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Archie and Theresa are left to deal with the deaths of their teammates, more specificaly Atlanta and Jay. To do this they must learn just what keot them from dieing along with their friends and lov...

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Dear Diary,

Hey, Theresa here once more. I am so surprised how much that I look forward to writing to you at the end of each day, when I hated it at the beginning. As always Peresephone knew what she was doing. Unfortunately this is the last page of this diary, and thus my last entry.

I suppose that I shall just summarize what has happened these past three months. That's seems to me the easiest way to start. Except I have no idea how too. Oh wait wait that's Janelle.

Ok, I'm back, miss me? No? Oh well. I have no idea what was wrong with Janelle, but Jason started to cry the moment I came in the room, and Janelle stopped. So now I am writing this while holding Jason in my lap and Janelle's in her crib. Archie saw me dash and grab you dear diary, and suggested that I just start keeping you in the twin's room.

I guess that would have been a good idea, I write to you in here more than I write in my own room. Well three-month-old twins take a lot of work. But Archie helps a lot. Actually he helps a lot more than I thought he would. I'm surprised that he actually stayed to.

He will help feed and soothe them, which helps a ton. He won't change diapers though, but that's fine. Jason and Janelle are not even his kids. He says he is doing it for Jay.

But I have a feeling that he take's comfort in the twin's as well. Janelle actually seems to have a fair bit of Atlanta's personality. I suppose Jay and I must be like her deep down. And Janelle absolutely fawns over Archie, and Archie loves her to. Jason is most like his father which I take comfort in, a lot of comfort.

Both Archie and I miss Atlanta and Jay a lot. I am not sure that I am over it, and I might never be. I just keep having a dream, no wait a fantasy, that there is a way he will come back. Sometimes he brings Atlanta with him, and each time he is brought back a different way.

Honestly diary I really want Jay back. I loved; no I still love him so much. Everything would be so much better if he were here. Oh great, now I am crying again. It's not that things are not good right now. I have both of my kids...and Archie is a great roommate. And he continually goes above and beyond the call of duty. I just miss Jay.

My powers don't go out of control whenever I think about him or someone says his name, even if they do not know whom they are talking about. I suppose this diary idea of Persephone's is working. A couple of months ago my powers would spin out of control whenever I heard his name, or Atlanta's or any of the others.

Tomorrow will be tough though. It's the third month anniversary of our last battle with Cronos. Or as the newspaper headlines said "Cave collapses on teens. Two dies instantly, three dead of injuries, two survivors." Well at least no one know who the 'teens' where and are.

Well that is the last of this diary dear Diary. Maybe I will have time to go buy another tomorrow. But between the babies and school, both Archie and I choose to continue through home schooling, and crying I don't know if I will have time.

~~ Theresa ~~


Theresa sat on the couch, tears flowing freely from her eyes. Athena was in the babies' bedroom. She had offered to take care of them today. It was too hard of a day for Archie and Theresa. If Athena had not dragged her out of bed Theresa would have stayed there all day, and Archie was still in bed despite that it was noon.

Theresa stood up and walked towards Archie's bedroom. She knocked lightly on the door, tears flowing softly from her emerald green eyes. She heard Archie groan on the other side.

"Go away!" He called his voice was horse. Theresa ignored his wish and opened the door and came into his room. A look of fury flashed across Archie's sapphire eyes when he heard the door click open. The look faded when he saw Theresa standing there. She looked so pitiful. He guessed that he must have as well.

Theresa ran towards Archie's bed, which he was still lying in. Archie moved over to make room for her to sit down. For a few minutes they sat in silence just crying. Theresa lay back on Archie's bed, trapping him under the covers.

"Its so messy in here." She said as she looked around his room.

"Yeah Atlanta always said that. She even cleaned it once, but gave up after I dirtied it a day later." Archie said as his tears slowly became replaced with laughter.

"That doesn't sound like the Atlanta I knew." Theresa said.

"Well I knew a different Atlanta than the rest of you." Archie said simply.

"Archie!" Theresa scoffed, messing up his hair.

"Well I can't say she regretted the nights she spent in here, after all the were her idea." Archie said. Theresa gasped. "Oh Zeus! I didn't fuck her! We just cuddled. Atlanta was a virgin." Archie said in disust.

"Thanks for clearing that up for me." Theresa said, over coming her earlier state of shock. Tears returned to Archie's eyes. "You really loved her didn't you?" Theresa said.

"Yeah." Archie croaked Theresa put a comforting arm around him and Archie attempted to throw off the covers. Theresa then stood up and got off the bed and once more Archie tried to throw off the covers, succeeding this time. When he did not get up Theresa lay down next to him. Archie smiled and pulled the covers over them.

"I spent a week in the library trying to find someway to bring them back. All of them. No success." Archie said.

"So that's where you hid out that first week." Theresa said.

"Hey it was a lot more work than you put in." Archie said taking some offence.

"Actually I tried to use my powers to make a connection with them, that was after Peresephone told me she would not take me to the underworld." Theresa said.

"So the drama queen put in some work." Archie teased. Theresa messed up his hair again.

"Ever wonder why we were the only ones to survive?" Theresa asked a philosophical tone coming over her voice.

"For a while. But then I released they had all learned enough to go on, but we still have something to learn." Archie said, also taking on a philosophical tone as well.

"You have had people die before haven't you?"

"My mum, dad and little brother." Archie said. "It does not get any easier, trust me. What about you?

"Just my mum, but she died giving birth to me."

"Sorry to hear that."

"Sorry to hear about your family." Theresa said. Tears were once again falling from the young teens eyes. Archie pulled Theresa into a warm friendly hug. Theresa sighed.

"I promised Jay I would take care of you. And I will. Just promise me that you will try learn what denied us to go with our friends." Archie said, his voice still philosophical. The death of their friends, teammates and lovers had cause the two teens to grow up quickly. And the birth of Theresa twins had caused them to grow up just that much more.

"Funny Atlanta had me promise the same thing. And she was to take care of Jay should I die." Theresa said through her slowly falling tears.

"We will get through this together." Archie said looking into Theresa's eyes. The two teens came to a silent agreement. They stayed in Archie's bed for the rest of the day, holding each other (a/n Only as friends, and yes as friends cuddling when you are really upset is fine in my books) and crying slightly.

Athena looked in on them once, holding Jason and Janelle. She looked at the babies, who she could tell were going to be spitting images of their parents. "Mommy and Archie are finally starting to learn just what matters most. Having faith and never giving up." She whispered to the twins. Both of them started to coo at the sound of Theresa and Archie's names.


Well folks that is the prologue for Learning My Place. I hope you liked it, I shall try to keep future chapters the same length (three pages, 12 point font, Times New Roman), with that I am thinking that there will be five or six chapters. Please rate and review. Reviews help me update faster, just not spam reviews. I apologize for any OOCness in this chapter, please keep in mind their situation. And I can see them growing more mature because of their situation. Oh and there will be action in this chapter, and not just drama.
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