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You know what happened last chapter...

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I screamed in horror as I watched Delilah fall down the cliff.


I covered my face in my hands, crying. She was gone. She was really gone. Her last words echoced through my head:

"If you loved me, Julius, you'd let me go. I'm sorry, Julius."

Delilah...not her. Not my Delilah. I finally get my feelings out to her...and then she's taken away from me.


Huh? I recazised that voice. I took my face out of my hands, and looked up. It took me awhile to see through the tears, but I saw her. Delilah.

"DELILAH!" I screamed, giving her a hug.

Delilah laughed and returned the hug.

" fell..."

"Rocket-booster shoes." Delilah explained.

"DELILAH! You scared me to death!" I screamed, putting a hand on my chest.

Delilah laughed again. "Sorry. I thought you would know."

"Uhhhh sure...I knew all along, I was just playing with you..."

"Riiiight Julius, I believe you."

We both laughed again.

"Don't ever do that again," I whispered in her ear.

I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then Delilah turned her head to give me a kiss on the lips. Man, I couldn ever get over the fact that Delilah was now mine. It was a dream come true.

"Well, you scared me when I didn't know what you were doing to protect me," Delilah whispered back in a flirtious tone of voice.

"I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you." I promised.

"What about Ria?" Delilah asked.

"We'll worry about her later." I said. "Right now only you are on my always."

Delilah blushed. I loved it when she did that. It was so cute.

"Delilah...would you do the honours of coming to that new resteraunt with me? My treat."

"I'd love to, Julius." She said smiling.

I grabbed her hand and held it. "So...does this mean..."

"Does this mean what?"

"Uhhh...we're...seeing each other, now?"

"You tell me," She told me, laughing. "Of course!"

"But...promise me one more thing..." Said Delilah slowly.

"And what's that?"

"No more secrets. Ever."

"Ok. So, as we're keeping no secrets...I have something to tell you..."


"You know that pet hamster you had when we were both seven?"


"Well...I by accident killed it...I thought it wanted to go for a swim in the toliot..."


"What? I was young and stupid! I thought hamsters could swim..."

"Was? You still are stupid," Joked Delilah. "But you're my idiot."


xxDarkness' Kidxx

Thanks for reading, everyone!
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