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Nightmares And Visions

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The heroes night starts out peaceful but takes a turn for the worst. What happens when they all have the same nightmare?

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Tory: Here's chapter 2. Enjoy.
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The heroes were, for the most part, in a very peaceful sleep. But that all changed as the night wore on...

Theresa, who was first to fall asleep, was in a very nice dream. She was dreaming about her and Jay. And how great things had been since they'd started dating. But as her dream went on it started to become not so great. Her lovely dream turned into a nightmare. And before she knew it she was back on the ' Illusion Island'. She started to toss and turn and her heart started to race.

Theresa's mind filled with all the horrible experiences of the island. The boat wreck, the unfamiliarity, thinking she had lost Jay, fighting with Jay, the scorpion creatures they fought, being attacked by something that wasn't really there, almost dying and almost losing the rest of her friends. It was like reliving everything only in fast forward.

It had taken all of them so long to try and forget all of that. And in seconds it all came rushing back. Every single hit, every heart wrenching moment. Everything. Theresa's dream, or rather nightmare, went on all night.


Atlanta was the next to have to submit to the nightmare. Her dream started out much like Theresa's, nice and peaceful. She was dreaming about how nice everything had been lately. How perfect things were between the seven of them. They had hardly fought recently. She was also dreaming about Archie. But all of that slowly turned into the vicious nightmare that she had lived only two short months ago.

Within seconds Atlanta felt like she was livng the experience again, only this time everything seemed to be going by in a blur. She remembered falling out of the boat, fighting with everyone, the waves that tore them all apart, waking up in a weird place, seeing Archie die before her very eyes, finding out that he didn't really die, fighting the scorpion creatures, coming home, not remembering anything, running away, almost dying.

These memories are ones that sent shivers down her spine. These are memories that she would like to forget. Each of them had put so much effort into repressing the memory and trying to leave it behind them. But this destoryed all that. Because her repressed memory came back all at once, flooding her mind. She felt as if she was drowning in the experience and no one was there to save her.


Jay was next on the list to relive these horrible events. Like the others his dreams were filled with his friends and Theresa. his mind was filled with thoughts of his red haired girlfriend. Then in moments this beautiful dream was ripped away form him, only to be replaced by the unbearable memories of almost losing all of his friends.

Jay was suddenly transported back to the boat where it had all started. The fight with his teammates, the wave that seperated them, feeling like it was all his fault, seeing Theresa disappear before him, feeling hopeless, finding Theresa, fighting those creatures, finding his friends, going home, seeing Theresa hurt and not being able to help her, losing all but two of his friends, going to find a cure adn getting back only to be told it was too late.

Jay had tried the hardest out of all of them to forget all of this. As the leader it was his responsibility to keep them safe. And on that island he had let them all down. Because of him four of them almost died. To this day he still feels it was his fault that everything happened. And with the help of Theresa he was starting to get over it. But now it all came back. He was forced to relive each moment.


The next to be forced to re-experience the events that they had tried so hard to forget was Archie. His dreams started off like all the rest. Nice, peaceful, perfect. But like the others as well his dreams took a turn for the worst. Soon he too had to endure the events that had cut through him.

Archie remembered each moment as if it was yesturday. He was the only one that didn't forget the experience, he was the only one that couldn't forget it. He remembered Atlanta falling overboard, the fight, the waves, having Atlanta being torn away from him, being helpless to save her, finding the real her, fighting those creatures whatever they were, telling her how he really felt only to have her rip his heart out and stomp on it, almost losing her completely, finding out that they hadn't gotten the cure soon enough.

Out of all of them he was the only one whose mind was truely and deeply scared from it. He was the one who suffered the most. But unlike the others this nightmare was not out of the ordinary for him. Many nights he would have to relive each event. The experience haunted him and he believed it always would.


Odie and Herry had almost the same nightmare. Their dreams didn't start off peaceful at all. As soon as they fell asleep they were bombarded with the memories of the 'Illusion Island'. Their minds immediatly had to face these horrible and life altering moments.

They both remembered going out on the water, Atlanta falling overboard, the waves that destroyed their boat and ripped the team apart, waking up on a completly creepy island in the middle of nowhere, walking aimlessly around hoping to find someone... anyone, finding each other, being attacked by strange creatures, finding their friends, heading home, odie becoming invisable and Herry turning into a freaky scaly lizard creature, hearing that their closest friends wanted to lock them up and run a bunch of tests on them, running away, going back to the school, having their conditions worsen, almost dying.

Both Herry and Odie had had it pretty hard. They each changed into something odd and felt like their friends were turning against them. They each had tried really hard to ignore the memory that kept creepy back into their minds. They had almost completly forgotten about it, until that night.


Neil was the next to face the nightmare. This wasn't as bad for him considering he got off easy. When he fell asleep his dreams were filled with, like most nights, him as a supermodel and his adoring fans wanting autographs. BUt then his fans started disappearing and he was sent back to the island.

Neil didn't really have to try and forget about it. His mind was too full of himself to leave much room for that memory. But still ti didn't come back and haunt him sometimes. He remembered the boat ride, the fight, warning everyone about the waves, being torn apart and sent adrift from his friends, waking up on the island and not being able to find his mirror, being attacked by strange not to mention ugly creatures, finding his friends, bulding a boat and heading home, going to the party of the year, having strange things happen to his friends, finding out that most of his friends had quit the team, having to go look for them, only finding Theresa andin horrible condition, wanting around while Archie and Jay went to gather the ingredients for the cure, having to see his friends suffer, finding out that his leader and Archie didn't make it back in time to save the others.

Nothing had really happened to Neil personally. But he did have to watch the others suffer and that alone took it's toll on him. So although not much really affected him he did still have to ignore or repress the memory. But for him it was easy. He just filled his head with so much other stuff that there wasn't enough room for that particular memory.


After a very restless night of having to relive the 'Illusion Island' experience the heroes woke up and got ready for school. They all gathered in the kitchen for breakfast. It was unusually quiet in the brownstone that morning. It was quiet until Atlanta spoke up.

" Why is everyone so quiet today?" she asked as she looked around at her friends.

No one really replied, they just sat and stared at their breakfasts. Each of them still had their nightmare fresh in their minds.

" We should get to school." Jay said as he looked at the clock.

Everyone out their dishes away and headed outside to Herry's red truck. They piled in and he started the engine. Before long they were off to the school. It wasn't too far to the school so it only took them five minutes to drive there. The entire ride there was quiet, When they got there it wasn't any different. No one spoke, they just got out of the truck and headed into the school.

They had some classes together. Jay and Theresa their first three classes together. Archie and Atlanta had their first two classes together, Odie and Herry had all four classes together, and Neil had his first class with Odie and Herry, his second class with Theresa and Jay, his third class with Archie and Atlanta and his fourth was with Jay and Archie.

The morning went by pretty fast. Though each of the heroes had their minds on others things. Mainly their nightmare. Lunch was the same as always. The seven of them met in the cafeteria and talked. Though it wasn' as loud as it normally was. The teens still had their minds focused on the nightmare they had. And no one wanted to bring it up.

Third period was like any other except for in Jay and Theresa's class. About halfway through the class Theresa got up and ran out fo the room. Leaving the entire class shocked. Jay asked to go see if she was okay and the teacher dismissed him. He got up and left, searchign the halls for Theresa. When he didn't find her in the school he looked outside. Still no luck. Then he decided to go look in the gods and goddesses secret hideout. He ran back into the school and just as he was about to palce his medallion in the slot he saw her.

" Theresa!" he called as he ran over to her.

She didn't answer him. She had her face burried in her hands.

" Are you okay?" he asked, concern consumed his voice.

Again he got no reply.

" Theresa? What's wrong?" he asked, this time lifting her chin up to look her in the eyes.

She turned away and didn't dare look at him.

" Theresa? What's wrong?" he asked asked.

He could see tears forming in her eyes and knew that something was definetly very wrong.

Theresa told him about the bad feeling she had had lately, then about her nightmare and then about the vision she just had in class. With every word she spoke the knot in Jay's stomach tightened.

" I had the same nightmare last night too." Jay said when she finished.

" It was like reliving each horrible moment." Theresa said with a shudder at the memory.

" Well we should get back to class and then we can tell Hera after school." Jay said as he stood up and held out his hand to help her up.

" Okay." she replied.

She put her hand in his and he pulled her up. They walked back to class and the rest of the afternoon went the same as the morning. After school the seven heroes met up and went to see Hera.

What was Theresa's vision? Is it a sign that they all had the same nightmare? What could that sign be? Is it a sick and twisted part of another one of Cronus' plans? Read on to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: There you have it, chapter 2! Hope you liked it. Sorry that there wasn't much talking in this chapter. But I hope you liked it all the same. Please Rate and Review. Constructive critism is also welcome.^_^
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