pete gulped and his hands fell from my side.

"N...Nothing," he muttered and I bit my lip, angry.

"You called me Ashley, god damnit! She was right...Joe was right!" I shook my head and closed my eyes, fighting tears that were already seeping out.

"No, no...Jenny," I pushed him off as he tried to comfort me and he lowered his head.

"Just go!" I yelled, arm thrusted towards the door.

Pete sighed softly and I watched as his feet dragged across the carpet and out the door. Once all was quiet, I dragged my own self up the stairs and into my room. I stayed quiet as I sat down on the bed and played with my fingers. My eyes drifted to one of the many pictures on my nightstand.

I picked it up and bit my lip, suppressing another sigh as I saw the smiling foursome. Patrick, Pete, Ashley and I at homecoming, right before they played. The built up anger in my veins unleashed and I screamed as I threw the picture frame against the wall, the panes of glass sprinkling over the picture as it fell out of the frame.

My breathing became raged and I swallowed a large lump in my throat as I tried to calm down. I shook my head and pressed play on my stereo and after the third time it didn't go, I sighed and stood up, walking with my arms crossed to the window. My heart skipped a beat as the CD turned on and a familiar voice filled the room.

"Hey babes, listen to this whenever you feel'll help you find just what you need,"

A light smile tugged at my lips.

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