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Going down

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What the four do...

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"Hera!" Jay yelled.

"What can I do to get my wife back? Can't i do anything?"

" finnished your job of the prophecy...but.."

Jay looked desperate.

"But that doesn't mean you can't help.'

A sigh of relief came from him.

"Thank you Hera..and I'm sorry for getting mad like that.."

"It's alright Jay..i knwo how you feel.."

He gave her a hug.

And joined his childrfen in search for their mother and wife.


Persephone shone her hand with magic across the potal of Summer, spring. winter and fall.

They walked through.

"WOW! That was cool!!" jessie said.

They got to Persephone's garden.

'Wow! Money on trees!" Jane said.

"Karon..." Ttracy said.

tammy stood next to her father looking at the montrous looking fairy-man.

"ew." she said under her breath.

Thankfully he didn't hear.

They grabbed a bag from the moneytree and gave it to Karon.

He brought them across the green poisonous river.

They reached land.

"Elysian fields huh?"Tracy said.

"How we suppose to go through the gate?" Jessie asked.

"Well you're lucky your mother's been here before..." Their father said holding two rice cakes.

"She told me how to bride a dog"

"A dog?!"

They opened the gate.

"That's a dog!!!!" Tammy yelled, they all backed away.

"Don't worry, he won't hurt you but if you leave he can become really nasty."

They took one glance at the toungue-out creature and their father.

"now to Elysian Fields.." Jay said softly.

Tracy, Tammy, Jessie and jane ran up ahead of Jay looking at the underworld ho dark and mysterious it was.

"Don't worry Theresa, we'll get you back...I promise..." he said under his breath.


Theresa sat by Orpheus. He showed her a couple of tricks on the lyre she never knew.

She started playing a song.

It was a sad song. It could tear your heart out...It was painful, and full of sorrow.

It eachoed in the air....

"Stop! Please my's too horrible to listen to." Orpheus shrieked. He was covering his ears from pain.

Theresa looked at him...Poor Orpheus...he was to never see his actual love again.....she felt so sorry for him.

"I'm...sorry" She said.

She ran out and threw herself on a wishing well by one of the waterfalls that we're in elysian fields.

She looked at herself through the water...

It wasn't her..her spirit and it was covered with blackness from all the sadness in her.

She did not know the point of the well.

It lay there in elysian Fields for no reason. It never granted anyone's wishes...

Prabably to suffer more pain and bring their hopes down....

no matter how beautiful elysian Fields was a painful place to be in..for the ones who lost everything...and never had a chance to re-do what has happened.

except for jay..she help got him back....for all her love....

She just met him....

Now she has a stronger love...and it killed her....

She threw something into the water and sat on a rock...she started crying.


"Everthing here is sooo beautiful..." Tracy exclaimed.

'I know just like heaven...wait why's there an Elysian Fields then?"

(This I, okay i know there's no such thinsg as an Elysian in this story i'm making Elysian Fields the place where souls had unfinnished ghosts, make sense? okay i hope so.)

"This is where soul's are kept to wait for their unfinnished task. remember Orpheus I mentioned when I taught you something about Ancient Greece?"

"Oh..yeah..the poor guy.."

"Well his sould is prabably here..and waiting for destiny to bring him back to Eurydice."

"and mom.." Jane said.

"She' too"

"What's her unfinnished job?"

"To love ou and cheerish you and die old with all the ones she loves." Jay said with hope.


Theresa's tears could have flooded the lake of water by the waterfall.

Someone came uop behind her...

"Fate, not something to be ashamed of..theresa."

"What do you know Theseus!!" She screamed and turned around with tears streaming down her face looking at her ancestor.

"You died old...with the ones you love..why should I die? And why does everything happen to me and my friends because we're heroes?? You we're a hero? Why did you get it so easy!!!!" She snapped.

"I'm not as gifted as you...and most people want to be.....but they don't know the do you think it is with the gods?"

theresa never thought about it....sure they we're immoratls...she always thought that was lucky...but all it gave you was alife full of war..and more pain...

"But why did my love..kill me?"

"Because it's strong...and that's something to be proud had to control touse that stronger magic..." Theseus said. ythen knelt down beside her and whispered. " the strongest magic..a short word but full of meaning and last never dies my daughter. And you used it..with your whole heart...and that makes you a pure soul. And beieve it or not miracles you had made will happen to you..." He backed away and dissapeared like a ghost.

She sat there, and he left her there full of more questions..and wonders....

Will she ever come back? Was she rewarded or not? Was the reward long enough....she help save the world...just one moment more more time to see her beloved family.

" we going to find mom? How is it even possible we bring mom back? And there's still one did mom die?" tammy asked.

"You ask too many questions little one...haha it reminds me"
Jay answered.

"but.." she smiled but was still confused.

"Magic is complicated...that's one tricky answer to answer your first question...and I have no idea why your mother died...but no matter what honey..I promise you we will bring her back." He put two hands on Tammy's shoulders. She had one tear driving down her pale cheek.


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