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Days 3-5 (Down Stream)

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Things get complicated. Let's just say that.

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Day 3 (You take him!)



"I have to use the washroom," Complained Al.

"You went an hour ago," Moaned Nosey. "And I had to take you."

"Well I still have to go!" Al continued to complain. "Drinking all that water doesn't help."

I sighed. It was Ursula who found a potable river to drink from. Ever since I by accident stepped on Als glasses, he was blind. We had to guide him everywhere.

"Emmet, Julius? It's your turn," Nosey told Emmet and I.

"WHAT?" Emmet cried out. "What about Scarlett, Ursula or Delilah?"

Delilah flew her head back, and bursted out laughing. "You really think you should let a girl take a boy to the washroom? That's sick and wrong!"

"Why?" Asked Emmet, being stupid.

I rolled my eyes. "Do I have to draw a diagram for you the difference between a girl and a guy?"

Everyone bursted out laughing. In the end, it was Emmet who had to take Al to the washroom. THANK THE LORD.


Day 4: (Down Sream)



Julius, Nosey, Scarlett, Al and myself were picking berries off of the tree branches. Thank God for Scarletts smartless of the berries that aren't posionous. Spies have to know these things. Ursula was the only one not helping. She took a break. She went about ten feet from the trees to go to the stream to get a drink.

Ursula put her hands deep into the cold water. She cupped her hands and began to drink. Apparently, that wasn't enough. Being greedy, she put her mouth in the stream. She went in to deep- the only thing that got our attention was Ursula screaming.

"HELP!" She screamed.

Water got in Ursulas throat, making her cough. She tried to get back on land, but the current was too strong.

"HELP!" She continued to scream.

Everyone frozed. Oh, crap, why do these things always happen to us? Julius was the first to act. Without thinking, and being the idiot he was, jumped into the water. Julius was a little bit stronger than Ursula. He quickly grabbed Ursula and put her under his armpit.

"LOOK OUT, GUYS!" Screamed Nosey in horror.

"What's going on?" Asked a blind Al.

Then I saw why Nosey was screaming- Julius and Ursula were going to fall down a water fall. Julius wasn't strong enough to pass the current. Ursula and Julius screamed. Julius, always trying to be the hero, put Ursula into his chest, and held her close. Emmet grabbed a long, fallen branch from a tree. He held it on tightly, and reached out to Julius.

"GRAB IT!" He yelled.

Julius tried, without letting go of Ursula. They were getting closer, and closer to falling. Julius almost had the branch- but it was too late- They fell down the waterfall.


I was thankful that the waterfall was small. But it was big enough to do some damage. Everyone gasped, and ran down to the mouth of the stream. Both Ursula and Julius were unconscious. Both of their bodies were about two meters appart from each other, Ursulas being ahead. Julius had let go of Ursula. Everyone jumped into the mouth of the stream. Nosey and me helped Julius out of the river. He slowly opened his eyes, and coughed up water. I was relieved to see he was ok. But for was too late. She was already in the water, too deep.

"WE HAVE TO GO GET HER!" I screamed.

"She's too deep, Delilah," Said Scarlett sofetly. "I can't even see her anymore."

"You mean..."

It was Emmet who said it. "Gone."


DAY 5 (Time Of Mourning)

6:28 AM

Julius had bruised his ribs after falling down the water fall with Ursula. hurt me to say that name. She was no longer with us. The ocean took her away from us. Julius was badly hurt. He bruised his ribs. But he was well enough to walk and stuff, just had to be careful and slow. Everyone looked into the calm waters of Curse Island. (Except Al, who is blind, of course) The sunset glowed beautifully on the water like a mirror. The wind whistled in my ear.

"We need a funeral," I said siliently.

"What?" Asked Al confused.

"For Ursula," I concluded. "We never gave her a funeral."

"There's no body, Delilah. Nothing to burry," Said Emmet.

"So?" I said while shrugging.

I picked a lovely little purple lilliac out of the forest. I put it in the mouth of the stream, where Ursulas death was.

"Rest in peace, Ursula..." I whispered.

"Rest in peace," Everyone echoed in usion.

Even though Ursula and me were enemies...not even she deserved this. Julius came up beside me, and held me in a hug. I cried in his shirt. She was really gone.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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