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Not Hiding Anymore

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So...who's under that bikers helmet?

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The world stopped turning the moment I took off D.I.'s helmet. My eyes watered with hurt...betrayal...fear...and concern all at the same time. It was who I least was...Julius?!?

"Delilah, I can explain..." Cried out D.I....or shall I say Julius.

I got off of Julius, and punched him as hard as I could at his stomache. Then I chucked his bikers helmet at him.

"Delilah, hear me out..." Julius begged. "One thing...this is the real me. The "Julius" you were with and who's now in the bank deactivating the bomb is just a robot of me. Almost a duplicate."

"Why, Julius?" I Asked him in tears. "Why?"

"It''s for you, De..." Julius whispered.

"Oh, yeah. Playing this stupid villian hiding under a bikers helmet is helping me." I said, whiping the tears from my eyes.

"Listen," Julius said, putting a hand on my shoulder -I shoved it off- " remember Ria, right? The girl we thought was your mother?"


"She...she threated she would hurt you if I didn't help I did. I didn't want to tell you, for I know you'd stop me. I felt bad...attempting to do these crimes, but that's why I stopped. I felt bad, Delilah. I'm so sorry I've been acting strange lately. It was my robot, remember?"

I choked back a tear. "How long have I been talking to a robot of you?"

" know that night when we promised no secrets?" He asked me. (a/n: The prolouge of this story)


"The morning after. You see...the next morning Ria kidnapped me. She told me if I failed to obey her, she'd kill you. So, I had to keep my identity a secret. To protect you. Trust me...I hated every moment of it. I couldn't even look at myself anymore."

"You sure keep your promises, Julius..."

"Delilah, I apologized! You have no clue how sorry I am! I...I...just didn't want you to get hurt..."

Julius began to sob. "I'm so sorry, ok? I...I..."


"I LOVE YOU, ok? Is that what you wanted to hear?" He cried out. "That's why I'm risking my life, betraying the world just to keep you safe."

I jumped back. Holy crap, I wasn't exspecting that. That took the words out of my mouth. Then I whispered, "Yes. That's what I wanted to hear."

I went up to Julius and put my head against his chest. "Julius...I love you too...and I thank you for protecting me."

"Anything for you, De."

Our lips parted a bit, and we both closed our eyes. I felt his breath on my lips, and they got closer till they touched. Our first kiss.

It was perfect, just like in my dream. Untill the robot Julius came running out of the bank.

"The bombs going to explode! Everyone, get out!" The robot Julius screamed.

Everyone screamed as they jumped outside. The bank then exploded into flames. Luckly everyone got out just in time. The real Julius held me protectively beside him, sheilding me from the flames. The robot Julius wasn't so lucky. He got stuck in the fire, as his wires started to frizzle, and his metal body began to melt into ashes.

"We have to get Ria!" Cried out Julius. "I'm not letting her take you away from me! Ria told me she'd be watching me at the cliff near the bank...let's kick it!"

Julius was right. We found Ria standing at the edge of the cliff. She stared at Julius, and then pointed her finger at him.

"You broke our deal for the last time. I gave you chances." Ria said.

Julius gulped.

"You broke our I'll break my side of the deal," Ria spat out coldly.

"NO!" screamed Julius.

Julius tried to stay in front of me to protect me, but failed. Ria only pushed him out of the way.


Ria then chucked me at the edge of the cliff. I screamed in horror when I fell. But Julius hurried, and quickly grabbed my wrist, just in time.

Ria only laughed. "I'll come back and finish the job. I have better things to do."

Julius grunted in pain of my weight.

"Hold on, De, almost there..."

I didn't know how muh longer Julius could hold me. His grip was slowly losing me. I knew that if I didn't let go, Julius would fall with me. And knowing Julius, he would want to fall with me. I wouldn't allow that to happen.

"Julius, let me drop."


"Let me drop..."

"NO!...never...I won't..."

"Julius...if you loved'd let me go..."

I must have stuck Julius' heart strings.

"I do love you, but...I...I..."

"Julius, I love you. Just...let me go...please. If you loved me, you'd let me go..."

Julius closed his eyes. I swore I saw a tear drop fall down his eyes. And he wasn't the type to cry.


"Julius, please forgive me..." I apologized.


It was then I bit Julius' hand that held my wrist. Julius cried out in pain, forcing him to let go of my wrist.

I was falling down the cliff...



xxDarkness' Kidxx

Am I going to kill another character in my stories? God, I'm a murderer, an't I?!? Maybe I will kill her, maybe I won't. I have the ending planned out and everything. smirks I'm evil. Find out next chapter. Thanks for reading!
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