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A pep talk

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*- I only changed one line which is this: "I didn't mean to! She'll kill me!" Archie said rapidly. He known he'd always wanted to kiss her, at the weights, outside the school, and all the time! B...

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Archie and Atlanta quickly ran out the gym.

Archie ran quickly out of the changerooms so he wouldn't meet up with Atlanta.

Atlanta waited in the changerooms for a long time until theresa came she had gym right after her.

Archie ran into Jay. Jay now had gym.

"Whoa! Buddy slow down..what's the matter?" Jay said grabbing Archie's arm.

"I didn't mean to! She'll kill me!" Archie said rapidly. He known he'd always wanted to kiss her, at the weights, outside the school, and all the time! But now he just couldn't control it...Atlanta was like some hypnotizing beauty!, an angel that must be kissed.


"I kissed her!!"

jay put on a stunned face.

"WHo? Atlanta?!!"

Jay asked.


Jay smiled.

"What! It's not funny it was an accident!"

"How can kissing someone be an accident??"

"I don't know we turned around at the same time looking at each other and then her face was so close, it was like I was possessed! Or something!" Archie said thinking very rapidly.

" did she react?" Jay asked.

"Everyone in the class came in the room and.."

"Oh boy..."

Archie gave him a look.

"And she acted mad at them and didn't even look at me, and I didn't even look at her!"

"Hey, it's okay Arch we'll figure this out after school i gotta get changed...okay?" Jay questioned.


Archie ran to class with a very red face on.


"Atlanta! Why you still here!?" Theresa exclaimed.

She blushed.

",.." she stattered she didn't know how to begin.

theresa sat next to her.

"Tell me.." She gave a caring eye.

"He kissed me!" She blurted out, swinging her arms up in the arm.

The girls in the changeroom starred.

'WHAT!" Atlanta snapped they went back to their bussiness.

Theresa let a hop and giggled.


"Archie! And don't laugh!"

"Archie? really?..." Theresa stopped giggling.

"We were cleaning up the balls before anyone else entered the gym coming back from a run. We bumped into each other carrying supplies and he kissed me!" Atlanta said.

Theresa starred at her.

"I never knew Archie felt that way.." theresa said.

Then it came back to the "Pan Inccdent" She tried not to let Archie interfear..and she never knew Archie LIKED her...

She bit her lip.

"What!? He doesn't feel that way!! Can he..." Atlanta wondered.

"I think so Lan...remeber Pan...I think he was..well..jealous.."

Atlanta blushed.

"Well...well Jay was jealous about Orpheus! Though you never liked him!" She snapped.

Theresa now blushed.

"he was..."

"Yeah..." She said like it was so obvious.

"He acted so surprise!"

"Okay that's enough back to your kissing inccident."theresa snpped back.

Usually she would want to say tell me all about it..but atlanta would get mad if she said that...

"Hey!" Atlanta stood up.

" stayed here to talk..didn't you?"

"Yeah.." She sat back down.

"Well can trust me right?" theresa asked.

"yes! ofcourse!"

"Do you like him?"

"huh?" She starred at her best friend besides Archie.

She knew she thought he was cute..she felt so differnt with him...she didn't know what to say..


Theresa put on a smile. She could just see it! Romantic dates! her helping them get together! She knew Atlanta would agree to that!

"Oh Lan!"

"Don't..tell him.."

"Girl..I'm an expert and if you want got to tell your feelings!!!" theresa put her hands on her hips.

"Fine....but I'm going to chicken out...I better get to class.."

"Okay Lan..see you.." theresa said sadly. She wanted tp help her friend soo much...after school I guess..

Then the thought of Jay came up...

"And I want help to get him..." She said to herself.


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