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Four Strangers

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They almost complete task one.

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Theresa sensed her way to the portal she visioned.

"This way Jay!!" She exclaimed.

She swam down to a rock with symbols on it.

"I wonder what they mean?" Jay said.

Theresa had a vision.

It was the same one with the four ladies in colour...and the misty warm sensation.

visioned ended and the rock started to turn around. Jay and theresa swam a step back.

The symbols shone with brilliant colours as the boulder spun around quicker and faster and faster, until it looked blue and turned into a another whirlpool.

Jay and Theresa got sucked in. They raced around and around.

Jay and Theresa tried to touch hands but couldn't reach each other. Then millions of colours blinded them and they we're lost from each other....

Theresa landed with a thump. She fely dizzy and it was hard to move.

"Jay..." she whispered. They had gotten serparated.

She looks around and feels a warm misty feeling. There was a water fall and many plants around her.

She was still dizzy...then she saw four faint figures coming up to her.

She was still laying on the ground.

"Jay?" she tried to say.

But fell in a sleeping trance.


After few minutes of exhaustion.


She woke up surrounded by four ladies.

"Waaa.." She said standing up. She looked down...her fins?! They were gone!!!! She had legs!!!!

"What? I have legs!!!" She said excited. Then looked at the four ladies. "Ah!"

"Wait don't go!" A lady in yellow said.

They were the exact same ladies from her vision....

"She's beautiful..isn't she.." The lady wearing purple said.

'i know right.." said the one in pink.

They all surrounded her touching her hair and looking at her face.

"Uh.." theresa said."" She looked at the one wearing blue. "Do you know where I am?"

They all looked at each other.

"Honey, you're in the outscurts of Elysian Fields."

"Elysian fields..."

"You are Theresa..correct?" The pink one said.


They all looked at each other again.

They knelt down and started to bow.

"uhh.. this is creepy.." Theresa said with awardness.

"Our princess has come.." The yellow one exclaimed.


Jay woke up from lying on the ground.

He shaked his head and striaghtened up.

"Theresa?...Theresa!! i got to find her!" He started running..

he had no idea where he was like a jungle.

He started running and then stopped.

There stood infront of him was a deadly lion.

It growled with tense eyes filled with hatred and anger. It growled with strength and it made Jay full of fear.

The lion's fur glowed in the sunlight and the mane shone with the brightest orange.

Jay starred at it with furry. Then he thought of Theresa it gave him strength and courage.

He drew out his weapon.

He dived in for a shot. The lion went foward to take one swipe with his fist out of him. But the lion was no match for Jay.

He prabably wasn't as strong...but he had more faith in himself and a full heart of love that made him invincible.

He ducked and hit the lions feet.

The lion roared in pain.

he limped but had furious eyes he loooked at Jay with them and started to strike again.

He was about to pounce on him but Jay moved to the side and turned and hit the beast's chest.

It fell to the ground in agony.

Then Jay was going to take another dive into the brave beast but stopped. It was a animal and it was in pain...

He drew back his blade ( I have to call it that caz I don't know how to spell xiphos or something..)

He took one look at the beast and drew tears. The tears dropped down his cheek and fell to the beasts wounds...his tears healed the pains quickly. The lion stood up and looked at jay with the firey mane blowing in the wind and ran away.

Jay stood there looking back where the lion ran into the jungle.

He got a bit of cuts on his shirt and bled a bit.

He hed the wounded spots as he walked forward in search of Theresa.


Odie, atlanta, Archie, herry and Neil sat there still dicussing.

As Odie was pointing to the paper arguing with Neil about something. The golden letters shone of the sentence And a sailor of courage, faithfullness, strength and heart.



"Whoa, whoa , wait here..what's going on..." theresa asked these strange ladies as thin and curvy as her.

"The oracle said you woukd come to us..." They said.

"the oracle..."

"Yes,..and your fins were a task to get here." The purple one said.

"....Really?" Theresa said.

"Everything Cronus does, every victory he makes will lead to loss. That's what he told us. But the bad news is..if you leave here...your fins will come back." The blue said.

Theresa sulked down sadly then put a chin up.

"Do you know where I can find Orpheus's lyre? Can you lead me to Elysian fields?" She asked.

They just ignored her and started adoring her. Theresa sighed and started to continue walking..trying to find Jay and Orpheus...

Then Theresa suddenly realized she was wearing an outfit...a dress? What was she doing wearing this? It was a long white cloak with blue designs on it and her hair was put up in a romantic hair-do and had large blue earrings (Like in the episode where theresa had to get the lyre from Orpheus and imagined her as Eurydice.)

"What the?!" She said.

"What?" said the yellow said.

"Where did this outfit come from?" Theresa said looking at the cloak and her hair.

"Oh..that..That use to be Eurydice's clothes...but since you're our's all yours."

"You mean..Orpheus is my prince!?" She said biting her lip trying to understand this all.

"No silly..well he could least i think so..." The purple dressed one said confusingly.

The other ones rolled eyes and shook heads.

"The task of the princess means she must play a song on an instrument by by a lover for another.."The pink one said.

Theresa's eyes wiidened to the fimiliar words.

The blue one knelt her elbows on a boulder and placd her chin on her hands. "So... who do you like?" she said.

The yellow one punched her shoulder. "Julia! Don't be so rude!!" She said.

"Hey! Now you just gave away my name!" The blue one snapped.

"Why don't you want me to know your name?" theresa asked.

"We just like to keep ourselves secret.." the purple one said looking down.

The pink one bit her lips and then blurted out. "We ran away from home...and we don't want anyone to know our names and mention it to people.." she said.

"Why'd you.." She stopped. "Jay!!" she saw in the corner of her was Jay! And he was hurt badly.

She ran over to him putting her arms around.

"jay!" She said as she looked at him in pain.

He touchd her cheek and fell to the ground.

The four ladies cught up and put their hands around their mouths.

"Can you help him!? Please!!?" Theresa wailed desperately.

tears were streaming down his cheek rapidly.

the nodded and quickly placed their hands together. Their eyes shone white and Jay healed.

"Theresa?" he said.

"Jay!" She exclaimed with relief.

"Oh thank you!" Theresa looked up at the four.

They smiled.

"Who..are they?" Jay said.

"Actually I don't know their names...but they were in my vision...they called me princess and I think they can help us complete the task.

Jay looked at the outfit Theresa wore and her legs. Then at the four ladies.

"Whoa...this is too much."


"Man that makes no sense! A bond created by a competition!?"Atlanta said.

"Hmm.." Odie thought.

" see you and Archie always compete..that might have something to do with it..." Neil said looking into his mirror.

"haha" atlanta chuckled.

"What's so funny?!" Archie snapped.

"Well if we were to compete...I don't know hat would be the there's water everywhere and the only thing we can do is a swimming competition and your so chicken of water it's useless. And I prabably beat you at anything!" Atlanta said back.

"Oh yeah!" Archie said.


"Then bring it on!" Archie snapped again.

"Fine! But what are you going to do? You can't swim!"

"I can too! It's just that I...panic..." Archie said.

"You took swimming lessons?" Herry said.

"Yeah...but in swallow water...actually i got afraid of that too." Archie replied.

Neil and Odie chuckled a bit.

"Then how can you DRINK water?"

Archie gave him a dirty look.

"Hey how about that island over there?" herry pointed out.

"How many stranded islands are there out here?" Odie asked.

Atlanta took one look at it and said. "Okay..let's see who can climb a tree the fastest!" She looked at Archie.

"Your on!!"


At the island.


Odie held his stopwatch while Atlanta and Archie stood below their tree.

"And...go!" Odie said.

Atlanta and Archie raced up as fat as they could. Atlanta it was no sweat but Archie was huffing and puffing a bit.

Archie was so close to Atlanta. Almost neck to neck.

Then Archie got on one branch and it snapped.

He swung on the edge and shouted.

"Archie!!" Atlanta screamed out. She hopped over to Archie's tree.

Herry was below ready to catch him.

Odie couldn't look.

Neil looked up with excitement and out of no where popcorn came into his hands, and he was eating them at full speed.

"good thing i packed this.." he said.

"Ah!" Archie said looking down and then closed his eyes.

Atlanta grabbed his swater and they fell down together.

herry caught them both. He fell backwards as he caught them and they rolled safely on the sand.

Archie was facing the sky and Atlanta's arms were around him. Her face above his.

They looked at each other both blushing..they were so close!

The letter in odie's hand shone with light.

The words A bond created by a competition
earsed and right after.

And a friendship that leads to romance

the only words left were The instrument played by one lover for another. Were still there.

Jay looked at them seeing how much they adored Theresa.

Then once they saw Jay they headed over to him.

"he's cute..isn't he...' the blue one said (Who's "julia")

they surrounded him and Jay started blushing.

The yellow swirled around him like a shark and said.

"ohhh not bad...he's pretty cute, I have to say."

"Yeah! Is he..a god or what!" the pink one said.

The purple giggled and she put her head on his shoulder.

"i like him...can I have him!!"

"hehe.." jay said.

Theresa was glad to get them to go away but was now jealous.

'Girls! Girls!" theresa shouted. 'Stop!"

Jay blushed he knew she was jealous.

"Oh fine honey." The pink one came over to Theresa. "We know he's yours...he's the other lover isn't he?" She said.

They both were blusing now.

"girls!" the pink one said to the other three.

"fine.." They walked over to her.

"This is the answer an instrument played by a lover for another!! Theresa our princess plays the lyre for the cute boy! Get it!!" The pink one whispered to the three.

They all smiled excitingly.

"So!" the pink one stepped back from their little huddle they had made.

"You looking for Elysian Fields?"

Jay and Theresa glanced over at one another.


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