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Return To Illusion Island

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The heroes are sent to the object, or place, of their nightmares. Illusion Island. Will they be prepared to take on the island's surprises a second time? Or will their luck run out?

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Jay opened his eyes to see the rough rocks of the cave. He painfully sat up and rubbed his head. Then he looked around for the others. He was surprised to find himself alone. He shakily stood up and looked around. ' Where am I?' he thought as he realized that he was in fact not in the cave anymore.

" Hello?" he called out hoping to hear a reply.

Jay started to walk around but stopped short when a thought crossed his mind. 'Why does this all seem so familiar? Like I've been here before?'. He looked around once more and then a look of horror came across his face.

" Oh no." he muttered as he remembered where he had seen this place before.

Jay looked as his surroundings began to change. Suddenly the rocky ground became sand and the blue sky turned gray. ' If I'm here then the others must be here too.' he thought as he pulled out his PMR.

" Guys? Anyone? Can you hear me?" he called into the tiny device.

" J-y" a voice called back, static scrambling the message.

" Archie! Are you okay?" Jay called back.

" Yeah. A lit-le banged -p b-t I'll liv-. -ou?" Archie's scrambled response came.

" I'm fine. Are the others with you?" Jay asked.

" Wh-t?" Archie called.

" Are the others with you?" Jay said a little louder.

" J-y. I can't h-ar y-u. Must b- a ba- conn-cti-n. Ja-" Archie's response became more scrambled and staticy.

" Archie! Archie?" Jay called, but the connection was dead.

Jay sighed as he slumped to the sandy ground. He threw his PMR at the ground and sat there.

" Not again." he muttered to himself as memories of last time haunted him.

Jay shook the thoughts of their last visit to Illusion Island from his mind. He got up and grabbed his PMR. ' If I've learned anything from the last time it's not to sit around.' he thought as he started to walk across the sand. He walked for what seemed like hours until he came to a clump of dead trees. It seemed to stretch across the horizon so there was no way to go but through. Jay started his way through the dead forest, pushing branches out of his way as he went.

As he walked through the forest he knew he had to find his friends. He did not want a repeat of last time. He couldn't handle losing his friends again.


" Jay? Jay!" Archie called into the small device.

He shook his PMR and hit it on the palm of his hand trying to get back the connection. It was no use. Archie had woken up to snow and lots of it. He knew exactly where he was. And he didn't want to be here at all. Not after what he went through last time. He got up out of the snow and brushed himself off.

" Great." he muttered as he started to trudge through waist high deep snow.

He tripped over a rock in the snow and fell down a hill. He cursed under his breath as he pulled himself up. He saw a frozen river and across it was a green field. Archie got up and slid across the wide river. It was hard to keep his balance on the thick ice. Just as he passed about halfway the ice started to thaw.

" Great. Just perfect!" he yelled as the ice turned to slush and Archie began to sink into the water.

He started to dash across the slowly melting water to make it to the other side without having to go for a freezing swim. Unfortunetly for him, fate had a twisted sense of humor and something else in mind. The increasingly thin ice broke underneath him and the currents of the rapidly moving river pulled him under.

Archie struggled to reach the surface of the water. He broke through it and gasped for air. But just as quickly as he resurfaced, the water pulled him under again. As he went under he swallowed a large amount of water, it tasted salty. He was slowly being dragged to the bottom of the very deep water.

Archie pushed himself up towards the surface once more. He gulped down air and looked around as he struggled to stay afloat. Then he saw something that struck fear in him. He saw that the river he was in turned into a waterfall. Archie started to pnaic. Water splashed into his mouth and eyes as the currents once more dragged him under.

He opened his eyes underwater just in time to see the waterfall coming closer. Before he could react he was sent over the edge. He let out a call for help as he dropped two hundred meters into a lake. The water pulled at him, trapping him there. Pulling him deeper and deeper. He tried to fight it. He really did. But it just wasn't enough. He wasn't strong enough to fight the water's pull. Before long bubbles escaped his mouth and everything started to fade.


Theresa woke to the sound of rushing water. She opened her eyes and found herself laying atop a rock in the middle of a lake. She slowly sat up, wincing with pain, and looked around. The sun shone brightly in her eyes and she used her hand to shield her eyes from it. She stood up on shaky legs but her knees buckled and she fell back down.

She sighed and tried again, this time succeeding. She took a few steps and looked into the water. As her shadow fell over it many small fish swam away. Theresa dunked a hand into the water, but she quickly pulled it back out. 'That's weird. Normally water is cold as ice this time of year. But then again what is normal on this island.' she thought as she leaned back.

The wind blew through her red hair. It was quite refreshing for her. Especially after being in that damp and dark cave. She layed back and drapped her arms over her eyes. She just stayed there, thinking. Actually she was surprisingly calmer than she thought she would be coming back to Illusion Island. But that calmness and serenity didn't last too long.

As soon as her thoughts and horrible memories from last time came flooding back to her, she no longer felt calm.... or safe.She sat up straight with a look of horror plastered to her face. She was scared and horrified for two reasons. One, this meant that she had to relive all those events again. And two, she wasn't on the rock in the middle of a lake anymore.

Theresa stood up and looked around at the now rocky terrain. She walked around, forgetting her earlier pain. She discovered that she was now on top of a mountain.

" Great!" she said sarcastically as she started down the weaving and winding path.

She turned a bend and it led nowhere. The path just stopped. Theresa's shoulders slumped and she sighed heavily.

" Guess I need to find another way down this mountain." she said, turning around.

No sooner had she said that did the path crumble beneath her feet. She slid down part of the mountain until she came to another ledge. But when she hit that ledge it hurt. She groaned, rolled over onto her stomach and pushed herself off the ground. When she examined her arms and legs she found she had many cuts and scrapes and would definitely have a few bruises later.

Theresa began to walk down once more, hoping not to have another detour like the last one. She only made it a few steps before her world was flung into blue. Theresa saw Atlanta and Jay. They were each hanging onto different branches off the side of a cliff. Theresa was looking from above. She heard them calling for help. Then she was returned to reality. Theresa slid against the side of the mountain.

" No. Not again." she whispered aloud to herself.


Atlanta didn't exactly remember where or when she woke up. All she knew was it was way too hot. She slightly remembers there being a lot sand. She had been walking for what seemed like hours. The scenery had changed so many times that she didn't keep track anymore.

As she walked she was caught off guard when a naerby tree fell. This snapped her out of her sleepy and unaware state. She jumped back and tripped over an un-rooted root. She rubbed her side, which she had fallen on and landed on a pile of rocks. When she placed her hands on the ground to boost herself up, her hand had brushed against something.

Atlanta looked down and saw her PMR. She decided to see if it would work.

" Hello? Anyone there? Archie? Theresa? Jay? Odie? Herry?... Neil?" she called.

When she didn't get a reply she threw it at the fallen tree and sulked. Then she heard a noise. It sounded like a voice. Her gazed moved to her PMR. She quickly grabbed it and listened.

" Atlanta? Is that you? Hello?" a voice called.

" Odie?" she replied.

" Yeah?" he answered.

" Odie!" Atlanta cried, she was happy to hear someone's voice.

" Are you okay?" he asked.

" Yeah. But I haven't heard from or seen the others. What about you?" she said as she pulled herself off the ground.

" I haven't seen any of them either. But I did briefly get in contact with Herry." Odie reported.

" Hows he doing?" Atlanta asked as she started to walk around again.

" A little sore but he said he'll be okay." Odie replied.

" That's good." Atlanta replied.

" Wh-at?" Odie's voice was scrambled and hard to hear over the static.

" Odie?" Atlanta called, stopping in her tracks.

" Atl-n-a? Y-u're cut--ng out. -tl-nt-?" Odie's voice began to fade as the static grew louder.

" Odie? Odie!" Atlanta called for her friend.

When she got not further reply her spirits dropped.

" Perfect! Stuck on this stupid island again and now I don't know what's happening to my friends." she muttered bitterly to herself.

Atlanta continued to walk around, trying and hoping to regain a signal so she could contact one of her friends.


" Atlanta?" Odie tried to get back the signal, but it was hopeless.

He took the back off the PMR and tried to boost the signal but it was unsuccessful. He sighed and decided to keep moving, it was his best option. He was currently on a beach. But it wasn't a normal beach. The water was green, the sky was a pale purple, the sand was red and altogether it was just too creepy for his liking.

Odie stood up from his spot on a piece of driftwood and he started to walk along the beach. He remembered the last time he was here. He ran into Herry and then they were attacked. And the effect of that poison... uhhh. Just the thought of it sent shivers through his body. He never wanted to go through that again... ever. He walked for about an hour then decided to take a break. He settled down under a nice shady tree. He was just starting to relax when the island decided to shift. The tree he was resting against disappeared and was replaced by a snow bank.

Odie sat up quickly trying to dig himself out of the snow. Once he was able to stand again he wrapped his arms around himself trying to keep warm.

" There is no way I'm going to stay here and freeze." he said as he started to slowly make his way across the snow drifts.

He made it to a pile of rocks and climbed on top. There was a path that led up towards a mountain. 'Well, it's better than staying here in the cold.' he thought, trying to stay positive. He made his way up the path but the path led no where. It just stopped at a rock wall. Odie attempted to climb this wall but it was too steep.

He leaned against it to catch his breath for a moment when the wall gave way. Odie fell backwards and was now in some sort of cave. He jumped up and searched in the darkness for the exit or entrance, which ever way he came through. His hands desperatly searched the cave's walls looking for an exit, any exit. When he didn't find one he slumped to the ground and sighed heavily. 'Things just aren't going my way today.' he thought as the darkness swirled around him.


Herry woke up to complete and utter darkness. He rubbed his eyes but the darkness still consumed him. He dragged himself to his feet but hit his head off something. Herry's hands flew to the top of his head and he rubbed it.

" Oww!" he said loudly, it echoed off the walls.

He blindly walked around and bumped into a pillar, or what he thought was a pillar. Attatched to the pillar was a string. Herry figured it was better than staying in a cave so he used it as a guidline. Luckily for him it led him to an exit. But unfortunetly for him the exit was a drop off. He stood at the edge and looked over.

" Now that is a loooong way down." he said as he edged away from the edge.

Just as he was about to turn back into the cave a boulder fell in the entrance and he was stuck on a ledge that was about a foot thick. He slowly inched to one side, hoping to find some way in. But he slipped and started to fall. He shut his eyes and waited for the bone crushing impact, but it didn't come. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that he was still falling. Then hit the bottom.

The landing wasn't quite what he was expecting but he wasn't complaining. The island had shifted and the rocky ground turned into a lake. Herry swam back to the surface then over to the shore. He let out a huge sigh of relief. He looked around at his new surroundings and thought. ' Now where have I seen this before?' he was trying to remember why it seemed so familiar.

He of course knew that he was on Illusion Island but something about this particular spot seemed so familiar. He couldn't figure it out but he felt as if he had been in this exact spot before. He just shrugged it off and turned to the rain forest behind him. He started to pick his way through the under brush of the rain forest. Hoping that he would find his friends... and soon.


That only left Neil, the lucky one. Well... the normally lucky one in this case. Neil had woked up with the spray of water in his face. And not the kind like off an ocean where it's relaxing or nice. The kind as in a wave was dumped on him. He sat up quickly and fully awake, spitting out mouthfulls of water. He stood up and jumped away from the shore line. He was soaked form head to toe.

" Man! Now my hair is a total mess. And I'm all wet. These'll wrinkle!" he whined as he tried unsuccessfully to dry himself off.

Neil had, of course, brought his mirror with him. But he did not have a comb so he felt like his world would end. he kicked some sand in agravation but ended up stubbing his toe.

" Oww!" he yelled as he jumped around on one foot.

' Man. This must be my unlucky day!' he thought bitterly as he was hit with another huge wave. Once more he spit out mouthfulls of water. He pulled some seaweed off of his shoulders and sat down on a rock. Then an idea struck him. 'My PMR! Last time I talked to the others! Maybe it'll work again!' he thought hopefully. Neil pulled his PMR out of his pocket and tried to call his friends. No luck. It was soaked from the waves.

" Great!" he said sarcastically.

He shook it and more water poured out of it. Then he sighed before hauling himself off the rock. He remembered last he had searched for his friends, well he tried. So he decided to do that again. He started down the sandy beach, not knowing where he was going. But he didn't really care. As far as he was concerned nothing worse could happen to him. That was where he was wrong.

Neil had wandered into the trees that were nearby because the beach had come to an end. And that's where it started to go seriously down hill for him.

What else will go wrong for Neil? Will they find each other? Can they survive this island a second time? What's happened to Archie? Read on to find out.

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