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Dangers Of The Island

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The heroes try to navigate their way across the island, or at least to another of their friends. Will they find each other? Or will Cronus make sure they don't... ever? Just what dangers will they ...

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Tory: Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this story in a while but I'm trying to get ' Unwravelled Proohesy' done. It's not that I don't like writing it, it's just that I really want to start working on the sequel to 'The Darkness Within'. Well that's about all I have to say for now. Hope you enjoy the chapter.

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans. I do own my stories.

Special thanks to: iheartyou07 for beta-reading this. You rock!:D

Jay walked through the apparent neverending forest. It seemed as if he were going in circles because he had seen the same cliff eight times already. He stopped for a moment to look around at the trees that surrounded him. They all looked the same. Each and every tree was the same dark gray with the same black leaves. He sighed and comtinued to walk the way he was going. It was impossible to tell which way that was.

" Ahhhhh!" he cried out in surprise as he slid down a steep, rocky hill.

He landed at the bottom and just layed there for a moment. When he regained his breath, he stood up.

" How the hell am I supposed to get back up there!?" he said aloud, looking up at the almost vertical cliff side.

He just sighed and turned around to walk the other way. And, much to his displeasure, there was another forest there. He trudged through it and then it came to an ending. He now stood on sand that stretched out across the horizon. ' I do NOT want to walk across THAT!' he thought as he turned around to head back into the shelter of the trees. He groaned when he found that the forest had disappeared. ' Stupid island!' he thought bitterly as he began to walk along the orange sand of the desert.

" Hello?" he heard a voice call.

" Huh? Who's there?" he called out, drawing his xiphos.

" Hello?" the voice called again. It seemed to float all around him.

" Who's there?" he called again.

" Anyone?" the voice seemed to echo across the barren land.

Jay thought he was just hearing things so he started to ignore the voice. He walked for what felt like an eternity. A hot, torturing eternity. He began to sweat, his eyes became heavy, and his body began to ache. Out of weariness he didn't see the uprooted root in front of him and he ended up tripping over it. Jay pulled his head up and spit out mouthfulls of sand. He looked in front of him and saw his PMR. Then he heard that voice again. That's when he realized that he wasn't hearing things, it was his PMR that was going off.

" Hello?" he called into it as he snatched it up from the ground.

" Jay?" the voice replied.

" Theresa?" Jay asked, not sure if this was another of the islands tricks.

" I'm so glad to hear you voice!" she exclaimed.

" Where are you?" he asked as he pulled himself off the ground.

" I'm not quite sure. It's kinda dark here. The land just changed and I'm pretty sure that I'm in a cave." she replied.

" Can you lock my location on your PMR?" Jay asked, trying to do the same with hers.

" No. The cave walls must be interferring with the signal. I'm lucky to even get this to work. What about you?" she replied.

" Yeah! I've got your location. It's faint but I know just where you are! I'll be there in a little while. Don't move." Jay said excitedly.

" Okay I won't move, but I can't say the same for the island." she replied.

" Well don't worry I'll be there in no time." he replied.

Jay heard Theresa scream. He started to panic when she didn't answer him.

" Theresa? Theresa are you okay? What happened? Theresa?" he called as he broke into a run.

There came a dry whisper that made Jay stop dead in his tracks. He didn't quite hear what the person said but he knew that it couldn't be good. The line went dead and Jay started to run again. He wasn't going to let her be hurt again. He promised that to himself and to her.


Herry emerged out of the rain forest to find himself back at the lake where he had started from. The sun was high in the sky but there was something that was off about it. The sun was purple. He decided to quit acting so surprised over things like this. On this island everything was weird. He sat down against a tree and let the cooling shade wash over him. He closed his eyes briefly, just to rest. But he had fallen asleep after a few moments.

When he awoke he found himself to be laying on the ground. The sun was starting to set and Herry wondered how long he had been asleep for. Then he sat up, stretched and looked around. He wasn't by the nice and peaceful lake anymore. He sat there staring at a rock wall. He stood up and looked around him. He was surrounded by rock walls.

Then he looked up. They stretched up as far as the eye could see. Herry just sighed and sat against one of the walls. There was no use in trying to get out so he just decided to sit and wait for the island to shift again. He was just about relaxed when the walls started to move. His eyes shot open and he noticed that it wasn't just this wall.... it was all the walls! Herry stood up and started to panic.

He racked his brain for a solution. The first thing that he thought of was to push against it. He was strong enough right? When that failed he caught his breath and thought again. Nothing came to mind this time. He looked at the walls. They were slowly getting closer and closer. Then they started to squeeze him. Tighter and tighter. He shut his eyes. Just when he thought that he was about to meet his end the walls vanished. Just like that.

" What the..." he started as he slowly opened his eyes.

He let out a sigh of relief and started to walk again. He didn't want to be around in case those walls came back. He decided to see if his PMR would work. He remembered the last time he was on the island and it didn't work, but things could be different this time. He pulled it out of his pocket and turned it on.

" Hello?" he called into it, not really expecting a reply.

" Herry?" came the familiar voice of Atlanta.

" Atlanta? Are you okay?" he asked, surprised that it worked.

" Yeah. I'm fine. What about you?" she replied.

" I just had a close encounter with four walls but I'll live." he replied.

" Huh?" Atlanta asked not really sure what he meant.

" Uh, nevermind," he said, " So have you heard from the others?"

" I was talking to Odie but the connection died. You?" she replied.

" Nope. No one. I wonder if they're all okay?" he asked, concern leaked into his voice as his memories floated around his mind.

" I'm sure they're all fine. Hey, we survived this place once, and I know we can do it again." she said reassuringly.

" Yeah, You're right." he agreed.

" Hey, where are you? Maybe we could find each other." she said.

" I'm near a huge river and a bunch of trees." Herry replied as he looked around.

Atlanta could be heard laughing through the PMR.

" What?" he asked, not understanding what was so funny.

" Herry, that doesn't exactly narrow it down." Atlanta replied, stifling the last of her laughs.

" Oh, sorry." he replied.

" That's okay. I'm near the same things, but I don't think we're even on the same side of the island." Atlanta said.

The two talked until the sun dropped below the horizon. Then they said goodnight and went to sleep in the shelters that they had made.

Atlanta was sleeping peacefully when she heard a low growling noise. Her eyes snapped open and a chill crept up her spine. She peered out into the darkness but saw nothing. Then a huge set of gleaming white teeth came into view inches from her face. She opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. ' This is it. This is the end.' she thought as the beast opened it's jaws, revealing more rows of razor sharp teeth.


Neil walked through the trees which loomed over him. The sun was low in the sky. But that was impossible to tell through the trees. Finally he broke through the other side, but only to find himself facing a long, rickety rope bridge.

" Okay, there is NO way I am going to cross THAT!" he said aloud, his voice echoing off the walls of the deep cavern below.

Neil turned to walk back through the forest but his mouth dropped open instead. The forest was gone, replaced by a cliff that came out of the ocean. He cursed under his breath and turned around to face the bridge. He placed one shaky foot on it and it didn't break.

" Hey! This might not be so bad." he said to himself as he took another step.

Slowly but surely he made his way across the bridge. That is until about halfway. ' Okay, too far to quit now and too far to turn back.' he thought encouragingly as he took another step. But this time the plank broke and he stared down to the seemingly bottomless cavern. He gulped and clung to the ropes.

" I knew this was a horrible idea!" he yelled, shaking the bridge.

Then he heard a faint tearing sound. He looked back to see some animals munching on the rope.

" No! No! Bad little squirrels! Go away! Shoo!" he yelled at them trying to stop them from cutting through the rope.

The squirrels lifted their heads and looked at Neil. Then they went back to knawing away at the rope. Within minutes the rope on the left side of Neil had broke. The bridge now leaned to the one side, causing Neil to slip a little. Neil gathered his strength and turned. He saw the other side, he just hoped that he would make it there.

He took one last look at the squirrels before dashing to the other side. He was so close that he could almost touch the solid ground. But he felt the bridge fall from under him. The rope had snapped. He shot his hands out in a desperate attempt to save himself. This time he got lucky. His hands grabbed onto one of the planks and he held on for dear life.

He didn't want to move. But he knew he had to. The others weren't there to help him so it was all up to him. He was almost to the top when a rotten plank snapped and left him dangling by one hand. The other plank began to crack. Neil started to panic as he tripped to pulled himself up. But the bridge gave way and he started to fall to the bottom of the very very deep cavern.


Odie had been sitting in the same spot for as long as he can remember. So he decided to get up and start to look for an exit again. He held his hands out to stop him from running into any walls. Then up ahead of him he saw a light. It was faint, but it was a light. He started to run towards it, but stopped short when he almost went off the side of a mountain.

" That was close!" he sighed as he started down a path to the bottom.

From what he could tell he was about halfway up. He walked at a slow pace and was just enjoying the view of the island. That is before the mountain disappeared and he was left hanging in mid air. Odie suddenly fell into a lake. He swam to the surface and just stayed there for a moment. The soft currents of the water relaxed him. He felt his eye lids begin to drop. He struggled to stay awake but it was just no use.

It was like the water was calling him or something. Although his mind was screaming at him to do something, his body didn't seem to respond. Soon his head fell below the surface. He slowly sank to the bottom of the water, struggling to break free from what ever was possesing him not to do anything.

Odie's eyes closed completely and his mind started to drift away. To where? He didn't know. All he knew was that he couldn't do anything to stop it. He still struggled to break free but it wasn't working. He just couldn't do it.

But then something happened and he snapped out of it. Odie struggled for air. He swam as fast as he could to the surface and gulped down breaths of fresh, life-giving air.

Then he swam to the shore and pulled himself up onto the beach. He collapsed near a big oak tree and coughed up some water.

" What.... was.... that.... about?" he asked no one as he slowly caught his lost breath.

Something seriously had him worried. And it wasn't just the fact that he had almost drowned. He wondered what was happening to his friends if this was happening to him. But he knew that now there was definitly no way to contact his friends. That water had fried his PMR.

" I guess I'm on my own for now." he said aloud to himself.

Then he pulled his soaked body off the ground and started to walk along the the forests edge. But then something caught his eye. He went over to see what it was. When he bent down to pick it up a look of horror came over his face.


What happened to Theresa? Will Jay be able to save her? What attacked Atlanta? What happened to Neil? What did Odie find? Read the next chapter to find out.

A/N: This one was pretty long, but I think the last one was longer. Oh well. I hope you liked it just the same. Thanks again to iheartyou07 for beta-reading.:D Sorry I didn't put Arhcie in this chatper but I have plans for him. Big plans Laughs meniacally lol. He will definitely be in the next one, or maybe just his body... you'll have to stick with me to find out.:D I will try to update soon, but I promise nothing. And please remember to... REVIEW! That's about it for now:D
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