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How do they get Theresa back?

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Jay and the four children walked through Elysian Fields.

"Why don't they escape? If someone opens up the gate they could sneak through..can't they?"Jessie wondered.

"Yes..they can...but their are consiquences...and people have to re-pay it back to Hades and the longer they would have to wait for their destiny to come true." His father explained.

"Then do we get mother out of here...what are we suppose to do....we know our first job is to save our mother..but they didn't tell us how?"Tracy said.

"Well..when you and our mother and the others never been told how to defeat Cronus and his was very hard....but because of who we we're and what we were capable of...we conquered over him."

Tracy was looking backwards at her father and walking forward when she hit something. She fell to the ground.

She looked up....



"fate...destiny.....strength....and love.." theresa said to herself.

All these things were amazing but so hard to...complete.

"My fathers...and ancestors.."

"They started off so powerful...their kids, and their future even stronger....and my kids...."

Her love was so powerful she shared it will all of her children....each was a part of her...a part of Jay.


"Well, well, well..."Hades said.

"uhh.." Tracy stattered.

"You must be Tracy....oooh, come come!" he said in his squeaky voice.

Tracy and Tammy looked at each other as Jessie and Jane glanced at each other then the four looked at their father.

"Let's go" he said walking passed them. Hades could help them find Theresa.

Hades was walking pretty fast and they had to jog to to catch up.

He entered a maze-like place and dissapeared.

"where'd he go?" Jane wondered.

"Great he just made us lost!!"Tammy shouted.

"Why did he bring us here?" Tracy asked.

"Wait! What's that!" Jesiie pointed out to a table with glowing light.

They all walked to it.

They circled around. Symbols we're carved into it with light shining out.

One wit the symbol of cancer with red light shining out.

One with the symbol of Pisces with the colour of purple shining out.

And two with the symbol of gemini, one with the colour white shining out and one yellow.

Tracy stood infront of Cancer symbol, Tammy in front of Pisces and The twins in the joining symbols of Gemini with the everchanging colours.

Tracy placed her necklace on the symbol and blue light shone out.

Tammy Jane and Jessie did the same and colours of green, white and red cam out.

Water, Fire....Air..Earth.

Jay watched his kids standing in front of these magica;l symbols and rising. Tracy's eyes shone with white and her powers flowed around her with sparkling white.

Then Jessie rose and his eyes turned yellow and fire swirled around him. Jane was set up into the air and wind and air swirled around. Tammy rised and powers of the earth swopped around her.

Jay's eyes we're blind from the bright colours of their powers.

Tracy came down with a blue gown on. Her hair changed into a do that made her to a goddess-looking soul. Jessie looked like a god of power and justice. Jane looked beautiful and queen of the sky and air. Tammy looked fabulous in the dress of green and colourful gown of the earth.

"dad..What happened to us!"

Jay was stunned but knew what was to be done.

He walked up to all his kids.

"The power of four.." he thought and smiled.


"Theresa?" A voice said.


"Your children are waiting for must be proud to own such wonderful kids with extraordinary powers."

"What?" she started dissapearing.

"Wait!" The last she saw was Hades smiling face.

She appeared on the laps of a strong man and in the arms of her loved one.

"Jay?" She said seeing a faint fuzzy vision of Jay.


They hugged. She was weak but still had strength to hold on to him.


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