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Escaping The Illusions

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The heroes are trying to move on and forget about the incident on the "Illusion Island". Their lives seem perfect right now. But what happens when everything spins out of control and everything tha...

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Tory: Hey! Wow, I haven't updated this in a while... I think. Well there's not much to say here. Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed so far. You all rock! Well, I'll let you get on with the story now. Enjoy.

Dislcaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans. If I did there would be many changes. I do own my stories though.

Great big thanks go out to me amigo iheartyou07 for beta reading this. You know that you rock Anolez!

" Neil! Calm down! The more you struggle the faster you'll sink!" Odie yelled, trying to calm down his frantic teammate.

" No! I'm to beautiful to die!" Neil sobbed.

It had been like this for about a ahlf an hour and Odie was getting tired of it. So, Odie drew back his fist and punched Neil. For a moment everything went silent. The two just stood there, not that they could move, and just stared at each other.

" Y- you..... hit..... me." Neil studdered in a low voice.

" Yeah.... I did." Odie said in the same low voice.

Before either of them could get out another word, the sand consumed them, pulling them deeper into the earth. They thought that they were goners. The sand flowed over them, suffocating them, swallowing them whole. Then, just as they were about to slip into unconscienceness they hit something.

Odie lifted his head, coughing out sand, and adjusted his eyes to the dim lighted cave where they had fallen. He searched for Neil and found him lying on a pile of sand, coughing and desperatly trying to remove the taste of sand form his tongue.

" Pue, pue. Eeeewwww! That is so disgusting!" Neil yelled.

" Come on Neil. Let's get out of here." Odie said as he hauled the model to his feet.

" Which way?" Neil asked, both had forgotten about Odie hitting Neil.

" What do you mean which way? There is only one..." Odie trailed off as he noticed that there way three tunnels before them.

" Let's go..... that way!" Neil said pointing to the middle tunnel.

" Why that way?" Odie asked.

" Why not? It's beter than standing here." Neil replied as he began to walk towards his chosen tunnel.

Odie just sighed and followed his friend. He was right about it being better than standing there.

As the two walked past the first tunnel Odie stopped. Neil noticed this, turned to face him and gave him a questioning look.

" What?" Neil asked after a few minutes of silence.

Instead of a response Odie just held up his hand to silence him.

Odie took a step into the first tunnel and then stopped. His face seemed to light up.

" This way!" he exclaimed, taking a few more steps.

" No, this way!" Neil said, pointing to his tunnel.

" Neil, you can feel a breeze in this tunnel." Odie stated.

" So?" Neil asked.

" Ugh! That means that it leads to the outside." Odie said with annoyance in his voice.

" Fine, then you go that way 'Mr. I'm so smart'. But, I'm going this way. WIth my luck I'll be outside before you!" Neil said before taking off down his tunnel.

" Neil! We have to stay together!" Odie yelled after his friend, but Neil was already out of ear-shot.

Odie just sighed again and went down the tunnel that he was sure led to the outside. He just wanted to get out of the cave as soon as he could.


Herry struggled to pull himself out of the dirt that had confined him to the ground. So far, after almost an hour of trying, he only had his right arm free. He took a short break and caught his breath. Then he heard the sounds of footsteps scraping against the ground. He froze.

A wild dog came rushing out of the bushes and over to Herry. Herry put up one arm to shield himself but was surprised when the dog began to lick him. He lowered his arm and the dog ran off into the woods only to return seconds later with a bunch of vines in its mouth.

The dog trotted over to Herry and he grabbed the vines with his free hand. The dog then took off in off direction, pulling Herry free. It only took a few seconds for that dog to pull Herry out of the ground. Once that was accomplished, the dog came back and licked his face. Then it sat before him and tilted it's head to the side.

Herry just let out a short laugh before petting the strange animal.

" What's your name little guy?" Herry asked, knowing that he wouldn't get an answer.

" Let's call you Scruffy." Herry said after a minute of thinking.

The name 'Scruffy' fit the dog perfectly. Herry stood up and began to walk. He looked back to see the dog sitting in the same spot with a sad look on its face.

" Come on. You can keep me company for while." Herry called patting his knees with his hands.

The dog bounded towards him and then slowed to a trot. The two began to walk into the forest that was laid out before them. They had only taken a few steps into the thick trees when 'Scruffy' took off. The trees were so thick that Herry couldn't go after him. He just shrugged and decided to keep going.

He had only gone a few more steps when his PMR started to beep. It had been so quiet that it startled Herry. He took it out of his pocket and answered it.

" Hello?" he asked, wondering who it was.

" Herry? Oh thank Zeus that you're okay! We've been looking for you everywhere! The others are here. I'll open a portal for you too." came the voice of Hermes.

" Hermes are you okay? you sound a little funny." Herry asked.

" Oh, I just have a sore throat. Ready?" he replied.

A portal opened up before Herry and he stepped through it. When he exited it he was expecting to see the gods, goddesses and his friends... but that's not what he saw.


Jay and Archie waited for the pain that came with being burried by giant boulders, but it didn't come. The two slowly opened their eyes and looked at each other. They were fine. Not a scratch on either of them.

" What just happened?" Archie asked, breaking the short silence.

" I'm not sure." Jay replied.

They could hardly see anything but they could feel the rocks all around them.

" I think that the rocks created a small pocket when they landed on top of each other." Jay thought out loud.

" Well I'm glad. I really thought we were goners." Archie admitted.

" Now, how do we get out of here?" Jay asked, thinking out loud again.

Archie looked around and an idea struck him. He tapped Jay on the shoulder and pointed above them. There was a small opening at the top of the rock pocket.

" Give me a boost." Archie said.

Jay put his hands together and Archie stepped on them. Jay lifted him up as high as he could.

" Just a little further." Archie called down.

" That's as high as I can lift you." Jay called back.

Archie grabbed one of the rocks and pulled himself up. He slipped a few times and Jay got ready to catch him, but he made it out. He disappeared out of Jay's view for a few seconds. But he returned with some vines.

" Grab on." he said as he lowered the plant.

" Got it!" Jay said as he jumped for the short vines.

Archie pulled him up and the two sat on top of the rocks for a moment. Then they heard a rumbling sound. Jay looked up and saw more boulders heading their way.

" Jump!" he ordered before leaping off the pile of boulders.

It took a few seconds for Archie to clue in but in no time he was jumping off the rocks too. The two got far away from that spot and watched as the rocks collided into one another.

" I'm glad we got out in time. That would've hurt." Archie said, trying to lighten the mood.

" Yeah-" but before Jay could finish his sentence he heard a beeping sound.

" What is........? The PMR!" Archie said.

The two searched their pockets for the source of the beeping but it wasn't their PMRs. Then Jay looked towards the rocks and saw Theresa's. He went over and picked it up. Then he answered it.

" Hello?" he called as Archie came to his side.

" Jay? Is that you? Are you okay?" Hera asked.

" Hera? Yeah, we're fine. I'm with Archie." Jay replied.

" Hermes is sending a portal for you two. The others are here with us." Hera said before the line went dead.

Before either of them could do anything a portal appeared before them and they walked through it. 'Finally. It's over.' Jay thought as the portal closed behind them.


" Uhhhhh." Theresa moaned as she opened her eyes, " What happened?"

She looked around her and then everything came flooding back. She jumped up off the ground, ignoring the pain that shot through her body, and searched around.

" Atlanta?" she called.

She got no reply and then she started to panic. She saw the pile of rocks that blocked the exit and started to dig. She had made it a few feet into the pile when she saw another hand. Both hands shot out of the pile and Theresa lowered her face to the hole. Through the pile she saw Atlanta.

" Atlanta!" she cried.

" Theresa!" she cried back.

" I thought that you were burried by the rocks." Theresa said.

" I thought that you were burried under them." Atlanta replied.

" Are you okay?" they asked at the same time.

" Yeah, I'm fine." they both replied, again at the same time.

There was a small silence before the two girls burst out with laughter. They weren't sure why they were laughing, they just couldn't help it. But their laughter and momentary fun was cut short by Atlanta's PMR going off.

Her hands shot for the small device and she answered it.

" Hello?" she asked, she glanced at Theresa who had continued to dig throught the pile so that they would be together.

" Atlanta? Are you okay?" came Hermes' voice.

" Hermes? Yeah, I'm with Theresa. We're good." she replied.

" I'm sending a portal. The others are here too." Hermes said.

" Okay. We're ready." Atlanta said as Theresa finished squeezing through the rocks. She had given up on digging.

" I can't believe that this is over already." Theresa said.

" I know. But I'm glad. I couldn't take this all again." Atlanta said.

A portal materialized before them and they walked through it. They were hoping to be greeted by their boyfriends, but that wasn't what they saw.


Odie had been wrong about his tunnel. It led to a dead end, not the outside. He sighed and turned around only to find that his tunnel has disappeared. He groaned loudly before sliding to the ground.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. came the sound of his PMR.

" Hello?" Odie asked slowly.

" Odie! I'm glad that you're okay! Where are you?" Jay asked.

" Jay! Man am I glad to hear your voice. I'm stuck in some collapsed tunnel. Where are you?" he replied.

" I'm with the others and the gods. We'll send a portal for you." Jay replied.

" Thanks. I just want to get off this island!" Odie replied as a portal formed before him.


Neil had also been wrong. His tunnel led to a pit and a dead end. He had fallen into the pit and was now rubbing his butt, which he had fallen on. He pulled out his mirror to make sure that he was fine. Once that was done he sat on the ground cross legged and rested his head on his hand.

" This sucks!" he proclaimed loudly to no one.

Then his PMR went off.

" What the?.... Hello?" he answered the small device.

" Neil! Are you okay?" Theresa asked.

" No! First I-" but Theresa cut him off.

" Neil you can tell us later. First we have to get you back here. Hermes is sending a portal." she said.

" Finally!" Neil said with excitement.

The portal appeared before him and he raced towards it. He was just happy that he was going back home... or so he thought.

Is it really over? Are they actually safe? Or does Cronus have more plans for them? Did they really end up at the school, with the others? Read on to find out.

A/N: There you have it! Thanks again to iheartyou07 for beta reading this. You know that you totally rock Anolez! Sorry for not updating in a loooong time. I hope that this long chapter makes up for it. Send a review my way and let me know your thoughts about the story. I'll try to update sooner this time. Until then, Cheers!
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