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Heaven's Blessed Curse Yin and Yang

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wow chapter two amazing.... um my two lesbian chacter comes in

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I do not own Xiaolin Showdown duh, if I did I wouldn't be here posting on In the summary I already warned this was a slash story, it's gay, yaoi, fruity, homosexual HOW MUCH MORE MUST I SAY IT! Anyway, without further ado here is the chapter that my lazy @$$ writers block self took so long to write.


"Ya out there lil' buddy!?"

Three of the four dragons where still out searching for their lost companion. When had woken for breakfast like normal and found him missing they guessed like he skipped as he sometimes did. Food was eaten and when chore time came around they assumed he had already finished before they arrived again, nothing out of the ordinary. But when training time for the whole group came around he was no where to be found. Worried, they alerted Master Fung of the matter.

"Oh I see that is a problem: Take Dojo and search for him, he can't have gone too far."

That was four hours ago, and still no Omi. That strangest thing was it had been perfectly sunny when the started the day but as soon as they where about to leave the temple grounds clouds were over ahead, they hadn't even seen them coming! Dressing for the appropriate weather the trio headed off. The green stripe in the sky notified the group of the dragons return.

"Any sign of him Dojo?" the young girl could not help but fear the worst for their missing friend.

"I'm sorry you guys but in this weather there's nothing any of us can do, it won't help Omi if anymore of us get lost or sick we need to go home, and quickly too I might add. Like it wasn't hard enough trying to get back to you guys in this storm."

"No way, Omi's still out there somewhere we have to find him!" Raimundo could not believe what he was hearing!

"Rai, if we don't leave now, and get lost or sick then who else can help Omi?" Upset and not happy with the idea Raimundo couldn't help but acknowledge her point. Nodding, he ran to green dragon and leaped on his back as they flew off.

"Omi...." Despite the situation, he couldn't help the dreaded feeling in the pit of his stomach, none of them could.

"S-s-s-s-so C-c-c-old, m-m-m-must f-find -sh-sh-shealt-er;"

Omi said to no one in particular. The attack on him from Chase drained him, how could merely one hit do so much damage? He must have put all his strength in that one move. With no energy left, he could not summon up his element to help him, he was truly alone. Falling to his knees and with frozen tears stuck to his face he fell...

"Fool...." all alone in one of many chambers he watched in a blue flame as his little one fall to the ground. In a quick eruption the fire vanished as he clutched at his chest. Where some would say a heart should be the feeling of dozens of ice needles priced inside him, it was happening and he was ready for it.

Ever since he had accepted the demon's offering he hadn't known of the curse till years later when it was too late: "The curse to live forever, you will live as others die. You will always be alone. Should you find love and true love alone, you may both wonder the earth for all time together. You must make the ultimate moral sacrifice of giving up your bodies, and intrusting the other as you seal your bond. Should one die before the bond is made you follow them to death; you body and mind will be trapped on this earth but your soul will always be with them. All feeling will leave you, and since your way of life it depend on the dragon, its form shall you take bonder or not. Only in your new body can your soul thrive"
To put it simply, should his love die, he would lose all sense of touch, and emotions. The last memory of feeling would be pain, his body of agonized, and heart stabbed. After learning this hideous information, he tried to live without these, so he's never have to lose them should the fateful day come. He could not ever feel warmth, since his armor prevented this, nor would he love, because that was not the heylin way. He hoped this path would keep this tragedy form ever happening, who could have known a small boy would change all that.

Looking into the water, the girl frowned as the other looked about to cry.
"So it's happened..."
"Elana, what do you mean?" The one called Elana, wore a robe so black it seemed if you touched her you hand would sink in.
"Nicole, do not worry, everything will be alright." Nicole, she looked only to be a few years younger.
The keepers of balance of the yin and yang, Nicole stood for; never ignore children or life, ever. The message simply was to embrace the beauty around. She was dressed in a white so pure you could spot her in a snow storm. Big dark brown eyes and hair seemed black, it was nearly impossible to tell apart.
Like her young lover, Elana had dark eyes and hair, tan skin but taller with a more mature face. She hardly ever showed emotion, if any. Elana meant: Evil loves anyone not accepting. Her message was even if you don't believe in it, it believes in you.
Their hidden palace was black and white all over, and many creatures roam the halls. Pandas, white tigers, orcas, bears, snow owls, wolves, snow leopards, butterflies, penguins, foxes, horses, crows and ravens, dragonflies, spiders, snakes, moths, fish, dogs, mice, rabbits basically if their body was cover in both black and white, and that alone they were a messenger of the Yin and Yang. Once these girls died, they would join them in their new animals form to make room for the next generation.
"Elana, is it time?"
"Yes little one, it is time."
"I am scared."
"I will not let harm come to you."
"We must begin the ritual, spell cast with me now." Hand in hand the two chanted in a language not known to man, but translated meant;

"We the two, of the Yin and Yang now ready partake in the role we were destined to fulfill. Now we began are journey to go as one as the sand of our hour glasses has begun to spill.
Before the final gain falls into place, the coming two will take our place.
The demon failed his attempt to turn the odds. Keeping the balance will be now their jobs.
My heart belongs to her, as hers does mine. But our shift is over, we've seen the signs.
Enable their bond to be complete. The challenge is set, and it will be beat.
Together will we be combined, together always in and out of time."

"Omi and Chase must take their roles not as the Keepers of Balance;"
"But as the Guardians of Paradise."
"Yes, I as you have gotten better at predicting my thoughts little one." Nicole giggled and blushed at her lover's comment.
"Why thank you Elana, should we got going on our tasks, as I recall that there was a time limit, no."
"Yes there is, are you ready?" Giving Elana a peck on the lips and smiling.
"Of course,"
"Chase, obliviously being the Prince of Darkness will be my responsibility. So Nicole go now and seek out Omi. But first do you sorcery."
"Yes love, give away to us, keepers of balance dark and light. Ghost-like we will become and are spirits take flight!" As she chanted, their bodies fell like rag dolls while their souls drifted around in the air.
"Why can't you make it yet where our whole selves change form rather than leave our shells?" Elana complained.
"Well we can't be seen my mortal eyes, and we don't enter dreams on a daily basics so I'm not native to this spell yet!"
Elana merely rolled her eyes as their ghost selves picked the bodies put and rest them peacefully in their thrones. Signing Nicole asked;
"What animal do you think we shall become."
"I do not know, we'll have to wait see."
"I guess..." floating up they phased through ground till they made it over the earth. With fair wells they went on their separate ways.
Sad for leaving her partner, for they had never left each other's side for centuries Nicole glided over snow fields till she came to a body covered in snow.
Her powers could only do good, heal, and help others, so clapping her hands in a she sat in the ice on her knees.
In this form you could see no feet; the robes covered over and looked as though someone had ripped off the ends.
Murmuring words, tears flowed down her, as they made contract with the human world snow moved and a burrow formed.
Cuddling the boy in her arms she drifted inside.
Praying some more and as tears fell her hair longed as did the robe.
Tearing the cloth, and holding it in her teeth, a small daggered appeared and she cut the fleshly grown locks away. Setting it down, the small blade disappeared, then taking the cloth and laying it across her lap she evened the hair on top and snitched at what looked normal speed but as the cloth was turn like she was doing the other side it was finished!
A blanket white with vines and leaves drawn from black wool, taking some snow and growing and tearing more cloth and hair she made a pillow.
Next the earth rose up three inches above ground which she then covered with a white sheet. With a mat like the one at the temple only white, feather soft pillow, and warm blanket ready she tucked the boy in.
Nicole was quite pleased with her handy work but frowned seeing red on his checks.
The orb of light that give heat grew warmer, and rubbing her tears on his checks the flush in his face went away while his breathing eased.
She smiled remembering how she did something like this the first time she met Elana, back then she had no idea how much it would change her life.

Following Chase around, she mediated when he did, and flew by his side almost everywhere he went. Stopping at the door she waited till he slept to make her move.
"Before I sleep I need time alone to think." Elana spoke out loud to no one, floating through the door she noticed his armor still on. "God don't you ever change?" She sneered, but remembered leaving him alone to bathe and when checking in on him he was topless, so he must have multiples of what he wore. "Ah well I wear this dress robe thing all the time pretty much, so who am I to talk?" she shrugged it off and folded her hands but with both middle and index fingers sticking straight up. "Now to deliver the message;" hovering directly above him he closed her eyes and chanted;

"Hollow now a domain sleep, balance is up to us to keep. At this time dark of night, allow me to fly with your dreams as they take flight." and she was gone, replaced by millions of black shinning glitters which sprinkled over him as he rested unaware to all that was talking place.

"You are the light. You are the darkness. Your role is the yin. You rule as the yang. Bring heroes to the world. Keep evil leveled. Give others hope. Make them afraid. Shine with life. Hide in the shadows. Give rain to shower plants. Roar thunder from the clouds. Paint them a rainbow. Dry their land, so they appreciate the rain. Quench their thrust but hide their sun. Keep balance in the universe!"

with that finally shout Chase and Omi dreamt that they were gone in a snap, but just as fast there was a large rose in their place when then burst and as the petals flew about they become the size of normal petals not giant ones. For Omi the flower with a crisp white; for Chase a smooth black; Omi, a lively green stem; Chase, a normal black which in comparison to the rose seemed grey.
As the petal flowed down Omi's were mostly white with a rainbow like shine to them; for Chase the same black.
Omi's background in his end was an endless white.
Chase's was a bondless black.
Omi's few black petals looked like the smooth velvety black Chase had seen, while Chase's white petals had the same color shine.
Omi looked deeper and saw silver petal too! The silver petals stood out on the darkness.
"There was a blue light, blue like the sky; it's glowed from my left."
"The royal purple emulated from my high far right."
"I followed it."
"I followed it."
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