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A Trap

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The heroes have fallen into another of Cronus' traps, literaly. What plans does he have for them?

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Tory: Hey!:) Sorry I didn't update yesturday but I was really tired and exhausted from lack of sleep all week. So here's the next chapter today.
Disclaimer: Tory doesn't own Class of the Titans but she does own her stories.
Tory: Now on with the stroy...

The heroes exited the portal to find that it hadn't taken them back to the school. But it had taken them to a forest and they were now standing outside a cave.

" Where are we?" Atlanta asked as she looked around.

" I don't know but I have a feeling that we're here because of Cronus." Jay replied as he too started to look around.

The heroes saw a shadow move in the mouth of the cave and they froze. Then they saw a dim light coming from further in the cave.Jay motioned for everyone to slowly follow him. They inched towards the source of the light but were surprised at what they saw. There was no one in the cave.

" Let's keep going. Some one lit that fire." Jay whispered to the others.

Everyone agreed and followed him deeper into he cave. The winding path soon led them to a chamber which was huge. The heroes entered the chamber adn looked around. But as soon as the last of them was in, a rock fell down and blocked the only way out. The heroes quickly tried to move it or break it, with little luck. After trying for a long time they gave up and slid to the ground.

" What are we going to do?" Neil whined.

Nobody answered. They didn't know what to say. Then they heard laughing. The heroes stood up and looked around. THey knew that laugh all to well.

" This way!" Jay yelled as he started to run towards the source of the meniacal laughter.

There was another winding path on the opposite side of the chamber. The heroes ran through it and came to a short stop as the path led nowhere. But Neil, who was last to arrive to the dead end, didn't stop in time and crashed into the others. They fell over the edge. The heroes fell into the black pit which they knew held their end.

The heroes suddenly felt a surge of pain rush through their bodies. Then their bodies fell numb.

Cronus walked to the edge above the heroes and looked down at the site of the dead heroes. He let out a long and triumphant laugh before he turned to give more orders to his incompetant giants. Once he had given out the orders he summoned a portal and left. Content that he had finally rid the world, soon to be his world, of those teens.

The cave fell silent except for the sound of nocternal animals which were scurrying around. The heroes were scattered through out the cave's bottom. Their bodies were still. Their breathe, gone. Their life, fading more with each second. Then all that could be heard was the sound of coughing. It echoed off the walls. Then Atlanta slowly and painfully sat up. She looked around and held her breathe.

" Guys?" she called, her voice faltered from the impact of the fall.

She unsteadily stood up and walked over to Archie. She collapsed beside his body and looked down at him. Even in the dim light she could tell that he was gone. She was the only one left. They were all gone. Her friends, her family, her boyfriend.She felt tears forming in her eyes and made no attempt to stop them from falling. She layed down beside her boyfriends body and cried.

She wasn't sure how long she had been crying for but suddenly she stopped.

" They can't be gone." she whispered to herself.

Then more coughing could be heard. Atlanta raised her head and looked around in the dim light. She saw someone move. Atlanta got up and ignored the pain she felt, then she rushed over to her friend.

" Theresa!" she cried as she saw her best friend sit up slowly.

Atlanta fell to the ground beside her and looked at her friend.

" Atlanta?" Theresa asked her voice hoarse.

" Theresa!" Atlanta cried again and wrapped her arms around Theresa.

" What happened?" Theresa asked as she tried to remember why she was in so much pain.

When she didn't get an answer she looked at Atlanta and saw that her cheeks were tear streaked.

" What's wrong?" Theresa asked, concern flooded her voice.

" They're gone. All of them." Atlanta replied sadly as she lpwered her eyes to the ground.

" Who?" Theresa wasn't quite sure she understood.

" The others. Herry, Niel, Odie, Jay and Archie." Atlanta replied forcing herself not to cry again.

" What?! But they can't be-" Theresa stopped as she heard something.

She stood up shakily and looked around to find the source of the noise.

Then she realized it was coming from all around. She heard Atlanta stand up beside her and Theresa knew that Atlanta heard it too. They weren't gone! They were still alive!

Theresa and Atlanta ran as best they could to help everyone else up. Before long they were all up and moving around. All but Jay and Archie. The others had left to go find a way out of the cave while Atlanta and Theresa stayed to wait for Jay and Archie to wake up. While they were waiting the girls had made a fire to keep them warm as the bottom of the pit was ice cold.

" How long has it been?" Atlanta asked.

" Fourty minutes." Theresa replied.

" Do you think that they're..." Atlanta trailed off, not wnting to think that they may not wake up.

" No! They're alive. I know it." Theresa replied, trying to convince herself more than she was Atlanta.

Just as the girls began to give up hope their boyfriends started to move. Theresa and Atlanta went over to them. Archie sat up and looked around, confusion clearly on his face. Then Jay sat up. He rubbed his eyes, trying to adjust them to the dim light. The girls then wrapped their arms around the boys and hugged them. The boys were caught off guard. The girls pulled away and looked at them.

" What's going on?" Jay asked wearily as he tried to stand up only to fall back down.

" Yeah. And why are we in so much pain?" Archie added.

" We fell into this pit and that's all we know." Atlanta replied.

" The others are looking for a way out as we speak." Theresa added.

The girls went and sat with Archie and Jay, trying to keep warm. The boys put their arms around their girlfriends and pulled them close as they also felt the icy coolness of the pit. They sat there like that for a while. Jsut sitting with each other. No words were needed. Each knew exactly how the other felt.

The peaceful silence that had fallen over them was broken by Odie.

" Hey! You guys are finally up." he said cheerfully to Jay and Archie.

" Yeah." They replied.

" So did you guys find a way out?" Theresa asked.

" No. But we didn't get to search the whole place because Niel kept complaining." Herry said.

" Hey! It's not my fault that it's disgutsing and horrible down here!" Neil retorted.

The fight that was about to break out was stopped by laughter.

" Cronus." Jay and Archie muttered at the same time.

" Well well well. It seems that you've managed to survive my little trap. Well the first one at least." Cronus said, still laughing.

" What do you mean at least the first one?" Jay asked as he stood up, ignoring the pain that shot through his body.

" You'll find out soon enough Jay." Cronus replied before dropping something into the pit and walking away.

" What the..." Herry started but didn't get to finish.

Cronus had dropped a canister of some sort. As the heroes cautiously approached it, it opened. A white, misty gas was let loose. It seeped out and covered the entire cave floor. The heroes' began to feel woozy and light headed. Then one by one they fell to the ground. Their worlds fading to black. The last sound they heard was the ugly laugh of Cronus.

Are the heroes dead? What does Cronus plan to do with them? Does he have a plan they will actually get rid of the seven heroes? Read on to find out.

AUTHORS NOTE: Hope you liked it! Again sorry I didn't update yesturday but I will definetly update tomorrow and I hoping through out the week too. Oh and I will also be updating ' Unwravelled Prophesy' tonight. Please Rate and Reivew. Constructive critism is also welcome.^_^
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