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Is it???

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She walked into Archie's room and what she saw shocked her. Janelle began to coo and Jason began to cry tears of confusion. Theresa felt tears of happiness come to her eyes. Archie was crying as we...

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She walked into Archie's room and what she saw shocked her. Janelle began to coo and Jason began to cry tears of confusion. Theresa felt tears of happiness come to her eyes. Archie was crying as well. It was all to perfect.


"What..." Theresa began. "The..." She continued, still in shock "Fu.."

"Twins!" Jay's voice warned from behind her. Theresa spun around; his body was slowly forming behind her. Theresa looked over her shoulder to see the sight that had initially shocked her.

"I think I'm getting pretty good at this resurrection thing eh?" Atlanta said as Theresa's jaw dropped.

Atlanta was sitting on the bed next to Archie, replacing the clothe in his forehead. Just before she placed the clothe on his forehead she kissed him. Theresa looked back to Jay and fond that he was still there, she was not hallucinating. She put the twins down on the floor. And threw her arms around Jay's neck and kissed him.

Jay kissed her back. He breathed in the sent of her hair. He wrapped his arms around her waist. He savored each moment he held her. As they broke apart Theresa noticed the rest of their teammates materializing around them.

Theresa picked up Jason and Janelle and handed Janelle to Jay. Their young daughter had been motioning for Jay to hold her. "Yes that's your dad." Theresa said with a smile. Jason and Janelle began to coo.

"How?" Archie and Theresa asked in unison. It was hard to tell who was more dumbfounded at the fact that their friends and lovers were materializing around them.

"You two were never going to die, no matter what injuries you sustained. You had to learn to trust each other, and to realize just how much you need each other." Jay explained.

"Only when you had seen that were we allowed to come back." Atlanta added.

"None of our injuries were bad enough to kill us. Cronos just wanted to make you two miserable, because so often it was you two who caused his plans to fail." Odie continued as he finished materializing in the room.

"You guys fought him as much as we did." Theresa said.

"Yes but you and Archie were Jay and Atlanta's motivation and visa versa." Herry said. "Jay and Atlanta already knew that this team was almost nothing without everyone." He finished.

"And so did the rest of us." Neil added.

"We figured that part put Neil." Archie said. Everyone began to laugh it was so normal.

"Now its our turn to ask some questions. First of all how is Archie sick?" Atlanta asked.

"Well according to Chiron his immunity to illnesses was lost when you died, again. We did not know this and someone went running in the middle of a storm." Theresa explained.

"I only went running because I found a letter and a ring that Jay had left for you, but you never found." Archie retorted. Theresa and Jay blushed as the others began to laugh.

"Wait you found the letter and ring I found in the hall without telling me. When exactly were you planning on telling me?" A very annoyed and hurt Theresa asked.

"Today!" Archie said, anger pulsing through his veins. Everyone was laughing. The fighter and warrior's eyes shot daggers at each other. Atlanta and Jay recognized the danger signs, the others were laughing too hard.

"Ok second question. Why are there to babies here?" Atlanta asked. Theresa and Jay began to blush.

"It's a long story..." Jay said as he shifted Janelle's weight in his arms. "Cronos..." he started.

"...And thus, Jason and Janelle." Theresa finished explaining, having taken over from Jay half way through.

"Ok weird." Neil said.

"Do you suppose we should tell the gods and goddesses that you guys are alive again?" Archie said.

"They already know." Odie replied light heartedly.

"Good, because I would hate to see Peresephone after she found out I had something to do with resurrecting people again." Theresa said in relief. Everyone began to laugh again and Jason and Janelle began to coo.


Theresa sat on the couch, cuddling with Jay. Archie and Atlanta were in Archie's room, Neil was at the school, making sure the underworld had not done anything to his perfect skin and Odie and Herry were at an all you can eat buffet.

"Can I have my letter back?" Jay asked.

"No." Theresa said cutely.

"Please?" Jay asked, flirting with her.

"No." Theresa said cutely again.

"Well then I shall just have to tickle you." Jay said flirtatiously. He leaned over and began to tickle his girlfriend.

"Jay stop!" She said between bursts of laughter.

"Give me back my letter." Jay said again, still tickling her mercilessly.

"Fine." Theresa gasped. Jay stopped tickling her, and she handed the letter back to him, she had already given him the ring.

"Thank-you, now I can use the ring." Jay said as he stood up and dropped to one knee. Tears came to Theresa's bright emerald green eyes. "Would you marry me?" Jay asked.

"Yes." Theresa said. Jay put the beautiful ring on her left hand ring finger. Jay stood up, as did Theresa. Joy was pulsing through both of their veins. Theresa wrapped her arms around Jay's neck and kissed him.

They young couple stood in each other's arms, lost in their kiss for what felt like years, neither of them wanted to end it. Passion filled them, hand in hand with joy. For now everything was just how it was supposed to be.

Theresa pulled away from Jay as Archie and Atlanta came down the hall. Atlanta spotted the diamond ring that Theresa was now wearing. "I suppose we are finally Learning are place. Archie said as he noticed the ring.

"Yes, yes we are." Theresa said.


Ok there is one more chapter to this, but it may take me some tim ebecause i am so behind in my math homework. But Its pretty good where it is right?
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