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Chapter 2

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let's see... well, it's Archie and Atlanta's turn.. lots of thoughts in this chapter.. anyways, i suck at these, so please just read:D

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Author's Note: Okay, you guys got this chapter early because I have a French presentation due tomorrow, and have to practice, and it seemed as though French was momentarily taking over my brain gasp. So I needed some English, thus I wrote this chapter. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, it's really appreciated guys, so thanks. (btw, constructive criticism is always welcome.) Not much to say here... lots of people want this to be a)JT, b)TA, c)AA, and a few other ones. To be quite honest with you all, I have no clue what couples I want yet... I keep changing my mind, but it'll be clear in the next few chapters, after the AA stuff in this one. Btw, in the start of this chapter, Archie and Atlanta are already on a run, and Archie decides to go for it once and for all, k? Anyways, I'll shut up now, and let you read on. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

"Hey Archie, are you okay? You seem kind of... lost." Atlanta had stopped to let her purple haired friend catch up with her. She sat down on a nearby bench while she was waiting for him.

"Took you long enough!" she smirked.

"Ha ha, thanks.... Hey Atlanta, do you want to um... catch a movie with me? Like on a... uh, a date?" There, he did it. Now he patiently waited for her response. He had been picking up apparent 'signals' from Atlanta, even more lately, and decided to take a chance. Unlike Jay, he wasn't afraid of taking a risk. In his mind he had the whole thing planned out; she would say yes, admit her love for him, they would kiss passionately until they would finally break apart for air, and eventually go see the movie hand in hand.(A/N: Nice imagination there Archie.)

Atlanta knew this was coming, Theresa had somewhat warned her. But she didn't know what to do. Archie was her best friend, and well, she knew that from this day on their friendship would be much different. She just didn't know how to break it to him. Why was love so damn complicated?

"Archie... I don't know how to tell you this... but uh... you see I -"

"You love me too, I know." Archie smiled, everything was going according to plan.

"No, actually, I was trying to tell you that, well, I kind of already have a boyfriend, and... right now, I only really like you as a friend. I'm really sorry." Archie's smile fell. He couldn't believe it. Theresa was right. She had tried to warn him but he wouldn't listen. 'Damn it Archie, why didn't you listen to her when you had the chance?! Now Atlanta knows and she doesn't like you back. Fuck Archie, you're so stupid. Stupid, stupid.'

"Oh." It was the only thing he could think of saying after mentally bashing himself.

"Archie I'm really sorry..." Atlanta felt really bad and he knew this from the tone of her voice.

"Don't be, it's okay... let's just... go home..." Archie started to walk ahead of her, and Atlanta didn't bother to catch up, she didn't know what to say anymore.


Theresa seemed to be walking for hours, when it really only was half of one. 'Damn it, my tea'. She was about to curse herself about forgetting her one reason she had left the comfort of her room when she passed by a coffee shop./'Maybe some coffee will do me some good.'/ She ordered a French vanilla and sat down at the far back of the store, trying to gather her thoughts.

She needed someone to talk to. But who? 'Atlanta's too preoccupied with her new boyfriend now, she won't have time to talk to me...Odie... Odie wouldn't understand. Herry... Okay, Herry really wouldn't understand. Jay, damn Jay is the reason for all of this. Neil. Ha, that guy can't get enough of himself, why would he even care about anyone else's problems? And that leaves Archie, well... Archie and I can hardly get two sentences into a normal conversation before we start to fight.' She sighed and quietly sipped her coffee. There really was no one to talk to. She would have talked to Persephone, but she's a god...and discussing your love problems with a god is quite awkward.

Gathering her purse and her coffee, she started to make her way back to the brownstone, still unsure of what to do.


A movie was playing, but Jay was in no mood for it. For anything, actually. Everyone knew just how determined he was about beating Cronus, and how much it meant to him. But what they didn't know was that Theresa was, as hard as this was for them to believe, more important than anything to him. That's why he couldn't go through with it. He couldn't handle leaving her at risk, not until he knew that Cronus was gone for sure... But could he handle this?

He was trying to convince himself that he had done the right thing, made the right choice. But it was no use. He knew he loved her and she was right, he shouldn't have let Cronus get in the way between them. He didn't know if she would talk to him anymore, or even listen to what he had to say. He was heartbroken. Why had he pushed her away like that? Why was he so damn responsible all the time?

Buried deep in his thoughts, he didn't notice the miserable purple haired boy sloppily walk through the door and up the stairs. He was soon followed by Atlanta who seemed to be feeling down as well. Neil, surprisingly, seemed to notice this...

"Hey, why is everyone so sad? Did you guys finally realize that I'm the real hero of the team?" But no one paid him any attention. Odie stopped the movie when he heard the door open again.

"HEY! I was watching that you know!" Herry hated interrupting a movie; and it was getting to the good part too. But Odie had only caught a glimpse of red hair running up the stairs.

"Herry, haven't you noticed that everyone seems so... depressed all of a sudden?" Herry looked around the room. There was only him, Odie and Neil left. He started to recall the past day's events. He remembered hearing muffled crying coming from one of the rooms. When he started to look for who it was, it had stopped. He remembered walking by Theresa's room and overhearing her and Archie fighting, although he didn't really take notice of this, since it was such a daily routine nowadays. Jay had seemed awfully quiet and distracted during the movie, but he just thought that Jay was thinking about Cronus. And usually Atlanta and Archie would have loved to watch the new horror movie they had rented...

They all thought about this for a while. But they took no further notice, all deciding that the four were just having a bad day. They were soon off to bed, hoping everything would go back to normal in the morning.


The young once energetic girl was found lying lazily on her bed. She thought about Archie, Michael, Theresa, Archie and Archie. He was her best friend and now she was afraid that they had lost their friendship. She knew he was stubborn and that he was going to, or already did hate Michael more than anything.

Once again a faint blush rose to her cheeks as flattery crossed through her mind. How hadn't she known that Archie liked her? Was she making the right choice with Michael? Did she like Archie in that way? 'Wow, where'd that come from?' She had never really thought about Archie like that. To her he was a best friend, someone she could always count on. Someone that would push her to her limits in any sort of way, a non-stop competitor. She sighed. She wished Michael had never called her. She wished Jay had never rejected Theresa. And most of all, she wished her friendship with Archie would stay the same no matter what.


Archie grabbed his workout clothes and headed for the gym. He needed to blow off some steam, and what better way to do so than destroying a perfectly good punching bag? As he neared the bag, he could feel all of his anger dangerously flowing through him.

He shouldn't have told her.
Why'd he take such a risk?
Punch, punch.
Why did he think he even had a chance with her?
Punch, punch.
She's probably better off with that guy.
Punch, punch.
He would no longer be the one to make her laugh.
Punch, punch.
He wouldn't be the one she would turn to for help.
Punch, punch.
Not the one to spend time with.
Punch, punch.
She had her boyfriend for that.
Punch, punch.
He would always only be the friend, and nothing more.
Punch, punch.
Their friendship, where would it go?
Punch, punch.
It could never be the same now.
Punch, punch.
She had someone else now. Someone who would hold her and tell her everything's okay, when it really wasn't.
Punch, punch.
And he wasn't that someone.
Punch, punch.
And now, what was going to happen?

He hit the bag one last time, trying hard to concentrate all of his anger into his fist. By the end, there was no bag left, only tiny evidence of its soul existence. Sure, he felt better, but his problems weren't over, not even near being solved.


A tiny bird began to chirp, announcing to all that morning had once again, arrived. Theresa started to stir as light shone on her tear stained face. She had cried herself to sleep, until the sandman had had enough, and brought her weary mind to a temporary halt. She awoke, head pounding, deciding whether or not she should show up for breakfast. But she decided she would; she was a strong girl, after all, and she would manage through this, even though she felt heartbroken on the inside. Heartbroken because she couldn't be with the one she loved. Because an evil God was more important to him than her. And heartbroken because even after it all, she still loved him.

Hesitantly, Theresa walked down the stairs, wondering if anyone else was awake. It seemed awfully quiet for a Saturday morning, and she prayed everyone had slept in; but they hadn't. The sudden noise of her light footsteps snapped many back from a rollercoaster ride in their mind.

She muttered a simple hello, and took a seat next to Atlanta. She noticed the seating arrangement was very different today. On one side sat Herry, Odie, Jay and Archie. Across from Odie was Neil, across from Jay sat Atlanta, in Theresa's usual spot, and Theresa sat across of Archie. (Herry sat in front of no one). (Does that make sense? Not that it's very important, lol.)

Archie looked up at Theresa, who forced a smile, but didn't receive one in return. Jay glanced up at Theresa, who refused to meet his gaze. Odie, feeling very uncomfortable in the awkward silence, decided to pipe up a conversation.

"So, uh... what do you guys want to do today?" He watched his four friends expectantly, but all he got in return were careless shrugs, and a muttered 'dunno'.

"So how about we... uh... hm, well we could go -" but Odie was cut off by a ring. It was a cheerful, catchy tune, coming from Atlanta's cell phone, who hesitated before she picked up.


"Hey Atlanta, it's Michael."

Atlanta covered the phone with her hand when she noticed Archie abruptly get up and leave the kitchen, without bothering to finish his breakfast. She too left, feeling rather shy talking to Michael in the unbearable silence that took over their kitchen atmosphere.

Theresa, started to get up, fearing that everyone else would leave, leaving her alone with Jay, something she couldn't handle right now. Jay watched her leave, feeling guilty for all the emotional pain he'd caused her. He decided he would try and explain himself to her later on.

Odie, Herry and Neil exchanged glances before turning to Jay. They were going to find out what happened whether Jay wanted to talk or not.

"Jay, what's going on with all of you?" Jay only answered with a blank stare, telling them he was off somewhere, and they were left unnoticed to him. Herry shook his head, and Neil pulled out his mirror and stuck it in front of Jay's face.

"Man, you look horrible. Look at those bags, yuk. Thank god, I have a perfect face." He turned the mirror back to him, and started to admire himself again.

Odie and Herry decided to leave their narcissistic friend with himself, and decided to find Theresa. Obviously Jay was in no mood for talking, not that he had even noticed any of them. Archie would just blow up at them, and Atlanta was still on the phone. And anyways, Theresa had always been the calmer and most understanding one amongst them.

Lightly tapping on Theresa's white wooden door, the two boys were starting to get worried. Footsteps were heard on the other side of the door, and soon it was open, revealing a tired Theresa.

"Hey guys..."

"Hey Theresa... you wouldn't mind if we uh... talked to you?" Herry and Odie held hopefully expressions while Theresa thought about this for a minute. She knew why they were here to talk, but why her?

"Why did you guys come to me and not Atlanta, or Archie...or Jay?"

Herry and Odie exchanged glances, then Herry spoke up. "Because it's easier to talk to you and everyone else would just not answer or yell at us... and we already tried Jay... that guy is off somewhere far away."

"Anyways, you've got the better advice, and you're the most understanding."
Each boy took a turn to give Theresa a compliment about her personality, causing her to blush incessantly and feel flattered.

She gave in, opening her door, allowing the boys to come in. Once they entered, she locked it and gestured for them to take a seat wherever they wanted.

"Hey Theresa, you know if you don't want to talk, its okay, we can leave..." Herry nodded in agreement to Odie's statement.

"Nah, it's okay... you guys know I won't blow you off..."
Wordlessly the boys had decided to start with Archie and Atlanta, staying away from her and Jay which was obviously a touchy subject for her.

"So, what's up with Archie and Atlanta? Archie looks really pissed and Atlanta's just...sad."
Theresa sighed. "I warned him", she mumbled half to herself. She slowly looked up at her concerned friends, and decided that they had a right to know what was going on.

"See, this guy named Michael from Atlanta's science class asked her out last night." The boys looked at each other, now understanding where Archie's anger came from, but Theresa wasn't done.
"I told him not to tell her, but Archie just wouldn't listen... my god that boy, he's so... so, stubborn. Instead of listening, he blew up at me, not surprising though, I don't even know why I bother...." Theresa seemed to be talking more to herself now, and when she noticed this, she apologized.
"So when Archie told Atlanta how he felt, well, I guess you could say it was a downfall from there..." She felt horrible for Archie, she knew how much Atlanta meant to him... at least he had the guts to tell her... ha, not like Jay. That boy was too tense... A sudden coughing sound pulled her away from her thoughts.

"And, uh... what about...uh...-" Odie began to sound nervous, not wanting Theresa to get mad at them, or break down crying, but surprisingly he was cut off by Theresa.

"Me? Well, see, I uh, well I decided to tell Jay... that I liked him." She sighed, not very happy about remembering the unforgettable moment. "And, well, I guess Cronus is just more important than me..." A single tear trickled down her rosy cheek as she tried to push away that thought as far back in her mind as possible.

Herry got up from where he was sitting and sat down beside Theresa, as Odie did the same. Now they knew why they were all so sad... they were all having love problems. Herry tried to comfort Theresa, telling her that she could get any guy she wanted because she was gorgeous, and smart... you know, Herry being a sweetheart and all. But they knew the only guy Theresa wanted was Jay.

Odie had no clue about what to say. He wasn't very successful when it came to love, or girls, but Theresa was always trying to boost his spirits up, telling him that there is a perfect girl just waiting for him, and that's why he tried his best to console her. She needed a friend; they all did.

But what they didn't know was that Archie had been in the hall, or more like attached to Theresa's door, listening to what they were saying. He had gone out of his room to get a cup of water when he saw Odie and Herry knock on Theresa's door. Now he knew why Theresa and Jay were so miserable. He made his back to his room, wondering how Jay could ever break someone's heart like that./'Probably the same way Atlanta did'./ He decided he would apologize to Theresa later on. Maybe he'd feel less guilty, and maybe she'd feel better.

As Odie and Herry got up to leave, Theresa sat by her window starring out to nowhere; exactly where her mind was right about now. She wondered about everyone. It seemed as though the team was falling apart. She didn't know what to do. What if Cronus took this as an opportunity to attack them? What would they do? Archie and Atlanta were no longer close, that was for sure. They needed those two, and now that they wouldn't even look at each other, how would they work together? To make sure that they don't get hurt, they all have to have each other's back. But now that everyone is off somewhere in misery, they aren't one anymore. She sighed. She isn't the leader; this is Jay's job. But it seemed as though he wasn't really doing anything about it. Was it up to her to keep the team and more importantly, their friendships together?


So that's the end of Chapter 2... not a very productive one to be honest, but it was more of a 'thinking' chapter... I promise more exiting things will happen soon; I just needed to get this part out of the way (I've started the next one) Hehe, I've ruined Archie and Atlanta too, god I'm so mean. Lol. Oo, Archie was a bad boy and eavesdropped... Leave a review, lemme know what you think. You like it, you hate it? Just no flames please. So, will Theresa, Archie, Jay and Atlanta have their happy ending? And what exactly is their perspective of their own 'happy ending'? Well, have a great week guys and wish me luck on my science test, hehe:D btw, sorry if you thought this chapter was kinda boring..

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