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Their new lives

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Hera looked into her magic ball. Happy she brought these mortals together to live happily as family and friends.

Tracy sat by the pool, she was 16 years old. The same age her parents met.

She sat at the edge with her aqua colour rbikini, Her wet brown hair fell from her shoulder as she moved her feet in the water.

She was

She was thinking about this boy she met by the beach.

Her two sisters Jane and Tammy came out with their bikinis on.

Jane had strawbbery blomnde hair but her's was straight she had her father's eyes.

She wore a yellow bikini.

Tammy had brown hair and straight. Her eyes we're blue like her grandmother's whome she would never meet. she wore a green bikini.

"Hey what's up with her?" Jane looked at tammy.

"No idea, she looks like she melting in syrup and gonna make the pool change into a brown sticky colour."

"Hey" They sat down beside her.

Tracy barely noticed there we're there.

Jessie ran out and did a dive into the pool.

His brown shaggy straight hair got all wet. He had his father's looks and hair but had his mother's eyes and personality.

"Hey what's going on here?" he asked holding on to the rim of the pool as he looked up at his sisters.

"Tracy acting..all gushy.."

Tracy heard it and snapped at her.

"I am not!!"she yelled.

"Well you have such a smile on it looks like you've ben touched by an angel sweet tooth." Tammy teased.

"Well..." Jane asked.

"Oh nothing, you two never stop bugging me do ya?" She stood up and walked into the house.

The two shrugged and they hopped into the pool.

Tracy grabbed her towle and wrapped it around her waist and sat at the kitchen table.

How could the two understand? They we're like what??? 14 and 12???

Now let's see Jessie's a boy!! She she actually talk to her mom?


She picked up the phone and called her friend Natasha.


Hera looked away from her magic ball and took out four necklaces.

One made of ruby with the symbol of cancer.

Two with the symbol's of Gemini. One was made of pearls the other with silver.

The last one was made of Amethyst with the symbol of Pisces.

It was the power of four....


Theresa walked into the kitchen with groceries.

She hadn't felt so well in the past week.

Tracy noticed.

"Here mom let me" She grabbed a can of soup.

"Thank you honey." She kissed her on the forehead.

"So did you meet dad?" she never asked that question before..and it just popped n her head.

Theresa paused. She never thought of how she would tell her kids this...

"We...we met in Greece.." she started.

"And..." Tracy asked.

"We went to the same highschool."

"Cool...I love it when people find true love in highschool."

Theresa knew about this boy Tracy fell in love with at the beach.

"Mom, I know I asked this serveral times...but it still doesn't make sense how we have these special powers. Like we're all physics.."

"God chose you four to have very special gifts honey."

Tracy knew that might be the case..she always wanted to tell everyone her powers but wasn't allowed....she didn't know why..but of course...everyone might have thought she was a freak...even if she was popular.

And it still didn't make sense how she had fins....It was pretty easy to keep it a secret, she only had fins whenever she panicked.

she was never afraid of the water. The only times were when she was first introduced to it and once when she went out swimming she saw a whale a shark or whatever it was, it was something she never seen before....

Wait what was that thing? A seacreature? What kind???

It was very unusal.
It wasn't a had a large was green...not black or grey like a whales, dolphins..or shark.

It was much like...hers!

Another mermaid?? Could it be? HEr mother didn't have fins????

Her, her father and not even his side of the family.

Who else?


Theresa walked up to her master bedroom, she went to go find a dress she bought last week for the party at her house. She worked for a magazine company and they had been invited over.

It was a beautiful dress. It was dark green. There were no straps but not really strapless the ties were tied around her neck. It was knee-length too.

She took one look at herself and danced around as she always did in a brand new dress. She remembered her most exciting time putting ona dress was when Jay asked her to the Prom.

Suddenlt she did not feel well again. She turned dizzy she sat a on her bed for a while. She felt woozy and everything looked unclear. Then she layed there...with no life in her.


Jane, Jessie, and tammy we're playing in the pool when jane didn't feel right. She was the senser. And she stopped cold.

"I don't feel so good, something's wrong.." she said.

"What is it Jane?" Jessie her twin brother came up to her.

"I don't know." she searched in her mind harder.

"You alright Jane?" tammy asked.

She gasped. "Mom!!"

She ran out of the pool and into the house.

"Jane? What's the matter with mom?" They ran after her.

"Hurry!" She enetered the elevator.

They raced towards her room. "Mom! Mom!" Jane kept screaming with her siblings racing behind her so confused.

They hit the door open.

They saw a dead body lying in the nice soft white-sheets of the bed.

"Mom! Mom!" they all cried.

tammy put Theresa's head on her lap sobbing.

Jessie took his mother's hand. Jane sobbed into her mother's chest.

"Mom!..."Jane screamed. "I was too late.." she whispered.


Tracy walked down to the beach hoping she would see the boy again.

She sat on a sandy log.

She heard voices in her head. Other people, she was concintrating on reading others minds trying to find the boy. His name was Jake.

Then she sensed her sister's mind...she was sad and Tracy felt pain, angussh pain, the horrible pain..something was wrong.

She raced up back to the house. She triedd to follow Jane's mind.

Her mother's bedroom she opened the door and saw her mother's frail body with her sobbing siblings.

" Tracy yelled.

She started sobbing as hard as she could. She ran to the bed and cried on her brother's shoulder.

She starred into the cold eyes of her mother.

How did she die?.....

"How come I never knew this?? Why didn't a have a vision olf this?" Tammy sobbed.

"Out of all the visions I had...they never warned me of this???"

"How come I never sensed her feeling weak and dying?" Jane wondered.

"Do you think I could have controlled her to stop preventing her from dying?" Jessie's tears rolled down his cheek.

"Did mom know she was dying? I could have seen it her mind..."Tracy said.

They we're all doubting themselves when it weren't their was fate's fault.....

But it was fate's destiny......and it was up to the power of ofur to save it....


R_+R!!I'm sooo not done! Next chapter!
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