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Chapter 1

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What actually happens when Archie confesses his feelings to Atlanta, and Theresa to Jay? Will they be crushed, or forever happy? Okay, this fanfic is better than it sounds, that is if it actual...

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Author's Note: Okay, well not too much to say here, except thanks to everyone who reviewed my other stories and enjoy! By the way, I still don't know how it's going to end, so the original couples might get together, or not. Or Archie and Theresa... it all depends... and on what, I have no clue... haha. Okay, I'll stop my mindless blabber now, so on with the story!

Summary: What actually happens when Archie confesses his feelings to Atlanta, and Theresa to Jay? Will they be crushed, or forever happy?

Okay, this fanfic is better than it sounds, that is if it actually sounds like anything in particular... [First chapter is about Jay and Theresa.] JayxTheresa, ArchiexAtlanta, TheresaxArchie, who knows??

Screwed up love life

Chapter 1

"Theresa, you really should tell him." The fiery redhead couldn't hide the grin she was now wearing. Theresa had finally admitted to her that she likes Jay and even though everyone already knew this, it was just more fun to tease her into confessing.

Theresa sighed. She really did want to tell Jay, but he was just so... confusing. Sometimes he would be flirting with her incessantly, and the next minute he's not even paying attention to what she's telling him. How was she supposed to know if he felt the same way or not?

Theresa snapped back to reality when she noticed the evil little smile Atlanta wore. "T, if you don't tell him, I will." Theresa gasped at this; she knew Atlanta really would do it if she wanted to.

"But Atlanta, what if he honestly doesn't feel the same way and I get rejected with something lame like 'I only like you as a friend and nothing more'? Do you know how awkward that would make it between us?" Theresa really didn't know what to do. She was debating with herself about whether or not she should take such a risk.

But all the advice Theresa got from Atlanta were her eyes rolling. "Theresa, you know that Jay likes you. We all know. Damn, I wouldn't be surprised if the Gods themselves knew." She let out a little chuckle at that last comment. She had never really thought about it but the Gods probably did know.

"Oh thanks 'Lanta, telling me that the Gods are fully aware of my love life just makes me feel so much better." But secretly Theresa knew that Atlanta was right. She was almost positive that Jay liked her back. She decided to take a chance and tell him, since it was pretty obvious he wasn't going to do the first move, at least not anytime soon.

Theresa let out a sigh when she saw the pouty face and the hopeful smile Atlanta had on. "Fine, I'll do it..." When Atlanta heard this she jumped up and hugged her best friend. "It's about time. Now go!" Atlanta shoved Theresa out of her room and pushed her into the direction of Jay's. Once she shut the door her cell phone started ringing.


"Hi, this is Michael. Is this uh, Atlanta?"

"...Yeah... Wait, are you Michael M. from Period 3 Science class?"

"Yeah... Actually I was just wondering... if you wanted to... uh... grab dinner with me sometime... maybe tomorrow night?" There was a silence on both ends of the line. Atlanta was debating about what to say.
'Michael is cute, and he wouldn't have asked me if he didn't like me...'

"Sure Mike, I'd love to. Pick me up at 7?"

"Sure, see you then!"

Secretly, Atlanta was flattered that a boy actually took interest in her. She never really paid too much attention to them, so this was surely going to be a change.


For the first few seconds, Theresa felt confident, but now she felt way too nervous. She reached her hand over to his closed room door and stood there for a while. She was thinking about all the possibilities that could, or would come after this. And, well she also thought about running back to her room, but eventually had decided to stay. She knocked on the door, thinking it was too late now to make a run for it. For a second thoughts stopped swirling through her mind once she heard Jay mutter a 'come in'.

She slowly opened the door and took a step in, carefully shutting it behind her. Jay looked up and smiled when he saw that it was Theresa who was paying him a visit.

"So, what brings you here Theresa?"

"uh.. well you see, I wanted to umm... tell you something."

"Sure, what is it?" What was she supposed to do now? Just blurt out 'I love you' and run away? She started regretting the whole thing.

"Theresa?" She came back to reality when she noticed Jay waving his hand in front of her face.

"See, I just wanted to tell you that... well..." she brought her gaze down to the ground, unable to look at his expression once he was going to hear what she was about to tell him "that, I lo- like you, a lot, and I was just wondering... if you wanted to go see a movie or something."

She blushed. She couldn't help it. What was he thinking now? Was he happy? Annoyed? Would he reject her?

Jay had always wanted to hear her say that, well at least almost say 'love', but he just couldn't do it. He knew that if Cronus found out, she'd be his number one target to attack. And it was already getting hard enough to beat Cronus these days; sometimes they barely made it. If he agreed to going out with Theresa, who knows what would happen. But he also hated hurting her, and man does rejection hurt.

He sighed and rubbed the back of his head. What was he going to tell her now?

"Theresa, listen. I like you too, I like you a lot actually, but -"

"But what Jay?" Theresa had looked up now, hurt in her eyes. He knew that there was no easy way of doing this, but honestly, what was he suppose to do?

"But if I started dating you, then you'd be Cronus' first victim. And I can't do that to you, because I love you. How about after we beat Cronus?" He waited for her response, he was sure that Theresa would understand.

"No Jay, you obviously don't love me. If you did then you wouldn't let anything stand in the way between us. You think I'm going to sit around and wait forever? I'm sorry I even bothered." And with that Theresa had got up, tears still barely tucked away behind her eyelids, and left leaving Jay behind, who was already regretting what he had just done. (A/N: k, maybe that was a bit OOC, but I can still see Jay saying something along the lines of that... but bear with me please, I'm not perfect, after all.)

She quickly made her way to her own bedroom and made sure to lock the door behind her. Once that was done, she leaned onto the wall, still trying to keep herself from crying. But it was too late. Tears started to trickle down her rosy cheeks as she sunk to the ground, burying her head into her knees. She's protecting the world every day, and this is how everyone repays her? With a screwed up love life?

What did Jay think she was? A girl he could always flirt with whenever he felt like it, but didn't want anything to get too serious? He leads her on, only to reject her in the end? 'I knew I shouldn't have said anything...'

After a few minutes of thoughts of regret, and many, many tears, Theresa heard a knock on her door. "Theresa, guess what just happened? Oh, and how'd it go??"

Seconds ticked by until she got up from the corner of her room and opened the door for Atlanta. Her curiosity had gotten the better of her; she was really wondering what Atlanta seemed so exited about, despite her own mood.

"Guess who just calle- Theresa, what's wrong?" Atlanta watched her friend with a very concerned look. "What happened with Jay?"

Theresa turned her head away and looked down to the ground. Actually the ground was really starting to interest her, but Atlanta interrupted those carpet thoughts.

"Theresa?" The light redhead made her way to her bed and collapsed on to it without a word. She was immediately followed by the other red head, who sat down at the edge. Theresa rolled over so she was looking at her ceiling now, and explained everything to Atlanta, in between pauses were she stopped to control the tears that desperately seemed to want to cascade down her pale face once more.

Atlanta couldn't believe what she was hearing. Jay? Rejecting Theresa? The girl he would practically die for because he loved her so much? Thoughts similar to Theresa's started to quickly flow through her mind. Did Jay think that Theresa would always be there to flirt or cuddle with? She turned around to face her sobbing friend, unsure of what to do or say to comfort her. Theresa was the romance expert, not her. She never imagined this would ever happen. Everyone expected Jay and Theresa to eventually admit their feelings to each other and then live happily ever after; well except for the whole Cronus trying to take over the world/kill them thing. But now she knew just how wrong they were.

"But don't mind me Atlanta; tell me what you were so happy about." Theresa started to wipe away a few stray tears while Atlanta popped back into reality.

"Oh, well... Right after you left, Michael called me and asked me out." Atlanta couldn't wipe off the smile she had on.

"You mean you said yes?" Atlanta couldn't help but notice that Theresa didn't seem too happy for her.

"Yeah, why? Something wrong with him?"

"No, it's just... haven't you ever thought that maybe someone else likes you? You know, name starts an 'a', purple hair, cute smile?"

Now Atlanta's face had turned beet red. "What do you mean?" Theresa rolled her eyes as thought this was the simplest thing, and she shouldn't have to explain. "Duh, Archie likes you. A lot." Now it was Theresa's turn to smile. Atlanta just sat there, somewhat in shock. Her mind was found once again wandering away from reality. 'Archie likes... me?' She turned to Theresa. "Theresa, I don't think I like him in that way..." Theresa's smile faded into a frown. 'Poor Archie, if he finds out, he's going to be heartbroken.'

It seemed as thought Theresa had momentarily forgotten about her own love problems until she heard Jay yelling for Atlanta because the phone was for her. Tears started to form in her eyes as Atlanta made her way to the kitchen, and soon after Archie had appeared in her doorway.

"Where'd Atlanta go?" he asked in a rude tone.
"Phone." Archie was about to leave when he noticed that his bickering partner was crying.

"Hey... uh... you okay?" he was now talking to her in a tone much calmer than the one he had used moments before. Theresa had only nodded, and was simply wiping away the tears that wouldn't stop flowing. Archie rubbed the back of his neck uneasily.

"Umm... You want me to call Jay or something?"

At the mention of 'his' name, Theresa started crying again. Even if Archie hated her, he hated seeing people cry even more. So, he went and sat down on the edge of her bed, where Atlanta had been and watched her in the corner of his eye. All he knew was that whatever she was crying about, it had something to do with Jay.

"So... uh, who's Atlanta talking to?" he was desperately trying to change the subject. Maybe then she'd stop crying and he could leave without feeling guilty.

"You don't want to know..."


"Archie, whatever you do, don't tell Atlanta that you love her. Okay?" Theresa didn't know how to tell him without being straightforward with him about it... she just knew that she should warn him, even if he was a jerk to her most of the time.

"And why is that?" Archie seemed to be getting angrier by the second. What did Theresa think she was doing giving him advice about his love life, when she obviously had no control over hers right now?

"Because you don't seem like the type of guy who would take rejection too well. And anyways, I'm just trying to warn you because-"

"Because you're just jealous. Just because you're having damn love problems, doesn't mean you have to bring everyone else down with you. Ha, and people think you're sweet Theresa." Theresa was hurt by his comment, she really was. She was only trying to warn him after all.

"You know what Archie, you go tell her and make a fool of yourself. You'll see. And when she does reject you, just remember what I told you. Glad to see my help is appreciated. Now leave." She pointed her finger to her door, and Archie left without another word.

She needed to calm down now, so she left to the kitchen to make herself some herbal tea. She had to face Jay one time or the other, I mean they went to same school, had same classes and he's her team leader.

Theresa was surprised but happy when she didn't find anyone in the kitchen. She guessed Archie had asked Atlanta to go for a run, and he was going to go through with telling her how he felt. 'Can't say I didn't warn him' By the end of her tea making, she heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. 'Oh no, what if it's Ja- him? Okay okay... calm down. I am over him, I am over him, I am over him, I am over him I am ov- oh good god, it's only Herry.'

"Hey Theresa, why don't you come watch the movie with us?" Herry was refilling his huge bowls of popcorn.

"You know what? I'm really tired, and I need some fresh air, so I think I'll go for a walk. Call me if you need me." And Theresa was out the door seconds later, completely forgetting about her tea.

Herry just shrugged. "Okay."


Okay, what did you guys think? Yes, Theresa and Jay aren't happy right now, but remember, it could/probably will all change. My chapter titles are so simple.. lol. Next chapter is about Archie and Atlanta. What's going to happen to them and their friendship now? I've got most of that chapter done, but it might not come up this weekend since I've got a french and spanish test on monday.. damn, got to study... Hope you like it so far, review please:D you know we all love 'em. anways, hope all of you have a great weekend!
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