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The seven heroes run into some of their friends. But how can this be? They had, moments earlier, seen their friends plummet down the side of a cliff. Could this be a another one fo the tricks of th...

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Tory: Hey! I just had to update today because in the next chapter is where the twists start to come in. This chapter has a few twists of it's own too but the next one is where they really start. If you have any questions about anything in this story feel free to leave a review and I will be sure to answer them. Well I'll shut up now and get on with the story. So here it is and enjoy...

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Herry felt tears form in his eyes as he slumped to the ground. He couldn't believe that that had just happened. He couldn't believe that he wasn't able to save his friends. His gaze, blurred by tears, fell to the spot where Odie and Neil had been seconds ago. They were no where in sight. Herry hung his head and he pulled himself off the ground.

He looked back to the edge once more before turning away. He wiped away his tears with the back of his hand. Then he started to walk away. He looked for a safe way down the cliff. He needed to know for sure if his friends were really gone. He saw a narrow path that stretched down the cliff's side.

Herry took the path down to the ground. It took him about an hour to reach the bottom, and that was with him running as fast as he could. He reached the bottom and his eyes darted along the ground, looking for his fallen firends. He saw nothing. Only grass, rocks and baby trees. But he saw no remains of his friends.

You'd think that this would relieve him, but it didn't. In fact his worry grew more with each passing second. At least if he had found something then he would know what really happened to them. Now he didn't know where they were or if they were okay. He looked around again. Desperatly trying to find something, anything, that would point him in the right direction.

As Herry was about to turn and leave he heard something rustling in some nearby bushes.

" Hello?" he called, hope of finding one fo his friends filled his voice.

" Herry?" the mystery person replied.

Then they revealed themselves, stepping out from behind the shelter of the thick leaves. Herry's mind went blank. He didn't know what to say.


Archie's body stung with an unbearable amount of pain, yet he didn't stop. He ignored it and pushed it to the back of his mind. He only cared about Atlanta at this point. He limped until he had pushed himself too far. His body collapsed onto the soggy grass. Archie, breathing heavily, tried to push himself up. It was no use. His arms and legs wouldn't move.

Archie felt so helpless. He knew that out there somewhere Atlanta was hurt. He wasn't sure how he knew, he just had this gut feeling like something was wrong. He hadn't felt this helpess since Atlanta had run away. Those few days flashed in his mind. He remembered her leaving.

' I'm not going to risk losing you again Atlanta.' he thought as he gathered his strength and attempted to push himself off the ground again. This time his arms and legs moved a little. He tried again and again. He didn't stop until he had accomplished standing up. Once that was done he pulled out his PMR. ' Now let's see where you are.' he thought as he tracked Atlanta's PMR signal.

He couldn't find it. His bad gut feeling grew worse and worse. Archie stuffed the small device back into his soaking hoody and continued to walk across the meadow. He reached the other side and stopped for a brief moment to catch his breath. Then he looked around, wondering which way to go.

Archie found himself being drawn to a cliff that stood pretty high against the sky. As he neared the bottom he saw something. He started to run towards it. As he got close enough to actually see what it was, he stopped dead in his tracks. 'No.' he thought as he stood there, open mouthed, in shock.


Theresa sat there, staring over the cliff side. She couldn't believe it. She tired to stand up, but her knees buckled and she fell back to the ground. Tears cascaded down her fragile features as her gaze stayed fixed on that spot. Those brief moments kept replaying in her mind over and over. ' How could I have let one of them fall? How? If only I had been faster. If only I had been quicker... they'd both still be here.'

The person she had saved waved a hand in front of her face. Then they tried to pull her up from the ground.

" Theresa. Come on. There was nothing else you could've done." her friend tried to comfort her.

" B-b-but they-they're... gone. If only I-I had been here soon-sooner. How.... why...." Theresa trailed off as more tears flowed down her cheeks.

" Theresa. It'll be okay. I promise." the person whose life she had saved said as they pulled Theresa into a warm hug.

Theresa leaned into the hug as more tears escaped her eyes. The two sat there for a long time. Theresa crying and the other trying to calm her down.


" What do you want?" Herry sneered, finding his voice and balling his hands into fists.

" Now, now Herry. There's no need for that. I just came by to pay you all a little visit and make sure that everything is going acording to my plan." the figure replied.

" Where are my friends Cronus?" Herry asked as he advanced on the god.

" What's the fun if I tell you now?" Cronus laughed before summoning a portal and leaving.

Herry punched the cliff's wall and took many deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. He hated Cronus. Escpecially after what he'd done to them last time. Herry stomped away and continued to search for his friends. Hoping that Cronus hadn't gotten to the others.


Once Archie was done being shocked he started towards it again. He bent down and picked it up. He looked at it with teary eyes. ' Atlanta.' he thought as he examined her favourite necklace. Archie remembered the day he had given it to her....

It was a sunny friday and they were going on a double date with Jay and Theresa. Archie had worked with Theresa to surprise Atlanta with it for her brthday. Archie remembered the look on her face when he gave it to her. She hadn't taken it off since then.

Archie shook the memory from his head and put the necklace in his hoody pocket. Then he stood up and looked around.

" Atlanta?" he called.

He didn't get a reply but decided to keep looking for her. He wasn't going to let the same thing happen to her again. He wasn't going to let Cronus hurt her again. Archie had been walking for what seemed like hours, but it may have only been minutes, when he saw someone off in the distance. They had their hands on their knees and looked out of breath.

Archie started to run towards the person. As he got closer he saw their head jerk up and look around. Then they took off. Archie slowed down and stopped.

" What the hell?" he said aloud as his mind still tried to figure out who that was.

Archie started to walk in the direction that the person had run in. He was going to get some answers.


Theresa's tears had finally ceased and she pulled herself up. She smiled at her friend and her friend thanked her again.

" So what now?" they asked.

" Now? I guess we look for him, Atlanta. He's got to be out there." Theresa said, wiping away a few stray tears.

The two began to walk down a semi-steep hill that led to the bottom of the cliff. They reached the bottom and started to look for any signs that Jay might still be alive. Since they hadn't found his body he had to be alive. Atlanta and Theresa had spread out over the distance of the cliff's base to search. They had sort of lost track of each other.

When Theresa didn't find anything she turned around and went to find Atlanta. She was no where to be found. 'That's odd. She was just here...' Theresa thought as she looked for her friend.

" Atlanta?" she called as she walked, not really paying attention to where she was going.

She got no reply. Still calling Atlanta's name and still not paying attention to where she was walking, Theresa slipped and fell down yet another hill. She hit the bottom and groaned in pain. As she sat up and looked around she saw Atlanta walking by.

" Atlanta!" Theresa called as she pulled herself off the ground.

" Theresa?" Atlanta looked over to her running friend.

" Where did you go? I was starting to think that Cronus had gotten you." Theresa said as she wrapped her arms around her friend.

" What? Theresa this is the first that I've seen you, or anyone for that matter, on this island." Atlanta replied.

Theresa pulled out of the hug and looked at her friend for a very long time.

" No. You were just with me. You and Jay were hanging off the side of a cliff on branches. I tried to save you both but I only caught you. Then we went to the bottom of the cliff to see if Jay was still alive and then you disappeared. And... and..." Theresa was pacing now, talking to herself more than anything.

" Wait. What? Theresa, I was never hanging off the side of a cliff with Jay. I haven't seen anyone else except for you right now." Atlanta said, giving Theresa a strange look.

" But..... that's means that my vision....... it wasn't you?" Theresa asked, looking at Atlanta.

" No it wasn't. It must've been another of the island's tricks. Or Cronus." Atlanta replied.

" Just like last time.... wait. How do I know that it's really you? And that you're not one of Cronus' tricks?" Theresa asked suspiciously.

" Well if I were one of Cronus' tricks then how would I know that you and Jay are dating. Or that you keep your diary between your matresses or that when you tell Jay that you're going for a run you really go to the mall. Or that you-" she was cut off.

" Okay. It's you." Theresa said.

" How do I know it's really you though Theresa?" Atlanta asked with the same suspicion.

" Because I know that you keep your diary in the laundry room. And that you have a secret passion of singing. And-" it was Theresa's turn to be cut off.

" Okay okay. It's you. But remember those are secrets." Atlanta said as they started to walk.

Theresa just smiled. Then her smile faded.

" What?" Atlanta asked as she noticed this.

" If the you I saw wasn't really you then how do I know that it wasn't really Jay I left fall?" Theresa asked.

Atlanta didn't really know how to answer that. The two walked in silence trying to figure out how they would tell if their friends were really their friends.


Archie had come so close to catching the person he was chasing so many times, but they've always kept running off just before he could reach him. But now he was being very stealth like. He was so close to the person that he could almost see who it was. As he circled around in the bushes he finally got a clear look at the person's face.

" Jay?" he said aloud as he emerged from the shelter of the bushes.

" Archie?" Jay asked looking over to his friend.

" Am I ever glad to see you! I was starting to think that I was alone on this stupid island." Archie said as he approached his leader.

" Have you had contact with Theresa? I was talking to her and then I heard her scream. When I got there... no one was there. I only found her PMR." Jay said.

" No I haven't. " Archie thought for a moment, " Have you had contact with Atlanta? I found a broken piece of her medallion and the necklace I gave her."

" No I haven't." Jay replied.

" I have this feeling that something bad's happened to her." Archie said as he sat down on a fallen tree.

" I know what you mean. I feel the same thing about Theresa." Jay replied, taking a seat next to him.

" I don't think that we can go through the same thing as last time." Archie said after a short silence.

Jay just nodded in agreement. The two then sat there, mulling over there thoughts. There was a long silence.

" We have to go find them. Who knows what plans Cronus has this time." Jay said, breaking the silence.

Archie nodded in agreement this time and the two started to walk through the forest. There was another silence between them.

" Why were you running?" Archie asked.

" Huh?" Jay was quite sure what he was talking about.

" Back there. You were running from something. What was it?" Archie asked.

" I wasn't running from anything. I wasn't even running." Jay replied, stopping and looking at Archie.

" But...," Archie thought for a moment, "... Man I hate this island."

This caused the two to laugh, at least for a moment. Then they continued to walk, hoping that their friends are okay too.


Odie had pulled himself up and back onto solid ground. He breathed heavily as he tried to stop his heart from pounding so loud.

" That... was... close." he said, trying to catch his breath.

Then he heard the scream again. It was high-pitched and girly. ' That scream can only belong to Neil.' Odie thought as he looked for the blond model.

" Odie?! Is that you?" he heard Neil call.

" Neil? Where are you?" Odie called back, looking around.

" Up here!" Neil called down.

Odie looked up, sheilding his eyes from the sun, and saw Neil. He was clinging to a tree limb about forty feet up the tree.

" How did you get up there?" Odie asked.

" First I was crossing this rickety rope bridge. Then these evil squirrels came and chewed through the rope. I tried to make it to the other side beofre they broke the bridge but I wasn't fast enough. Then I fell but I caught one of the planks and then it broke too. The next thing I know, I'm in this tree." Neil explained.

" Evil squirrles? Right. Well come down." Odie replied.

" I can't." Neil said simply.

" Why not?" Odie asked, confused.

" I'm afraid of heights." Neil said quietly.

" Well just don't look down." Odie said encouragingly.

" What!? How am I supposed to climb down the tree if I'm not looking where I'm going?" Neil asked, fear clearly in his voice.

" I'll help you." Odie called back.

Neil reluctantly agreed and started to climb down. It took an hour for him to reach the ground but he had made it, and he climbed down the entire time with his eyes squeezed shut. Odie placed a hand on the models shoulder.

" You can open your eyes and let go of the tree now Neil." he said.

Neil opened his eyes and saw that he was firmly on the ground. He let go of the tree and took a few shaky steps.

" I did it?.... I did it!" he said triumphantly.

" Now come on. We have to find the others." Odie said pulling Neil.

" Well they're all down there." Neil said pointing over the cliff side.

" What? How do you know?" Odie asked, stopping and looking at his blonde friend

" When I was up in the tree I saw them all. Theresa and Atlanta are over there. Jay and Archie are over on that side and Herry is way over there." Neil said, pointing to three different locations.

The two began to walk down a path that led to th base of the cliff, which also happened to be the side of a huge mountain. Once at the bottom they began to walk, with Neil navigating.

Will they find each other? How do they know that the friends they've found are really their friends? What plans does Cornus have in store for them? Read on to find out.

A/N: Wow! That was a long one. First off, thanks again to iheartyou07 for beta reading this. You rock! =D Secondly, I hope that you liked it. This will probably be one of the londer chapters but you never know. I hope that this wasn't confusing at all. But if it was then just leave a review with your questions and I will be sure to answer them. =D Well that's all I have to say for now. Please remember to REVIEW! =D
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