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The heroes must chase Cronus all over only to make two very bad mistakes. Mistakes that may cost them.

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Tory: My ferrets have gone away on a pernament vacation so you won't have to hear from them. For a while at least.:) Here's the next chapter. Hope you like it ^_^ Oh and starting thursday I shall be posting my stories on both ficwad and under the pen name 'story goddess'. Just so you know.
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" I see." Hera replied after Jay and Theresa told her about Theresa's vision.

" What do we do?" Theresa asked the pacing goddess.

" What can you do? Just be careful and stay close to the school and dormatory." Hera replied.

" We will Mrs. Hera. Thanks." Jay said as the two heroes left.

The others had been waiting outside the door.

" So what'd she say?" Atlanta asked as the two closed the door behind them.

" She said to be careful and stay close to the school and dorm." Theresa replied.

The seven teens were walking towards the exit when they heard Hermes calling after them.

" What is it Hermes?" Jay asked as the messenger of the gods came rushing up to them.

" Cronus is attacking a small city just outside Rome." Hermes replied as he caught his breath.

" Let's go." Jay said to his teammates.

Hermes led the heroes to his office where they took his portal to Rome. When they exited everything seemed normal enough but looks can be deceiving.

" Everything looks fine." Herry said as the heroes looked around.

" It's Cronus!" Neil yelled as he pointed frantically towards a small forest.

" Let's go!" Jay ordered as they raced after him.

" Where'd he go?" Odie asked as the heroes skidded to a stop in a clearing.

" I don't see him." Archie said.

" He must've left. What a coward." Neil remarked.

" Jay!" Hermes voice came over his PMR.

" What is it?" Jay asked as he took out his PMR.

" Cronus is now outside Paris." the god replied.

" Can you get us there?" Jay asked.

" One portal to Paris coming up." Hermes replied before he hung up.

Seconds later a blue portal appeared and the seven heroes stepped through. On the other side of the portal they saw a city that was in ruins. The seven cautiously walked towards the town, hoping to spot Cronus before he saw them.

" Jay." Atlanta whispered.

" What?" Jay whispered back.

" Over there. It's Cronus." Atlanta answered in the same low whisper.

Jay looked to where she was pointing and saw him. Jay gave the signal for them to sneak up and attack. Atlanta and Archie were to circle around. Neil and Odie were to block off the right. Herry the left. He and Theresa were going to block off the other side. Jay gave the signal to attack. As the heroes raced towards their immortal enemy he disappeared. Not through one of his portals but into thin air. The heroes slid to a stop and looked around.

" Again?" Atlanta said with frustration.

" What a coward." Neil remarked, again.

" Why is he draggin us all over the place?" Archie asked with as much frustration as his girlfriend.

" He's just playing with our minds." Jay said.

" Well it's annoying!" Atlanta stated.

" Come on guys. Let's go home." Jay said as he called Hermes on his PMR.

Moments later another blue portal appeared and the heroes went home. Once at the school they left the gods and goddesses secret hideout and climbed into Herry's truck. Then they drove back to the brownstone.

By the time the heroes got back home it was 7:00 and the sun was setting. This cast a pale orange glow over everything. The teens decided to watch a movie and picked one that was playing on t.v. Odie and Herry picked it out. They were watching Click. About twenty minutes into the movie Theresa got up and went upstairs.

She was sitting on the roof thinking about her vision. Not too long afterwards Jay came up and joined her. He was very quiet and sort of snuck up behind her. She was deep in thought when a hand was placed on her shoulder, causing her to jump.

" Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." Jay said as he sat down beside her.

Theresa didn't reply. She just continued to look out over the city. She looked out at the city as if she was looking for an answer to her problems.

" You okay?" Jay asked after a few minutes of silence.

" Yeah. It's just..." Theresa trailed off wondering if she should tell him.

" Just what?" Jay asked.

" There's more to my vision." Theresa replied, lowering her eyes.

" What else did you see?" Jay asked.

" I saw five islands. They were in circle out in the middle of nowhere. And then I saw us all on one of the islands." Theresa's voice had fear leaking into it.

" What island was it?" Jay asked, almost afraid to find out.

" The illusion island." Theresa replied.

" Well this time we'll be prepared if we have to go back." Jay said trying to comfort her.

He put his arm around her shoulders and she leaned her head against him. The couple sat in silence for a while until Jay's PMR went off.

" Hello?" Jay said as he took it off his belt.

" Jay? Good you're still awake. Cronus has been spotted again." Hermes said.

" Where?" Jay asked.

" Just outside Athens Greece." Hermes said.

" We'll be right there." Jay said before turning off his PMR.

Theresa and Jay got up and headed inside to gather their teammates.

" Guys. Cronus has been spotted again." Jay said as he walked to the door.

The others got up and followed him to Herry's truck.

" Where is he this time?" Atlanta asked.

" Athens." Theresa replied.

They drove to the school, went to Hermes office and took the portal to Athens. When they arrived there everything was nice and peaceful. Then they heard someone yelling. Cronus. Then out of no where his giants came running at them. The teens took out there weapons and prepared to fight.

They were surprised to find that the giants ran right by them. The seven exchanged puzzled looks. Then they slowly lowered their weapons. That was their first mistake. Before they knew what was happening the giants came back and hit them full force. Knocking the teens to the ground. They quickly jumped back up.

" Really now Jay. I would've expected you of all people to guess it was a trap." Cronus sneered as he walked out of the shadows.

" Cronus." Jay said through gritted teeth.

" What are you up to this time?" Archie asked.

" Now what fun would it be if I told you now?" Cronus laughed as he opened a portal.

" Why have you been dragging us all over the world?" Atlanta asked.

" I've just been collecting things." Cronus replied.

" What things?" Theresa asked.

" You'll find out soon enough." Cronus said as he disappeared through his portal along with his giants.

" Again. What is he up to?" Atlanta said to know one in particular, annoyance heavy in her voice.

" I don't know. But we'd better get back to the school." Jay said as he once again called Hermes.

A portal appeared and the heroes walked through it. But because it was dark they didn't really see the colour of the portal. That was their second mistake.

Who's portal did they step through? Where did it take them? Could this be part of Cronus' plan? Read on to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked it! I just had to keep you in the dark about part of Theresa's vision. But it shall be relvealed in the next chapter. I may not be able to update until next weekend because I have a school project to do but I'll try to update. Please R+R. Contructive critism is also welcome.^_^
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