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Moving On

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< Sequel to "Illusion Island"> The heroes are trying to move on and forget about the incident on the "Illusion Island". Their lives seem perfect right now. But what happens when everything spins o...

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Tory: Okay here's the sequel to " Illusion Island".Sorry it's taken a while to put it up but I hit a writer's block. Now that it's gone I just had to start writing er... typing. Well Here's chapter 1. Hope you like it. And now on with the sequel...
Ferrets: Now for the ever favourite disclaimer. Tory does not own CotT but she does own her stories, and us.

It had been about two months since the incident on Illusion Island and the heroes were doing their best to forget about it, well the bad stuff. Theresa and Jay were still dating and so were Archie and Atlanta. Things seemed so great at this time. They had won most of their battles against Cronus nothing too weird had happened and school was fine. But everything perfect must eventually come to an end...

It was a sunday morning and everything was great. It was a normal sunday for the heroes. Atlanta and Archie had gone out for a run, Herry and Odie were play one of Odie's new virtual reality games, Neil was examing his flawless reflection in his trademark mirror and Jay and Theresa were out at the mall.

" Woooh! I win! I win!" came Odie's cry of victory from the living room. By now it was almost noon.

" You won what?" Atlanta asked as she and Archie came back from their run.

Odie didn't answer as he and Herry were playing a winner take all match. So Neil filled them in.

" They've been playing that game all morning. First Odie won, then Herry, then Odie, then Herry, then-" he was cut off.

" We get it. They've both won a lot." Atlanta said as she headed for the kitchen.

" Hey. Where are Jay and Theresa?" Archie asked as he walked towards the kitchen.

" Theresa dragged him to the mall. They left about three hours ago." Neil, once again, replied.

Atlanta came out of the kitchen holding a glass of water and a sandwich. Archie stole a half of her sandwich, took a bit and gave her a goofy, victorious smile. She laughed before punching him playfully in the arm. Minutes later Theresa and Jay pulled up in the driveway and came in the house.

" Oh my god!" Atlanta exclaimed as they entered the living room.

" What?" everyone looked at her with a hint of concern on their faces.

" You went to the mall and didn't come back with a thousand shopping bags." Atlanta teased as she finished off her sandwich.

" We weren't exactly at the mall though." Theresa replied with a grin.

" Then where'd you go?" Atlanta asked.

" We went to see a movie at the cineplex downtown." Jay replied as he sat on the couch.

" What movie?" Archie asked.

" Oh.. uhh. You know that new one that just came out." Theresa replied as she looked at Jay.

" Un huh. Right." Archie said sarcastically.

Jay quickly changed the subject, " So what were you guys up to this morning?"

" Me and Arch went for a run." Atlanta replied.

" And those three have been here all morning." Archie added jesturing to Odie, Herry and Neil.

" Hey Atlanta wanna go to the mall and check out some of the new stores?" Theresa asked.

" Sure." she replied and put her glass in the sink.

Each of the girls kissed their boyfriends goodbye and headed out the door. They hopped into Theresa's red convertable and she started the engine. Then they were off the mall. It only took them about five minutes to get there. Theresa shut off the engine and raced to the doors. One of her favourite things to do was shop.

" Hey! Wait up!" Atlanta called after her friend who was already through the front doors of the mall.

The girls went to a total of ten stores before taking a break in the food court. They bought a late lunch and talked. Atlanta had noticed that Theresa was acting a little weird lately and decided to ask her about it.

" Are you okay?" she asked as the took their garbage to the garbage cans.

" Yeah. Why?" Theresa was a little shocked by the question.

" Are you sure? You've been acting weird lately." Atlanta said.

" I'm fine." Theresa replied.

" Theresa. I'm your best friend. You can't hide anything from me. So what's up?" Atlanta asked.

" Okay. Fine. I'll tell you." Theresa gave in. She knew that eventually she'd have to say something.

The two sat back down at a table.

" Lately I've had this bad feeling. Like something really horrible is going to happen. It's gotten worse every day." Theresa said.

" Did you have a vision?" Atlanta asked, lowering her voice to a whisper.

" No. It's just a feeling. That's why I haven't said anything." Theresa replied.

" Are you going to tell Jay? He'd want to know." Atlanta asked.

" No not yet. If I have a vision then I'll tell him." Theresa replied.

" Okay." Atlanta said.

" Wanna hit a few more stores before going home?" Theresa asked, changing the subject.

" Sure." Atlanta replied.

They went to three more stores before going home. They each had about ten bags. They put them into the trunk of the convertable and hopped in. Theresa turned on the engine and peeled out of the parking lot. They got home in record time and grabbed their bags form the trunk. When they walked into the house the guys were watching a movie.

" Hey what are you guys watching?" Theresa asked as she briefly set down her bags.

" We're watching a horro film." Archie replied.

" Cool. What one?" Atlanta asked.

" The Grudge Two." Jay replied this time.

" I'll pass. I'm going to put my stuff away." Theresa said before heading upstairs.

" I have to go put my stuff away too. But then I'll came watch it." Atlanta replied before following Theresa up the stairs.

The sun was setting on the horizon and the heroes, well all of them minus Theresa, were watching movies in the living room. Theresa headed up to the roof after she had put away her new clothes. She had a drawing book and was drawing the sunset. IT was a secret passion of hers. She heard the roof door open and quickly hide her book behind her back. Then she turned to face her friend.

" Hey. Do you want to come watch the next movie? It's one that Herry and Neil picked out." Jay asked.

" Uhh. No. I think I'll just sit up here and... uhh... watch the sunset." Theresa replied as she tried to keep Jay, or anyone for that matter, from seeing her art work.

" You sure?" Jay asked. He noticed that she was trying to hide something from him.

" Yeah. I'm sure." Theresa replied.

Jay walked over to her and looked at her. She looked back, trying to figure out what he was up to.

" Are you absolutly sure?" he asked again, drawing the words out slowly.

" Yeah. Positive." Theresa replied innocently.

Jay quickly reached behind her back and grabbed the book she was hiding. She tried to grab it back but he turned away and looked at it.

" Hey! Give that back!" Theresa demanded.

" What is it?" Jay asked playfully. Since they had started dating she had gotten him to loosen up and have fun, at least a little.

" It's nothing." Theresa replied, still trying to take it back.

" If it's nothing then you won't mind if I take a look." Jay teased.

" Come on. Give it back." Theresa said again.

Too late Jay flipped open the cover and looked with disbelief at what he saw. Theresa took this opprotunity to steal it back.

" Wow. Did you really draw those?" Jay asked, still surprised.

" Yeah. So." Theresa replied as she held onto it tightly.

" Those are awsome. Where'd you learn to draw like that?" he asked.

" I don't know. I kinda taught myself." Theresa answered as she sat down.

" Well your really talented." Jay said.

" Thanks." Theresa said.

Jay took a seat beside her and they looked out a tthe city for a minute.

" I think I'm going to head to bed. Don't want to be tired for school tomorrow." she said and got up.

Theresa kissed Jay goodnight and disappeared into the house. Jay got up and headed back down to the others who had started watching the movie already.

" What took you so long?" Archie asked as their leader sat down.

" Nothing." Jay replied.

As the movie wore on many of the heroes started to go to bed. Eventually only Archie was up. And he didn't make it to his bed. Before the movie ended he fell asleep on the couch. The heroes were, for the most part, in a peaceful sleep. And everything seemed so perfect. But everything perfect must come to an end, eventually.

What is Theresa's bad feeling? Wil their perfect lives change? What will happen? Find out in the next chapter.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked chapter 1 of the sequel. I added some fluff in there but there will be much more to come. Please Rate and Review. Constructive critism is also welcome. ^_^
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