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And Then There Was Us

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In this chapter their consersations are all the smame thing so I made them switch back and forth so someone would be answering or asking questions when they weren't there.

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On this chapter I thought it would be fun to flip from conversations between Chase and Omi. ^-^ My god NO I DO NOT OWN XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!!!


"What happened;" Omi cried out. Breathing heavily he laid back down to feel someone next to him. Wait, last time Omi check he was out in the snow. Turning on his side he was face to face girl with a girl, she was awake, eyes open and smiling.
"AH!" Omi cried!
"Ahhh!" she cried back but in a higher voice which hurt his ears.
"AHHHH-HHHHH!" Omi simply looked at the girl, she was defiantly odd. Her hand both clamped over her mouth and was wide-eyed.
"........ Eep!" letting out a small cry she went back to her weird pose.
"Um, may I ask who you are?" She only nodded her head.
"Um, okay then. What is your name?" the girl in the white dress only nodded again.
"My name is-"
"Omi," she gave him a very friend and kind smile. "I know, hi my name is Nicole." She extended her hand outwards, which cautiously took.
"Hello there." Looking at his surrounding he gasped. A cozy little burrow, snow over ahead for the ceiling, light brown walls from earth, and the orb of light, though it's wasn't ordinary it feel like when the rays touch your face, all warming memories you sad surfaced up. It was like joy it's self, wonderful.
"Thank you for doing this dream girl, its very kind of you." some people would have called this flirting but these two were innocence itself come to life.
"Chase..." Omi whispered to himself sadly. He felt so heart broken, yet he could not deny the horrible truth, he was in love.
"Hey ya wanna know a little bit about me big brother?"
"Okay! That sounds like fun."
"Well when I meet someone, I call them brother or sister, normal big brother or sister. I love chocolate, and I love Elana and I'm yin and I gave you that dream and..."
"Wait a minute! You mean you say that-"
"It was you who cause the absurd dream." Chase asked in a paranoid tone.
"Okay dude, you had the dream, you should know what's going down-"
"Basically you are the yin:"
"The yang of the universe and"
"Is your other half:"
"You have got too be joking me!"
"Just because I love him doesn't mean;"
"We are yin:"
"And yang;"
"Does it?"
"Let's start from the bringing,"
"Shall we?"
"That demon that came to you came not because he would get you soul someday in return, in fact that will never happen."
"It was all a test, because no yin would ever aggress to it."
"And only yang can summon the demon."
"So I'm guessing;"
"Was the immortal one?"
"She chose you;"
"As her yin,"
"Only the yang's true love can become yin;"
"But yins are mortal;"
"But when bonded:"
"We both gain immortality."
"Okay you if 'bonded' with some other than your yin would they become immortal?"
"Why not,"
"Because you only have one true love:"
"are you saying Omi's;"
"Chase is;"
"my true love!?"
"I'm sorry."
"How do you bond?"
"Is it really what I think it is?"
"Bonding is done through sex;"
"Excuse me:"
"What's that?"
"It's when you;"
"Anyway, after you do your bonding."
"Your immortalize;"
"Well I one day may try this bonding of which you speak but;"
"He's so young:"
"Well you have to do it soon:"
"As in eight moons,"
"Two months:"
"You must complete this task before all hallows eve."
"I love Halloween!"
"Because our time is up and we must pass it on to the next chosen. Because if you do not do it before the 31 of October."
"You'll miss all the candy."
"You entire universe will be destroyed."
"And that's no fun."
"Why would;"
"I care should all life as we no it end?"
"Because you would die along with;"
"That's a good enough reason."
"Do we have to?"
"It sounds gross;"
"Bonding is the ultimate thing mortals and immortals a like share."
"Since immortals can't die."
"If you die;"
"What else can you give?"
"I know it's hard."
"It's gross."
"it is!"
"What will happen to you?"
"And I will merge together as one as;"
"a cute little cuddly animal friend!"
"One is that is black and white because it represents yin"
"And yang."
"Not all black and white colored animals right keepers;"
"Guardians are guys,"
"while keepers are the girls."
"So if a guy and girl are the yin and yang are they a Guardian and Keeper?"
"Only same sex couples can be yin and yang
"So why is it that;"
"It's because when your turn passes you merge as one being and it can't have double sex animals
"That would be odd."
"Should animals like that be found and are discover scientists would want to study them."
"I see:"
"Why would they want to do that?"
"It's because they have nothing better to do, because they have no lives."
"How sad;"
"If one was captured and killed the balanced would be disrupted."
"Our parents were keepers and guardians."
"I know."
"Why is that I though they couldn't be both."
"Well when you change to animal form to forget your life now and mix with others heterosexually."
"They have animal babies and the first born dies normally;"
"But only in body:"
"Their soul is put into a human host and these humans are picked from blood line."
"if one of their siblings was a chosen. They will have a yin or yang baby"
"Ah, I see"
"I don't get it."
"Me neither."
"I had a sister so when we change the soul of the first born well go in her child's body and continue on."
"Are we related?"
"Keepers and guardians rule for a long amount of time."
"The host body will take a long time to be found. So being close blood is illogical."

BBV: If you understood this chapter your screwed up in the brain, and for that, I solute you! D,D,D!
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