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Chapter One

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Archie finds a letter form Jay to Theresa. Theresa has a few questions for the gods and goddesses after Arcie comes back from a late night run soaking wet. Better than it sounds. I appologize for a...

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Theresa looked down at Jason and Janelle. They were sitting on a blanket happily cooing. She turned to the Greek Mythology textbook she was reading. She had a report due on Greek mythology.

Archie told her she was crazy for using the textbook to do the report. They knew the myths off there hearts. Theresa was only really using the text to read the stories aloud to the twins. They seemed to be enjoying it and she was determined to raise them well aware of there ancestry.

Looking at her children an idea came to Theresa. She had read something a few weeks ago when she was looking up information on how to bring Atlanta back. Something about brining back the dead. It was not in a Greek Mythology book. It was in one of those paranormal books; the ones that were normally complete garbage.

"Archie!" She yelled. Archie came into the room, looking confused. "Can you watch the twins please? I have to do something. Thanks." She said in a rush as she ran out of the brownstone.

"What the...." Archie said in disbelief. He looked at the twin and sighed. He picked up Janelle who had been motioning for him to pick her up. "Your mommy thinks I'm her personal babysitter." He mumbled.

Archie saw Jason look at something in the corner. It was glittering in the sunlight. It looked a little like gold and diamonds. Archie walked over to it.

He picked it up and noticed that it was a beautiful diamond ring. It had a medium size diamond set between two emeralds on a gold band. Archie fumbled with it.

He noticed that it had an inscription on the inside. He read it. It read / To Theresa, all my love Jay. /. Archie gasped. It was an engagement ring. He noticed that it had been lying on a letter. The front of a letter read:

To Theresa, should I die.

Archie picked up the letter as well. "Well your mommy is going to be very happy today." He said to Janelle.


Archie and Theresa sat on opposite ends of the couch watching a late night movie. The letter and ring in his pocket were weighing heavily on his mind. He had no clue how on earth he was going tell her.

Archie looked up and checked the clock. 10:30. Was it just him or were late night movies starting earlier than they used to. He sighed and stood up, he needed to clear his mind before he told Theresa what he had found.

"I'm going for a run." He said as he stood up and stretched. He pulled on his shoes not noticing that the ring and letter fell out. He pulled his hoodie over his head because of the rain the was starting to fall heavily, being immune to illnesses made him not have to worry about getting sick.

As Archie stepped out he remembered how Atlanta had loved to run in the rain. She would run out in storms dragging Archie with her. They would get so wet and so cold sometime Archie felt that it was only his love for her that kept him from getting sick. He also remembered how she would always have a bad cold the net day, meaning a day off for the two of them. He missed her so much, the smallest thought of they way she used to kiss him or hug him hurt like hell and made his heart drop. Polar opposite of they way her touches used to make him feel.

Theresa warmed up the bottles in the microwave. It was about 10 in the morning and Archie was not up yet, which was normal for him on weekends. Not to mention that she had not heard him come home that night.

The microwave beeped and Theresa checked the bottle's temperature on her wrist. Deciding that they would be fine she walked down the hall. As she passed Archie's room she noticed that thought she heard a sneeze. She shook her head and listened for a moment, the sound was not repeated so she entered the room across the hall, Jay's old room that was now the nursery.

Jason and Janelle, J n J as Archie was starting to call them began to coo as she entered the room. She handed a bottle to Janelle who had already learned how to feed herself as long as someone was watching her; she tended to drop the bottle a lot. She used her newly free hand to pick up Jason and sat down on the chair and began to feed him.

She heard the sneezing sound and a cough coming from Archie's room. She noticed that both of Jason and Janelle were finished their bottles. She burped them and set them in their crib with a couple of soft toys.


"Archie." Theresa said as she knocked on her friend's door. Once more she heard a cough coming form his room. Archie groaned, Theresa let herself in; knocking was becoming such a pain. Archie never said come in or not to.

She found him still in his bed, in wet clothes. She walked to his bed and knelt down. "Wake up Drama King." She said

Archie rolled over to face her. She could tell that he had been sweating, why she could not as he was in cold wet clothes. "I'm going to sleep for the next hundred years ok." Archie said his voice was horse. Theresa frowned...he didn't sound healthy, which was not possible because he was immune to diseases.

"You have to get up." Theresa said dragging him to his feet.

"Bitch." Archie grumbled as he tried to lie back down again.

"You've told me." Theresa shot back as she tugged on Archie's arms, dragging him to his feet.

Archie groaned again and rested his head on Theresa's shoulder for a moment. He had never felt like this before. His head was pounding, like a rock and roll band was playing inside. His throat was hurt like hell and he could not stop sneezing and coughing, not to mention that he felt cold and hot at the same time.

Theresa felt Archie's forehead against her neck. It was really hot and sweaty, like someone had put a wash clothe straight from a steaming shower on her neck. "Arch, how long were you out running for?" She asked.

"Bout' midnight." Archie croaked.

(I could cut you off here...but I won't cuz I feel nice today.)

"Was it raining the whole time you were out?"


"And you slept in your wet clothes." Theresa said in more of a statement rather than a question.

"I didn't mean to. Why are you asking so many questions." Archie complained.

"Go back to bed ok." Theresa instructed. She walked into the washroom that connected his and Herry's old bedrooms. Running an old wash clothe under cold water she found herself thinking of Atlanta and how many times she and Archie had gone running in a storm and then missed the next day of school because Atlanta was sick and Archie was taking care of her.

As she came back into Archie's room she placed the wash clothe on his forehead. "I'm taking the twins for a walk, don't leave your bed." She instructed, acting like Jay. True she had began to act a lot like a milder version of him lately, she may not have meant to but it was a way to deal with her pain and stress. She was slowly learning why her leader had been so bossy.


Theresa pushed the twins stroller down the street. "Arc!" Janelle, it was her way of saying 'Archie.'

"Archie is at home." Theresa said look down at her daughter. The school came into view.

"God!" Jason shouted holding his arms out to the school.

"Yep we are going to see the gods and goddesses." Theresa said.

"Arc?" Janelle asked.

"Yep Mommy is hoping the gods and goddesses will know what is wrong with Archie." Theresa said in a baby voice.


Ok not my best chapter. Anyone know what is wrong with Archie? I think it is fairly obvious. But it helps the plot line. Please rate and review. As you know reviews help me update faster, and rates even faster.
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