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What hera means by the power of our.

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"Tracy.." Hera handed her pendant to her.

"Cancer..the symbol of the waters, the moon, the waves of the ocean...."

Tracy looked into the eyes of the goddess.

"OF the power of four, you and your siblings, you're the eldest..everyone odf you is an are..water."

Each one of the siblings entered and heard the story. jessie was fire, Jane was air, and tammy was earth.

They we're given their pendants.

"Cool.." Tracy said.

"Awesome!" Jessie said back.

"Sweet" jane replied.

"Super hot!" Tammy joined in.

they put tears in their eyes and was ready to get their task to save their mother.

They walked to Hera's solatarium.


Jay was with theresa in Chiron's study.

He looked into her eyes as fat tears rolled down his cheek.

He started talking to her though she was not there.

"Theresa...I wantto tell you" Her pale face looked so lifeless.

he choked down words as best he could.

"Theresa../ If I Never Knew You/ I couldn't imagine would be a sad thinking...and I want to tell you ...Thank you...I love you.."


"Tracy, you will go to Pertsephone, get a few training but time's running out to save your mother you only have omne day for training. The sam for the rest of you." Hera pronouced.

Tracy walked out to find Persephone. "got it!" she said out walking out.

"Jessie, I will be your mentor."

"Jane, you're mentor will be Ares."

"tammy you can have Artemis."

They left. With their pendant symbols signing with light.


"hello?" Tracy said walking into her new mentor's solatarium.

Persephone dried her tears. "Come in."

"Hera told me you will be my mentor.." she saikd softly.

"Yes dear come in, we have no time to loose please come and sit."

Tracy sat with her hair swinging down just like There's did at that age but in different colour. Sne looked much like het mother.

Tracy looked around the room it was beautiful!

'i like your plants."

"Why thank you honey."

She looked the other direction and saw pictures of her mother as a rteenager. Tears swelled up again. Then one of theresa on her father's back laughing with him.


Jessie stayed in Hera ofice and sat on the couch waiting for instructions.

"You we're my father's mentor huh?"


"It's pretty cool.."

He reminded Hera alot lik his father, he had his looks like Tracy had her molther's but Jessie had his mother's personality and Tracy had her father's.


Jane heard of Ares and was afraid of how mean he actually was.

"another squirt huh?" he huffed.

"Uhh yeahh.."

Ares glanced at jessie's twin sister.

"Well let's get to work!"

He made her work hard.

"i've seen better!!" he snapped.

"Oh yeah! who?" she demanded.

"Archie your godfather and even better than that his ancestor..and even beter than that? ME!"

She rolled her eyes and continued her training. She was the fighter just like her mother and she wouldn't give up. She even knew her mom could kick Archie's butt sometimes.


tammy walked into Artemis's office, Ares had hogged the gym.

"Artemis?" she said. She couldn't wait to see the goddess of the environment, moon and the forest.

'ohh!! You're Tammy!! Why hello there!!" she said cheerfully.

"yeah.." she put one strand of hair behind her ear. Just like wehat Theresa use to do.

"I like your powers! Can you create a flower for me right now? You have the same gift as a goddess! Persephone aren't youi lucky!"

"haha, yeah.." she went over to an orchid on Artemis's desk. iyt was dying and she made it bloom up again.

"Bravo!"Artemis said

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