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Chapter 3

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Author's Note: Okay, this is my second try at chapter 3, the other one just didn't seem to fit the rest of this story. Sorry about not having updated sooner, major writer's block. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter though!

Chapter 3

Theresa shook her head, trying to overpower the voice in there, but it was no use. That damn annoying voice. What had she done now? It was always coming back and bugging her, reminding her of the problems she desperately wanted to forget. Couldn't she have a moment of silence? 'Hm. Fine.' And just like that, the voice was gone, replaced with the want of a warm, cozy shower.

She headed for the bathroom she shared with Atlanta, Archie and Jay. She felt grateful about not having to share one with Neil; he was always occupying it. She turned on the shower, making sure the water was steamy hot. Striping down, she carefully got into the tub, letting the warm feeling of the steam consume her.

Neil was downstairs in mere seconds, and made his way to Herry. He grabbed onto Herry's shirt and scrunched up behind him. Herry, confused, starred at the frightened boy who took cover behind him. Neil, feeling much safer, started to explain himself.

"See I was in the bathroom" everyone rolled their eyes, expecting this to be about some zit he discovered on his face, but Neil kept going. "And then I dropped my expensive blue comb in the toilet. I didn't bother to take it out, cause I'm not putting that gross thing in my amazing hair again. So I flushed it down... but I swear I forgot that Theresa's taking a shower. Now she's going to kill me." Neil gulped, and everyone just laughed at the sight of seeing Neil so frightened.

"She might not notice you know... but, uh, how many times did you flush?" Odie seemed rather amused at the boy's panic.
Neil gulped again. "Maybe a couple of uh, dozen times? Whhat? It was big, and it wouldn't go through!"

Everyone starred at the stairs, expecting Theresa to come running down them, her hair still full of shampoo because she ran out so quickly, but she didn't. Seconds turned into minutes, and there were no sign of possible danger to Neil. Not a scream, or a yell, or a threat.

In the shower Theresa had noticed the drastic change the water's temperature had taken, and she knew it was because of Neil's carelessness, but she hadn't bothered to do anything. What was the point? He'd just do it again. And anyways, the cold water seemed to calm her down more.

A slender hand reached from behind the wet curtain and grabbed the white towel. Carefully wrapping it around her body, Theresa got out of the tub, and started to get dressed. She wiped off some of the steam that reached the mirror with her hand, and grabbed the brush. The little voice in her head came back as she brushed her hair. What was she going to do now? They couldn't go on like this forever. She remembered that Atlanta had a date today. She wondered how Archie would take this. She was determined on making everyone happy again. Maybe she could start with Archie... hm, what would take his mind of Atlanta's date? 'Running! Archie loves to run... but it might remind him of Atlanta... what if I go with him?' She carefully put the brush on the side of the sink, and smiled. This just might work.

She strode out of the bathroom and down the stairs, wondering what everyone was up to. Downstairs she saw Neil flinch and take cover once more behind Herry, but she just laughed. Odie was trying out a new video game, but Jay and Atlanta were nowhere to be found, not that her mission was to find them. Nope, her mission was to find Archie, of all people. The boy that made fun of, teased and laughed at her every chance he got. But it seemed as though he needed someone, not that he would ever admit it, not even to himself. He was so used to Atlanta being there for him, and now that she wasn't, he didn't know who to turn to.

Archie was found sitting lazily in the kitchen, with nothing better to do than starring up at the ceiling that seemed to grasp all of his attention. Silently, she walked over to him until she was a couple of inches behind him. She poked his shoulder lightly, causing him to jump up from his seat in surprise.

"What do you want?" He gave her a dirty look, as though she had interrupted something of great importance.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to go for a run." She forced a smile, and made sure it was now plastered to her face for as long as this would take. He just stared at her, wondering how she could wear such a smile on the outside when she felt so heartbroken on the inside. But once again, sarcasm had taken over him.

"You want /me/, to go on a run with /you/?" He stared at her for a moment before laughing hysterically, pretending to wipe away fake tears off his face.

"Ha, thanks Theresa. I needed a laugh." She turned away, smile quickly disappearing. She shrugged. 'At least I made him laugh'.


Back in her room, she plopped onto her bed in exhaustion. 'Okay, so maybe starting with Archie wasn't such a good idea... Don't know why I thought he'd ever say yes though. Hm, maybe I should see what Atlanta's up to.'

It was 6:36, and Atlanta had a date at 7. She got up from her bed and made her way to Atlanta's room. She knocked on her best friend's closed door, and patiently waited for it to be opened.

"Who is it?" Atlanta's voice rang through the wall.

"It's Theresa. Whatcha doing?" The door quickly opened and Atlanta let out a sigh of relief. She ushered Theresa into the room and locked the door.

Theresa noticed that Atlanta was wearing a pair of dark denim jeans that were unbuttoned, and she only had her bra on. All of the contents of the closet seemed to be carelessly thrown everywhere around the room... guess she couldn't decide what to wear.

"Terri, I need your help!" Atlanta pouted; she had about 15 minutes left before Michael would arrive.

"Okay, keep those jeans on, they look great on you." Atlanta immediately buttoned them up.

"Okay, and what about a top?"

"Hm... where is he taking you?"

"To dinner..."

"K, you want something that's fancy, but casual. How about... this?!" Theresa pulled out a turquoise halter that had delicate little prints and embroidery. Little silver diamonds shone all over the top. Theresa ran back to her room and grabbed some dangly earrings and a couple of other things, handing them to Atlanta who was now running late. She got dressed, jewelry and all, and Theresa couldn't help but smile.

"'Lanta, you look hot. That guy won't know what hit him. Now go! You're late!" She pushed Atlanta out of the room, wanting to get her out of the house before any of the guys could see her or make a comment... especially Archie.

Atlanta silently thanked the gods for her inhuman speed, because she reached the door before Michael could ring the doorbell. She let out a sigh of relief before leaving with him, waving goodbye to Theresa.

Archie had heard a car come up in the driveway and looked out the window. He saw how Atlanta looked even more beautiful all dressed up and felt even more miserable. He recalled a little offer someone had earlier asked him.

"Hey, uh Theresa? You still up for that run?" Theresa was locking the door behind Atlanta and she smiled when she heard Archie.

"Sure, just let me get changed. Be back in a sec." Theresa soon arrived in her jogging outfit and the two were out the door. They ran in silence until they reached the park, and had wordlessly decided to take a break at the bench.

"So it seems the drama queen can run, and pretty fast too." Archie smiled down at Theresa.

"Guess you underestimated me Archie." She smiled. She was glad they could get along, at least for a while. Silence had once again taken over them, not that they minded. Archie was thinking about Atlanta, and Theresa was of course thinking about Jay. They were both deep in thought when Archie started to think about Theresa and Jay. He had to admit, he felt pretty bad for her too, and technically they were both stuck in the same boat. Soon enough, Archie had broken the silence.

"You still love him don't you?" Theresa's head shot up at this, and she starred at Archie for a moment, silent. He chuckled softly, knowing exactly how she felt. He wanted to hate Atlanta for breaking his heart, but he couldn't do it. He just couldn't hate her. It was impossible, and it was driving him insane. Why couldn't he? Maybe because secretly he knew he still loved her. And maybe because she was still his friend, his best friend. He sighed, looking up at Theresa, not expecting her to answer his previous question. But surprisingly, she nodded. It was a small nod, almost unnoticeable, but it was a nod.

He felt kind of bad for ruining her somewhat happy mood with that question. But it wasn't like she wasn't thinking about that on her own. He sighed. He needed something to lighten up the mood. Then he thought of something he had always wanted to do.

"Come on, I'll race you home!" And Archie was gone before Theresa could answer him. He had always wanted to do that, but Atlanta would always beat him to it, her and her inhuman speed.


Deep in the back of the library, Jay had his face buried in many different books, all about Greek mythology. He was determined to get a lead on Cronus; anything to get his mind off Theresa. Not that it was working. Thinking about Cronus got him to thinking about responsibilities, which got him to thinking about the prophecy, then the team, and then of course was the core of it all, Theresa.

He sighed, shutting the book he was reading. Nothing seemed to be working. Why was he so stupid? Why couldn't he have said yes? 'Because of Cronus, dang it. What else would stop you from being with that red haired beauty you love so damn much?' Yup, now that was something he could agree with.

Still, it wasn't helping in the situation. He already knew that he loves Theresa. And from what she's said, she loves him too. Isn't that enough? Nope, he just had to go and complicate things. He groaned. Arguing with his mind seemed to be turning into a daily routine.

Should he talk to her? Would she listen? And even if he did talk to her, and that she listened, what would he say? I'm sorry for rejecting you, but I can't change my mind because that evil demonic god is still out there? What was the point in talking to her? He groaned again. He was basically pissing himself off. Trying to think about something else, he changed his thoughts' course to his other team members. What had they been up to? It seemed he hadn't talked to them in so long. And what about Theresa? 'Ahh, fuck it. She's in my head and she won't get out.'

He gathered up a couple of books and his PMR and headed home. There was no point in searching for anything. Not when he knew Theresa was wide awake and that he could have been somewhere with her right now... And that's when his mind took this as an opportunity to taunt him again.


Jay arrived home to find Neil, Archie, Odie and Herry plopped on the couch watching yet another movie. He sighed. Those guys couldn't get enough of late night movies.

"So guys, where's Atlanta?" The door immediately opened and his question was answered. A happy smiling and giddy Atlanta came in and ran up the stairs, wanting to tell Theresa about everything that had happened.

Archie redirected his attention to the movie that was playing and no one said a word. The air was tense once more, but soon the tension faded when everyone got relaxed on the couch.

After Atlanta got changed into something more comfortable, she knocked on Theresa closed door, wondering what she was doing at this time in her bedroom. Guess she didn't know it was almost midnight.

"Whhhhat??" Came the sleepy response.

"Theresa, its Atlanta. What are you doing?"

Theresa walked groggily to the door and unlocked it. Atlanta was wearing a smile that she couldn't wipe off, even if she wanted to. Theresa guessed the date had gone well.

Atlanta strode into her room and flopped onto the older girl's bed, grabbing Theresa's fluffy pink pillow with her. She hugged it and smiled to herself while Theresa watched her intently.

"You know, I always thought I'd see you love sick like this on day, but I always thought it would be about Archie..."

Atlanta's smile started to slowly disappear at the mention of Archie's name. She turned onto her side while Theresa flopped onto the bed herself.

"Terri, is Archie really mad at me? He won't even talk to me anymore... It's just not the same... I thought he'd be happy for me."

Theresa didn't know what to say. Or actually, she did know what to say, but she didn't know where to start.

"'Lanta, he is happy for you. But he just always thought it would be him making you this giddy, that's all."

Atlanta sighed, and nodded, understanding what Theresa was trying to tell her. Archie loved her like Theresa loved Jay. And they had both gotten their hearts broken in the end.

"Theresa, I'm sure things will go back to normal soon enough." It seemed as though Atlanta had read Theresa's mind, or she just knew her too well.

"Yeah, I guess... so tell me 'Lanta, did you kiss him?" Atlanta's face brightened up with a smile as she recalled their date. She gave Theresa all the mushy details and both girls soon drifted off to sleep, wondering what the new day would bring them.


Only the sound of footsteps was heard echoing through the empty halls of the school. The goddess had been worried about her children. Something seemed to be going on between them, something that could cause great disaster in the end. Hera feared for their safety. Something had to be done.

Well. I'm not very pleased with this chapter, and yet again, I don't find it very productive. But I like to slowly and strongly build up to something, and not just jump into it quickly if you understand what I mean. My first try at this chapter just seemed all wrong... I don't know. Blah, not very proud of it, but oh well. I'm hoping my writing has improved since 'In this Life', anyway, leave a review, and tell me what you think. The next chapter should be a productive one since they've started acting somewhat normal again. Constructive criticism is always welcome; give me a tip, or point something out to me that should be change/fixed, it doesn't matter. 'See you at the Crossroads' is airing really soon, I can't wait! Oh, and happy thanksgiving guys!
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