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Theresa has her anwsers from Chiron and she begins to feel a weird energy in the house. Archie feels it as well...Better than it sounds.

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I do not own class of the titans! And I apologize to my two beta readers for posting this before you respond to my e-mail, but I just can't help myself...I really want to post this chapter. But I will wait to post the next chapter...I promise!


"Yes powers can be lost if a person experiences great trauma or stress." Chiron said in his normally calm tone. The looked behind him and gave Theresa a slightly annoyed smile. Theresa followed his gaze and saw that Janelle and Jason were playing with his tail. Theresa had to laugh as she walked over and picked up her twins.

"Why do you ask?" Chiron asked calmly, Theresa was beginning to doubt if he had another tone. The centaur was happy to have the young twins away from his tail.

"I think Archie is sick." Theresa said. "He misses Atlanta so much."

"It is perfectly possible." Chiron replied.

"Come on J n J lets go take care of Archie." Theresa said as she stood up.


Theresa walked into Archie's bedroom to find him asleep once more. She had put the twins down for a nap and knowing them they would be asleep for the next couple of hours. She gentaly shook his shoulder, still remembering how he had treated her best friend. The thought made her want to bring them back even more.

Archie opened his eyes to see Theresa standing over him, he felt his forehead which was still pounding and found the wet clothe that someone, he suspected Theresa had put there. It was slightly warm, he took it off and tried to stand up but Theresa stopped him. She pushed him back to a lying down position and he gave her a filthy look.

"Your sick." Theresa said kindly.

"Not possible." Archie retorted stubbornly. He did not want to admit it but Theresa was probably right, he had all the symptoms and more that Atlanta got when she was sick.

"Yes it is and you are." Theresa replied equally as stubborn.

"How." Archie said growing annoyed.

"Stress and trauma according to Chiron." Theresa said as she began to clean up Archie's messy room.

"Great, amazing." Archie said sarcastically, he started to cough once more. It was horse and dry, Theresa frowned. He looked really pitiful.

Theresa stopped cleaning and felt his forehead once more. It was just as warm if not warmer. She frowned outwardly and then thought of how Atlanta and the others would never let him live this down. She shook her head trying to conceal her laughter but Archie noticed.

"What are you laughing at?" He asked.

"Just how the others would have never let you live this down." Theresa said.

"Except Jay, Jay would have panicked that this would be a perfect time to attack. And then he would have lectured me about running in the rain." Archie said, motioning for Theresa to sit down.

"He really about all of us, he had just...well Jay had an hard past." Theresa said.

"Like losing both of his parents in that car crash?" Archie asked.

"Yeah...he never really got over it, he was the one driving. But the charges were put on the other driver. And he was forced to call his foster parents Mom and Dad." Theresa said, tears coming to her eyes. "How did you know?" Theresa asked slightly confused.

"He talked in his sleep sometimes, well it was more like he talked in his nightmares." Archie explained.

"So you eavesdropped." Theresa retorted.

"No!" Archie said defensively. "I woke him and asked him what was wrong, he was thrashing around so much he was going to seriously hurt himself." Archie finished before he began to laugh.

"What!" Theresa demanded, slightly hurt.

"You sounded so much like Atlanta there." Archie said slightly out of breath before he began to cough again. Theresa began to laugh.

"Your right I was." Theresa said.

"She always trusted you so much." Archie said.

"You got to spend so much more time with her..." Theresa said "And she loved you from the start, she did just not recognize the feeling until Pan came along."

"Remember how Herry and Odie always tried to get us together?" Archie asked.

"Yeah...why did they do that...I'm mean Herry's well, Herry's Herry and Odie may be a genius but he's no good with girls?" Theresa asked.

"Oh they caught me pretending to ask Atlanta out in the mirror just before she went out with Pan." Archie said offhandedly.

"Hum never heard that story before..." Theresa teased. She felt a weird energy creepy into the room. It was a familiar energy. She knew it from somewhere but could not put her finger on where she knew it from.

"Well you where bound to find out eventually, Neil could not keep a secret to save his life." Archie said as he began to laugh along with Theresa once more. "Now you must tell me an embarrassing story about you and Jay." Archie said evilly.

"Oh crap Archie, you would fit right in with the popular girls right there." Theresa teased. "Well...I don't have any with Jay that you don't already know." Theresa began, the energy that she could feel grew stronger, but not strong enough for her to know what it was. "But Neil has a hard ass." She said.

"Theresa!" Archie scolded.

"What I had to get a nail file from his back pocket when we were trapped in the forest." Theresa said shrugging. Archie began to laugh harder. "Do you feel that?" Theresa said, as the energy grew stronger once more.

The beautiful red head could feel it rubbing up her shoulders, between her and Archie, floating around Archie's room as if trying to find a place to stay in the mess. "Feel what?" Archie asked.

"That energy, stay still for a moment." Theresa said. The energy grew stronger around her.

Archie stayed still for a moment. "I feel something, it's very faint and familiar." Archie said after a few minutes. Theresa was grateful that for the first time Archie was taking her psychic ability. The energy grew stronger and happier. Theresa felt the portion of energy around her shoulders leave and come back, as if it was motioning for her to follow it.

"I'll be back." Theresa said as she got up. The portion of energy lead her to the entryway. She notice the ring and letter that Archie had dropped she picked it up and started to cry. The energy seemed to want to hold her and comfort her but could not find a way how. The fighter then realized who the energy was it was Jay. She cried harder.

"Oh Jay..." She said to no one in particular. The energy seemed to get happier and it grew much stronger. Jay's energy moved once more, Theresa followed it. Still staring at the ring and letter.

Theresa found her in the twin's room. They started to cry when she came in but for once they calmed down right away. Theresa smiled. "Thank-you Jay." She whispered as she picked up her children and put Jays letter and ring in her pocket.

She walked into Archie's room and what she saw shocked her. Janelle began to coo and Jason began to cry tears of confusion. Theresa felt tears of happiness come to her eyes. Archie was crying as well. It was all to perfect.

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