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Basketball Teaser

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Atlanta walked into the gym ready for class she looked all around for the cute boy..Archie.

He was shooting basketballs with huis guy friends.

She loved teasing him. He was so cute when he was mad.

She sat next to her girl friends. Archie looked her way. She started laughing at something the girls said.

Luckily they did say something funny.

Archie shot one hoop. It went in YES! Then he looked at the girl he'd been eyeing on since the day he saw her.

She was laughing. It was cute whenever she laughed.

Then one of his guy friends did a bad aim and knockedoff the rim and hit archie's head.

He fell to the ground.

Atlanta almost wanted to laugh. She ran over, everbody else did too.

They circled him.

Atlanta looked at how cute he was when he lay there on the ground so uncautious.

Atlanta could almost giggle.

Archie looked above...was it an angel? Could it be?

her eyes were shimery.

Her skin so soft and pail.

Her figure was curvy and was a great athlete.

He sighed as he lay with big briuse on his head.

"Everyone out of the way!" Ares called out.

"archie! Wake up from that trance!"

Atlanta giggled some more so did the oter girls.

Atlanta helped Archie up.

"Why wren't you looking at where you were going?" She laughed at him.


"Haha, Nevermind. You're sucha goofball."Atlanta exclaimed.

Archie actually like it when she teasedf though it did get on his nerves, but he loved fighting with her...there was no one else he'd rather fight with.

"Okay class! Continue shooting hoops! There's nothing to see here1 And boys! You havea game today1 After school! get busy!"Ares shouted.

Everyone obeyed quickly.

Atlanta grabbed a good round basketball.

She aimwed for the hoop, it rolled around and...SCORE!

Archie was good at aiming just like Atlanta, and they both have never missed a shot.

Atlanta couldn't stand being on the opposite end of the gym as Archie.

She pretended running around praticing with her friend dribbling. She wanted to tease him some more.

She got closer to him moving back and forth passing the ball to her friend Alex.

Atlanta went beside Archie now who was ready to shoot.

Atlanta had to think of something quick to surprise him

And without thinking she slapped his ass.

Alex stopped and laughed.

Atlanta laughed too as she ran away.

Archie did a yelp as he dropped the ball.

He turned around seeing the two girls laughing.

He blushed...fiercely.


After school


Archie's team was great! His team had gottn in 20 hoops in the last 25 minutes.

They wre creaming them.

Archie was the captain of the team.

Jay was captain of the volleyball team and help the surf instructor around. Archie and Jay had signed up on the soccer team and the coach couldn;t decide between the two who should be captain. So they both are.

Atlanta cheered for Archie, as Theresa was at Jay's volleyball game.

They both had goo-goo eyes. Though Archie and Jay never noticed before.

They sighed and cheered as the scored points.

Atlanta was IMPRESSED! And Archie looked back at her several times.

Making sure Atlanta didn't notice. She didn't really, she just thought they were just teasing each other and yelling out good job way to go! Thanks to one anoter.

But Archie didn't know Atlanta was flirting. And Atlanta didn't know Archie was checking her out.

The game ended Archie's team won..again.


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