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The heroes try to find each otehr but run into very unexpected things. They are forced to make life-altering, impossible and all together crazy decisions. And there's one more catch. They only have...

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Tory: Hey! Sorry I haven't updated for a while but I've been swamped with homework. Today I have virtually none. So I just had to write. So here's the next chapter and I hope you enjoy it. =D

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Jay ran as fast as he could. He glanced down at his PMR screen every few moments to make sure that the signal was still there. Jay kept replaying the scream and the dry whisper in his mind. ' Where have I heard that voice before?' Jay asked himself. Then it clicked. He knew where he had heard that eery voice before. He shuddered at the memory and pushed himself to go faster.

He came to a stop at the base of a small ridge. Theresa's PMR signal was coming from the top of it. Jay tucked the small device into his pocket and started to climb. It was only about forty feet high, so he made it to the top in no time. He pulled himself up onto the rocky surface and looked around. No Theresa.

" Theresa? Where are you?" he called as he started to slowly walk around.

He had only walked a few steps when his foot hit something. He bent down and picked it up. As he brushed off all the dust a look of horror came over his face. It was Theresa's PMR.

" Theresa? Theresa?" he called out louder as he frantically searched everywhere he could.

He got no reply and started to worry more. He looked over the edges and still found no Theresa. He stood in the middle fo the ridge and looked around him, wondering where she could be.

" Theresa? Theresa? Where are you?" he called.

Again he got no reply.

" No. How can this be happening again?" Jay asked himself in a hushed whisper as he ran his hand through his hair.

Then he heard his name. It was faint at first, but grew louder. 'Theresa.' Jay rushed to the sound of her voice. When he reached the source of it he froze. There was no one there.


Atlanta stared at the many rows of razor sharp teeth before her eyes. Her eyes darted from side to side looking for a way out. Then her eyes focused on the threat in front of her. She could feel the hot breath from the creature sweeping over her, choking her. The beast came closer and closer, forcing Atlanta to back up. Her hands brushed over something and she gripped it. Then she pulled it up to see what it was. A flashlight!

Atlanta stuck it in the creature's mouth to stop it from attacking her. The creature stumbled back and tried to break the flashlight. It wobbled around desperatly trying to get the flashlight out of it's mouth. Atlanta used this opportunity to escape. She raced off into the dark woods, hoping that it wouldn't come after her.

By now the sun could be seen rising just above the low horizon. The sky took on a pinkish glow as the moon disappeared. Atlanta raced through the trees, jumping over fallen logs and roots. She didn't slow down until she reached the other side of the trees. Then she stopped to catch her breath.

" Holy.... crap! ....What.... was..... that?" she asked aloud as she tried to slow her breathing.

Atlanta placed her hands on her knees and just stood there for a minute. Once she had caught her breath she looked at her new surroundings. There was a waterfall, a lake, some trees, more trees and... what's that? Atlanta scrunched her face up in confusion and then slowly walked over to whatever it was.

She saw a little bit of blue, purple and yellow. As she neared it her look of confusion melted into one of fear. She started to run to it. As she got really close her fears were confirmed. Now only one question remained. Is he still alive?

Atlanta slowly lowered her hand to the body. Searching, hoping for a pulse. The body was ice cold under her fingers. Every second she didn't find a pulse felt like an eternity.

Then all of a sudden the ground began to shift and change. The scenary started to disappear, along with the body. Atlanta screamed in anger and in sorrow. 'He can't be dead. He can't.'


Odie examined it over and over. Hoping that it wasn't so. But he couldn't deny it forever. It was true. He lowered his head and fought back a few small tears. Then he stuck the golden piece in his pocket. It was a piece of either Archie's or Atlanta's medallion. There was an 'A' on it but other than that it was impossible to tell who it belonged to.

He walked slowly along the wet sand. Then he decided to walk through the forest and get away from this place. He still had his head down and wasn't quite sure where he was going. And he also wasn't aware of the fact that the scenary had changed at least seven times before stopping.

Odie didn't see the cliff edge that was spread out in front of him. He was still trying to figure out who's medallion piece he had found. But he was quickly snapped out of his thoughts when he fell over the edge of the cliff that was before him. He let out a long, loud scream of surprise.

His hands shot out and he tried to grab something, anything to stop him from hitting the bottom. His hand grasped onto a rock that poked out of the side of the cliff. He screamed for help as he clung onto that rock for dear life. Then he heard another scream. One that was very familiar.

Herry awoke to the sun shining in his eyes. He stretched then pulled himself off the ground. He looked aorund at the trees and wondered what to do first. He decided against climbing the mountain that was beside him, and instead decided to walk through the shady forest. He was slowly walking and enjoying the peace that had settled on the island.. at least momentarily. But all that was shattered when he heard a scream.

" What the..." Herry started but stopped when he heard the scream again.

He started to run towards it. Hoping that he would get there in time to save who ever was screaming. He came to a cliff and saw no one. But he realized that the screams were coming from the side of the cliff. Herry looked over the edge and saw two of his friends dangling from the rocky wall.

" Herry! Help! Please!" Odie cried out for his friend's help.

" Herry! Save me! I can't hold on much longer." Neil screamed in horror.

Herry looked from Neil to Odie.

" How did you guys get down there?" Herry asked his scared friends.

" We fell! Now please help us!" the two replied very loudly.

" Okay. Hang on." Herry said.

He dropped to the ground on his stomach and leaned over the edge. His arms weren't long enough to reach his friends.

" Don't worry guys. I'll be right back." Herry said as he pushed himself off the ground.

" Hurry!" the two yelled.

Herry's eyes darted along the edge of the forest, looking for a rope , a vine, anything that he could use. The stress and pressure he felt was enough to kill someone. Then he heard something crack and his gaze shot down the cliff side. He saw his two friends falling.

" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" came there final words.

Herry looked away, unable to see what was about to come.


Theresa groaned as she rubbed her side. Then she looked up at the steep hill that she had fell down.

" Stupid hill." she muttered as she pulled herself up.

She looked around for her PMR but then realized that she had dropped it at the top of the hill. She sighed and started to climb up the hill. It took her a few tries to get to the top. She kept slipping on loose rocks. She searched for her PMR but it was no where to be found.

" Dammit!" she said aloud.

Theresa then started to walk around, hoping that her PMR was still around there. When she didn't find it, she decided to look in the forest that surrounded the cave she was near. She figured that an animal had just taken it. Again, she didn't find it. She was about to turn around when she heard a scream.

" Atlanta?" Theresa said in a low voice laced with confusion.

She heard the scream again and started to run. Atlanta only screamed when she was in trouble. Theresa came to a stop at a cliff edge.

" Oh no." she muttered as her vision vividly flashed in her mind.

Theresa slowly approached the side of the cliff. She hesitantly looked over the edge and her vision was confirmed as reality. She saw both Jay and Atlanta hanging onto branches that were outstretched from the side of the cliff.

" Help us!" they both called.

" Hang on." Theresa replied as she grabbed a nearby vine and lowered it to the two.

" It's not long enough." Atlanta said as she tried to reach for it.

" How did you two get down there?" Theresa asked as she lowered herself slightly over the edge of the cliff.

" We fell! How else would we get here?" Atlanta replied.

" Try and grab it now." Theresa said as she held the rope down as far as she could without falling.

" I.... can't." Jay said as he stretched his arm out.

" AH! This branch isn't going to hold much longer." Atlanta called alarmingly as her branch started to break.

"Mine either!" Jay said as his branch also started to break.

Theresa's mind blared with thoughts. How could she possibly pick one over the other? How could she possibly pick between her best friend and her boyfriend? She didn't really have time to think about it because both of their branches broke at the same time. Theresa's hands shot out and grasped another pair.

She pulled the person up and then looked over the side. The other was gone. Theresa's heart sunk. She couldn't believe that she had only saved one of them. She looked back to the one she had saved.

" Theresa! You saved me!" the survivor cried with joy.

" No problem." Theresa replied halfheartedly as her gaze went back to the cliffs edge.

Theresa couldn't help but feel extremely sad and shattered inside. She had let one of her friends die. ' I'm not a hero... I'm a murderer.' she thought sadly.


Black swirled around him. Consuming him. Archie tried to fight it off but it was everywhere. Then he felt like he was being pulled down. Deeper and deeper. He struggled to get free. He struggled to breathe. The darkness was still pulling him deeper. He felt the air being pushed out of him.

But just as he was about to lose hope the black started to fade. It slowly became a dark blue and it kept getting lighter. Then he saw small puffs of white. The air slowly started to return to his deprived lungs. Then he started to cough. His vision became clearer and he sat up, coughing out water.

It all slowly came back to him. The frozen river, the ice breaking, the waterfall, the lake, the currents, and the deep depths. He shuddered and tried to lift himself up. But he fell back down. His body suddenly began to hurt and sting. The pain was almost unbearable.

He looked around at his surroundings and saw that he was laying near a lake at the foot of a large waterfall. He rubbed his head and stood up, this time being able to stay up. He took a few shaky steps and then stopped. He saw something glinting in the early morning sun. He slowly made his way over to it. He painfully bent down and picked it up. It was a piece of one of the medallions they used to get into the gods and goddesses secret hideout.

From what Archie could see it was part of an 'A'. He pulled his out from under his shirt and looked at it. It was in perfect condition. Than meant....

" Atlanta." he whispered with fear leaking into his voice.

He turned to the field that was spread out in front of him. Then he tucked the broken piece of golden metal into his hoody and started to walk... well limp. He just hoped that Atlanta was okay.

What happened to Odie and Neil? Who did Theresa save? Who did she let fall? Will Archie find Atlanta? Read on to find out.

A/N: There you have it. I hope you liked it. I decided to make Archie live... for now. What do the next chapters hold? You'll just have to stick with me and see. I'd like to thank iheartyou07 again for beta reading this. You rock! =D. Well that's about it for now. Please REVIEW!
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