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The end has come.

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It turned out that there were in the northern part of Alberta. A few miles south of a place called Wabasca and they were only there for about seven hours.

The man who picked them up had a cell phone and they called Al, he sent some agents to check the area out.

Later At The Academy

Delilah was leaning on Julius, watching T.V. when Al came in.

"Hey Al. Is there any news on that cave or K?"

"No, but I did a search on Kaye Adams."

Delilah sat up right, "And?"

"She does exist, but there's no recorder of her having a brother and she's missing. That's all we have so far, but I'll tell you guys if anything else comes up."

"Okay. Thanks Al." Al left the room.

Julius turned to Delilah, "So, he was lying about his sister being kidnapped and he randomly picked the name Kaye Adams and she just happens to be missing."

"Maybe he does know Kaye Adams. Maybe they were so close that it was like they were related. Or maybe they really are related."

"But Al said that she did have a brother."

"Julius, Maybe he hacked into the system and erased all his information."

"Can someone even do that?"

"I don't know. I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's in the past."

"Okay." Delilah went back to leaning on Julius and he put his arm around.

Delilah didn't want to think about it, but she couldn't help it, 'Who is K and Kaye Adams?'
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