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The heroes continue to search for each other. But the run into some unexpected trouble. Can they overcome it and escape?

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Tory: Hey! First off, sorry I haven't updated in a while but I've been swamped with projects and studying and so on. But today I have no homework! YAY! And I just had to write the next chapter. But I guess that you already know that otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Oh and I want to thank all my readers and reviewers so far! Thanks for the support, I'm glad you like the story! Anyways I'll shut up now. Here it is and I hope you like it! Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Class of the Titans... yet. Actually I probably won't ever own it so whatever. I do own my stories.

Great big special thanks to iheartyou07 for beta reading this. You know you totally rock Anolez! ^_~

Jay and Archie had been wandering around for what seemed like an eternity, but it was more like hours. The sun was high in the sky, beating down on them. Things were starting to get tense as their patience grew thinner with every step and their hearts cried out for the ones they loved to be returned to them safe and sound. It wouldn't too much longer before one of them would snap.

" Okay! That's it! We've been walking in circles. We're lost!" Archie yelled out as he stopped and scanned the surrounding trees.

" What do you mean 'we've been going in circles'? We've been walking in a straight line." Jay replied as he too stopped and looked around.

" No we haven't! We've passed that same stupid tree twenty times already! This place is driving me crazy!"Archie replied, still yelling.

" It's not us Archie. It's the island. Don't let it get to you. Now come on, we've got to find the others." Jay replied in his calm, leader voice as he started to walk again.

Archie hung back for a second, anger boiling inside of him.

" How can you do that?" he asked, trying to but not succeeding at controlling his temper.

" Do what?" Jay asked confused.

" Not care. The others probably aren't even on this stupid island. And if they are, how can you be sure we're even going the right way? For all you know they could be on the other side of the island at the mercy of Cronus and your wasting our time walking to god knows where! How can you just not care?" Archie asked, venomous anger flooding his voice.

Jay didn't get mad, well he was mad but he didn't show it. He didn't yell at Archie, he didn't hit him either. Jay walked up to Archie stood inches away from him and glared into his eyes.

" I may not know where they are. I may not know where we're going. But at least I'm trying to do something. And I have not stopped worrying about them since we walked into Cronus' trap. I'm doing everything I can to try and find them. So don't you dare say that I don't care." Jay said, his voice was low but it was filled with an anger that Archie didn't know Jay had.

Then without another Jay turned around and walked away. Archie was left standing there, shocked and regretting what he had just said.


Herry had been walking for a while. He wasn't exactly sure how long though. The sun was still fairly high in the sky and man was it hot. He saw a river up ahead and decided to take a break by it. As he neared the very refreshing looking water the ground started to shift as it had done so many times before.

" No! Damn it!" Herry said out of exhaustion and disappointment.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand and continued to walk. This island was definitely getting on his nerves and fast. He hadn't walked too much further when he felt the ground disappear beneath him. He fell about twenty feet and hit the rocky ground.... hard.

" Owwww." he sighed as he pulled himself.

Herry looked up towards the sky and saw that he hadn't fallen down a hill or a cliff but he had fallen into a pit. One word came to his mind. 'Cronus.' He made his way over to one of the sides and tried to climb up it but to no avail. Eventually he gave up and slumped to the ground. It was no use. The walls were too steep.

After a while Herry became quite fond of the little pit. It was shady so at least he was out of the hot sun. And this way he couldn't get lost. But those positive thoughts were crushed when he heard the oh-so-familiar laugh that could only belong to...

" Cronus." Herry sneered as he got to his feet, looking up at the god.

" Ah, Herry. I see you've fallen for yet another of my tricks." Cronus laughed.

" Where are the others?" Herry demanded, not wanting to talk to the god any longer than he needed to.

" Now what makes you think that I'll tell you that?" Cronus said, a sly grin spread across his ugly face.

" Where are they Cronus?" Herry asked again, this time with more force.

" If I told you now then it wouldn't be a sport for me." Cronus said, laughing once more before disappearing from Herry's sight.

Herry slammed his fist into the dirt walls that surrounded him. This caused the dirt to crumble a little. Then an idea struck Herry. He would just collapse the wall and climb out! At first the idea seemed like a great one but he hit one of the walls too hard and it collapsed onto him.

Herry was now neck high in dirt and immobilized. He struggled to free himself from the clutch the earth had on him but it was no use. It wasn't that bad. At least not compared to a few moments later when he started to hear the hungry growls of wild animals.


" I wonder if the others are okay." Atlanta said, breaking the silence that had fallen over the two.

" I'm sure that the guys are fine." Theresa replied, giving Atlanta a reassuring smile.

This didn't seem to convince the young huntress though. Theresa picked up on this right away. She then stopped. Atlanta stopped as well and gave her friend a quizzical look.

" We survived it once Atlanta. I know we can do it again. But now we know what to expect and we'll be ready for anything." Theresa said, smiling at her friend.

" You're right." Atlanta said, returning the smile as they began to walk once more.

" Do think our PMR's will work this time?" Atlanta asked.

" They might wo-" Theresa stopped mid-sentence.

" What is it?" Atlanta asked, concern leaking into her voice.

" Jay." Theresa whispered.

" Did you have a vision?" Atlanta asked, her concern growing each passing second.

" No but...... I was talking to him on my PMR earlier and then I fell down a hill and....... I don't know what happened to him." Theresa said, remembering her conversation with Jay.

Before anyone could get another word out, jet black clouds gathered in the sky and it started to downpour. Theresa and Atlanta exchanged surprised looks before breaking into a run. They took shelter from the sudden storm in a small, nearby cave. Once the two girls were in the cave, almost on cue, lightning sliced through the black clouds. Then seconds later the earth-shattering BOOM of thunder echoed down from the heavens.

" Where did that come from?" Atlanta asked, almost having to yell to be heard over the sound of the thunder.

" I don't know but at least we're safe and dry in here." Theresa said brightly.

" Yeah." Atlanta agreed.

The two girls stood in the safety of the cave, gazing up at the sky and watching the almost hauntingly beautiful storm.


Odie and Neil had been walking for three hours and they still hadn't found anyone. Odie was starting to think that Neil was making everything up.

" Are you sure this is where the others are?" Odie asked.

" Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." Neil replied rhythmically.

" Okay. So who was over this way again?" Odie asked.

" Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." Neil replied again.

" Uhh, Neil?" Odie looked at his friend suspiciously.

" Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." Neil said once more.

Odie then noticed that Neil was listening to music, not listening to him.

" Neil!?" Odie said loudly.

The blonde continued to sing to his music.

" NEIL!!!!" Odie yelled, pulling off the model's headphones.

" Yeah, yeah, ye- HEY!" Neil cried in protest.

" NEIL!" Odie stated again.

" What?" Neil asked confused.

" You've been listening to music this whole time?" Odie questioned, calming down a little.

" No..." Neil replied, Odie sighed at this, " Only since we got to the bottom of the cliff."

" WHAT?! So you're telling me that we've been walking IN THE WRONG DIRECTION this ENTIRE time?" Odie cried in anger.

" Hey, I'm not the one who started walking. I was just following you." Neil replied in his defense.

" No. But you are the one who was supposed to be giving the directions!" Odie said, sighing.

" Okay." Neil said as he walked to the middle of a nearby clearing and looked around.

" Okay what?" Odie asked, following his teammate.

" This way!" Neil proclaimed and started to walk in said direction.

Odie stood there for a moment dumbfounded but soon snapped out of it and followed Neil. He caught up to him with no problem.

" How can you be sure this is the right way?" Odie inquired.

" I don't" Neil replied simply.

" Then why are we walking this way?" Odie asked his confident friend.

" Well I'm lucky. And with my luck on our side we'll be fine." the model replied.

Odie just groaned but the two continued to walk. The two were so busy talking about 'Neil's method of finding their friends' that they didn't realize the island had changed again. They were no longer in a nice, shady forest but they were now in a hot desert. Odie was the first to realize this.

" Man. When did it get so hot out?" he asked absentmindedly.

" Who knows but let's get out of this sun." Neil said, fanning himself with his hand.

The two had briefly stopped to look around for some shade or shelter. But found none.

" Let's go...." Neil paused, thinking for a moment, " ... that way!"

Odie sighed as the tried to walk in the chosen direction. But they found that they couldn't move their feet.

" I must be exhausted or something from the heat because my legs feel like they way a ton." Neil said as he tried to move his legs once more, again to no avail.

" Uh Neil. Remember how you said 'with your luck we'll be fine'?" Odie asked.

" Yeah. So....." Neil trailed off waiting for Odie to go on.

" Well you were wrong!" Odie said loudly.

" Hey! You can't blame me for the heat!" Neil protested.

" I'm not. I'm blaming you for the fact that your directions got us STUCK IN QUICK SAND!" Odie yelled.

" WHAT!? I'm too good looking to be buried alive!" Neil said as he started to freak out.

Odie tried to calm him down but it was hard when they were both now waist deep in quick sand... and sinking fast.


" Jay! Wait up!" Archie called after his leader.

Jay didn't look back, stop and wait or say anything. He just kept walking.

" Jay!" Archie called as he raced after the angry boy.

When he had caught up to Jay, he had found him standing at the bottom of a steep hill, looking at something in his hand and lost in his own little world.

" Jay." Archie called breathlessly.

Jay didn't say anything so Archie went and stood beside him, still trying to catch his breath.

" Jay about what I said back there..." he paused, briefly glancing at Jay, "..I'm sorry. It's just... this island. And I'm worried about the others, especially Atlanta. I couldn't take it if she was hurt like last time. I know that you're doing all you can. I'm sorry."

" I'm worried too. Last time the others all quit. We almost lost them. If that happened again......." Jay trailed off, ".... Thanks."

" Well come on. We better start looking again." Archie suggested.

" Let's start up there." Jay said, his eyes focused on the hilltop before them.

" Why there?" Archie asked.

" That's where I found Theresa's PMR. She's up there somewhere.... and she's not alone." Jay replied, not moving his eyes.

" Okay." Archie agreed and they started up the grassy hill.

It was pretty steep so it took them a few tried to make it all the way to the top. But once up there they looked around. It looked the same, to Jay, as it had before. But he was sure that Theresa was here somewhere. The two began to wordlessly search. Archie had wandered over towards a small mountain. Whereas Jay had wandered over to another steep hill, opposite to the one they had come up.

" Jay! Come here!" Archie called after a long silence.

Jay raced over to the purple haired boy. Archie held up a piece of torn fabric. Jay gave him a puzzled look.

" Remember that thing that attacked Theresa last time? It was wearing something like this." Archie said.

Jay's heart stopped. 'That voice.' he thought, remembering back to just after he had heard Theresa scream.

"Archie he's got Theresa." Jay said.

But before Archie could reply a loud crumbling noise surrounded them. The two boys looked up just in time to see a pile of rocks coming towards them. It all happened so fast, too fast for them to react. Within moments the two heroes were buried by the giant rocks.


The rain came down in sheets, soaking the grassy ground. Theresa and Atlanta were huddled in the large opening of the small cave, awaiting the end of the storm. The lightning streaked the sky, making the clouds a deep purple before fading away to nothing. Then the thunder came, so loud that it nearly shook the ground.

" How long is this storm going to last?" Atlanta asked impatiently.

" Who knows." Theresa replied.

The two girls winced as a lightning bolt hit the ground, leaving a small indent.

" That was close." Atlanta said as the glow of the lightning reflected off her hazel eyes.

" Let's just hope that it stays far enough away." Theresa said as another bolt struck the ground.

" Yeah." Atlanta agreed.

Though the girls prayed and hoped that the lightning would stay far away, fate had other things in mind. A lightning bolt came down right in front of them and forced them to back into the cave. And not moments later did a second one come down, and right on top of the cave.

Atlanta and Theresa looked up as they heard a small cracking sound. The lightning had split the cave's roof. Even before Atlanta could dash out of the cave the roof fall in on them. Encasing them in a world of pain.

Is this the end of the seven heroes? Is the prophecy broken? Has cruel fate stolen their lives away in favour of Cronus' victory? Read on to find out.

A/N: Wow! That was long. But I hope you liked it. Thanks again to my friend iheartyou07 for beta reading this. You know you rock Anolez! =D Please don't hate me for "killing" the heroes because as you may already know, on this island nothing is what it seems. I've already said too much or I may just be playing tricks of my own. You'll just have to stick with me to find out. :P Send a review my way and let me know what you think. That's about it for now and I'll try to update sooner this time. =D
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