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Teasing and playing

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*-only thing I changed was the first line...haha The seven go home after school and suddenly an unexpected visitor comes. i changed the title for this chapter.

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(Gym class again)
Atlanta was glad the whole thing with Archie was over. They might still have teased one another, but not fight the way they did...that's for sure!

Atlanta waited by the door of the gym talking to some girls waiting for their PE teacher.

"So there's a practice meet afterschool? For Track&Field?"Atlanta asked.

"Yeah, you should join Atlanta!" said Fiona a girl in her PE class.

Suddenly Archie walked in withh a couple of guys. the first thing he saw was Atlanta's spikes in her hair.

He tugged one.

Atlanta let out a yelp.

"Hey!" she scowled.

Archie smiled.

Archie walked towards the baskethoops and scored one in.

"Watch this" Atlanta whispered to the girls.

She ran around the gym pretending to parctice running, she came passed archie and put two fingers into his waist.

"Ahhhh...Atlanta! I was going for a hundred and you made me loose at 14!!!!"Arcchie exclaimed.


Suddenly mr. Arez came in.

"Sit dwon!!!" he yelled.

Everyone obeyed quickly.

"Today we're doing a big practice on the track."

He glanced at everyone in the room.

"We're gonna work on your running skills."

"Liondra! You come here."

Liondra a short girl with brown hair came up.

"You will be tem captain!'

"Archie you will be the other tean captain, choose your pick."

Archie of course chose Atlanta.

"Now what your going to do is a relay race!!"

The sorted themselves on the track./

They practiced that for a while and Archie's team won, the two gave their team a really good head start.

"Okay, everybody out the door!" he yelled.

No one had any idea where they we're going.

Ares lead them to into the city with their sweaty clothes on.

He reached the beach.

"What are we doing here Mr. Arez?" a bot asked.

'Silence!!" he snappd. " Now i want you all to practice in the heat, it'll weaken your energy and you have to practice with it. I'll push you harder and harder, I don't care if it feels like weights are on your lungs, you have to force yourself. Now go!!"

Everyone didn't understand their teacher sometimes.

But they all took off happy to get away from him.

Atlanta could feel the rishing drenilin(sp?) in her. It felt amazing and gave her enegery. SHe didn't really have to practice, aboviously she wanted archie to be just as fast is what she thinks...but she's got in-human speed, she can't help it. It was her gift.

Archie caught up to her and ran beside her.

She felt this connection to him. Not like being best friends. he felt different.

And it was a great feeling.

It made her feel like she wanted to open her heart to him and make him welcome.

It was perfect but to everyone else running the heat it didn't seem so.

She felt sweat but that didn't matter, she gelt weights on her lungs but that didn't matter either. Archie was beside her and it felt great.

Everyone ran around the whole cpast and was called back.

Atlanta and Archie got there first and Ares just tiold them they could run back to the school.

Archie and atlanta re-entered the gym.

Basketballs, batons we're on the floor and they had to clean it up.

Archie went walk over to the hoops and pick up a ball. But Atlanta was picking up some batons and turned around and knocked into Archie.

The batons flew in the air and scattered the floor again.

Archie grabed her and caught her around her waist. Her hands we're on his shoulders.

Their faces we're so closer to her.

Archie looked into her eyes and couldn't think and he pressed his lips to hers.

She was stunned.

Then Ares and the rest of the students came in the door.

everyone's mouths dropped.

"What is the meaning of this?" Ares shouted.

they broke apart blushing.

Some of their classmates giggled a bit.

"It was..a acc-ident" Atlanta said looking away from Archie.

"Clas dimissed." ares said.

Okay I had to write that quick, it gets better and better!!
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