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Missing part of prophecy.

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Jay walked in home from work and raced up the stairs to get ready for Theresa's party.

He opened the door and saw his family members crying and faces full lf tears. They we'r ealll laying on...Theresa!

'Theresa!!!" Jay cried and ran towards her body.

"What happened!!"

"Dadd...." Tammy choked.

"'s my fault...I sensed something wrong I raced up here and she was..." She couldn't bare saying the word dead.

"It's okay Jane.." He calmed her down. "It's not your fault.

He dried one of her tears and the others.

Jay's eyes we're red.

"I'm-mm gonna go call.. Theresa's.... workm--ates, i'll be..right back." he choked the words down.

Jay looked at his wife and sobbed to dealth, he couldn't stand it..he thought he would spend the rest of his precious life with her...share it all with her..he was soo angry...he was to call Hera.

He left the room calling theresa's boos the party was cancelled. There was no time to explain and quickly got his cellphjone and ran outside to call Hera.

"Hello? Jay?" Hera asked.

"Hera!! What did ypou do to Theresa!!What did you do to my wife!!!" He yelled with anger and tears.

"....Jay...I didn't do anything.." Hera said sadly..but she knew what happened.

"What happend to her!!!!!!!" He screamed.

"Jay...wait for Hermes to pick you up and your children it's time they knew your secret."


Hera hung up...

This was all too fast....he was angry, dissapointed, sad, and confused all at the same time. It made him uncomfortable. He wanted to hit something. All this pain was too much...


"Kids..." jay said opening the door to their masterbedroom.

"yes daddy.." Tracy asked slowly looking pale as ever.

"It's time you meet someone and know things...this will all be painful but you must leave the room please. Grab your jackets and head outside.

"yes dad.." Jessie said they walked out with red sore eyes.

jay picked up Theresa carefully carrying her downstairs. he looked on her beautiful face and made him more sad...

He never had a chance to say goodbye....

Tracy,jessie, Jane, and tammy stood outside looking down and slumped. Many tears fell down on ther faces, as they stood outside but no idea for what reason.

Jay came out with his wife in his hands.

"What...are we doing dad..." Tammy said as she looked at her mother wanting to cry more. What was going on??

Suddenly a griffin with a man with a helmet on it came down.

The four were so frightened they back away and fell to the ground.

"dad!!What the heck is that thing?"

"It's meet Hermes."he tried to say nor,ally but he never wanted his kids to meet the gods and goddesses this way..

"Hermes??Wait dad...isn't this one of the taught me about Ancient greece?" Tracy asked.


"Hi kids.." Hermes said trying to put a smile on his face. "Please...hop on."

They took one look at their father wondering if it we're safe or not. he nodded.

jay sat behind Hermes with Tracy, Jane, tammy and Jessie behind him.

They took off towards New Olympia.

They entered the school.

"this is the school you and ..m--mmom went to?" Jessie asked...sad to say mom when he no longer had one.


" still have your pendant?"


He put Theresa in Hermes arms and placed the letter "J" carved in to the goolden madallion.

It turned around like it use to and the door to the janitor's closet swung open.

"That was freaky.." Jane said.

"Why is there a lock on the janitor's closet?" tammy asked.

"Step right in kids" Hermes said.

They were wondering why they we're to lock themselves up in a janitors closet.

It was dark and Jessie pulled the lightbulb string to get some light..but instead...a blue portal opened.

'Ahhh!!" The girls screamed.

"Whoa!" jessie backed away.

"Kids...step in." Jay said.

They stepped through wondering what was in the other side...when they reached a hallway with doors to the gods and goddesses solatariums.

Persephone walked down..

She gasped.

"Jay? heremes? your kids!!...Theresa!!"

Persephone ran over to them looking at the pale dead face of Theresa.

She put her hand over her mouth.

"What happened??!!!"


The four teens, jay, and the two gods stepped into Hera's solatarium.

"Jay.." Hera went to hug Jay.

But Jay backed away. hera was insulted..but she knew Jay was angry.

"ahh, the four." Hera said looking at Tracy, jessie, jane, and tammy.

"Hera..?" Tammy asked.

"Yes..I bet you heard about the goddess of marriage, " she smiled.

"You must be Tracy.." She came over to tracy.

She looked into her eyes. they were red but yet still beautiful.

hera's eyes glowed. Tracy was stunned. She sensed powerful magic in hera and wondered how much...she senses...she was jay's mentor...

"Your...jay;s mentor?"

"Ahh...physic all have one.." Hera said.

"Your jessie...jane..And tammy. hyou four must be confused and very sad at this moment... may I speak to you omne at a time please..."
She looked at Tracy. You first."

Everyone else left the room.

"Sit down..choosen one.."

Chosen one?

She sat on the couch where the 7 other heroes use to sit.

"Do you know what your destiny is, dear child?"


"You and your sisters and brothers. tell you reconize this?" She held up a pendant.

It was a necklace with the sign of cancer made of ruby.

Surprisingly it did look fimiliar.

"Tracy," she put down the necklace.

"Do you know how your mother and father REALLy met?"

"Well i thought.."

"No...they are heroes..descendants of the very gods themselves."

Tracy's eyes widened.

"Jason, the leader of the agronauts. Your father Jay the descendant. Theseus son of Poseidon, the fighter who defeated the minotaur. Your mother the descendant."


"yes...there was an evil god...Cronus...your parents defeated him...the prophecy said, 7 heroes would defeat him."

"My dad..." she gasped. "Aunt Atlanta, Uncle Archie, Herry, Odie amnd Neil!!" she read her mind.

"Yes, Atlanta the hunter, Atalanta the hunter her ancestor Atalanta, Archie the warrior, and Achilles the warrior, Herry the brawn, Hercules the brawn, Odie the brain, Odysseus the brain, and Neil and Narcicuss the good-looking."

"This is too much." Tracy got up.

'No sit."

She placed herse;f back down.

"You are the daughter of two of the world's heroes. This makes you descendant of Jason and theseus. This means something. everyone one of these 7 heroes have some power...Theresa.." she said sadly.' your mother has physic ability, your father jay is an amazing sailer and leader, atlanta a quick runner and amazing at aiming, archie is great at agility, herry's super strong, Odie's super smart and neil is completely lucky."


"the prophecy was not finnished...theres's more to it then just cronus..."


"Have you wondered ever why you have physic abilities and have fins?"

"All the time...I knew my mom had physic abilities she said we we're all gifted with that so? And why do i have fins?"

"Yes you we're gifted...that's why your heroes..."

"Wait heroes?"

Hera ignored.

"Your fins.." Hera continued. "Come from your mother's side.."


"Theseus is son of Poseidon."

It all made sense now. poseidon was her favourite god.

Tracy looked into space not believing all this.. so many things happening in one day for her.

"but.." there we're sp many questions to be asked.

"i can't answer all these questions.."Hera saod sadly.

"But i can tell you" she said with hope." You and your sblings cam save your mother."

Tracy looked up all ears opened and starring with wide eyes.


Heta smiled.

"the power of four."


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