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Wrap Up

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Last Chapter!

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Dear Diary,

Janelle here. Mom gave me this journal just before we left for Archie and Atlanta's wedding. Those to have been together for as long as I can remember, so I don't know why they are waiting until today to get married, I mean I have known them since I was born and they have been together since then, and in about five months Jason and I turn 14. Mom and Dad say that they want to talk to Jason and I in a while. I'm a little worried... I think they might know about the lamp broke last week. I didn't mean to, actually I don't know how it happened.

I was so angry at Jason for leaving a lip chap in his back pocket and then putting his pants in the wash. It got all over my clothes, and well before I knew it the lamp was smashed on the ground, it was like it floated of the table and crashed down.

Oh crap, later is now now. I got to go.


Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad sure can keep secrets. I'm so muddled right now, I don't know where to start. It's all so confusing. Oh where to start...

Well Diary. I'm a descendant of Jason and Theseus, you know the two Greek Heroes? Yeah that's them. Mom is a descendant of Theseus and Dad is a descendant of Jason.

Jason is named after well Jason, obviously. And apparently I am a named after Dad. Mom had a second cousin named Janelle who was always called Jay, if you where a little confused about that. I know I was.

Oh and Mom did know about the lamp. Apparently she saw it coming, literally. She is physic, and she thinks I may be to. I am going to start training with Persephone in a week (she's a Greek goddess. A GREEK GODESS CAN YOU BELIVE IT!!!) And Dad thinks that Jason takes after him, he has a natural ability to lead. Though it's so Mom's side of the family that Jason and I get our combat skills.

They also told us about why Archie and Atlanta were married today. It made me cry.

Fourteen years ago Atlanta died. Ok I'll leave you some room to get over that shock and confusion.

Ok ready? Hope so.

Atlanta was knocked overboard a boat and eaten by a shark. Archie was devastated Mom was to. As were the others. Mom decided to do something about it.

She came up with a spell to cast to bring back Atlanta. It worked. I'll leave you another space to get over that shock.

I know, my mother. Resurrecting someone. Oh but wait that's not the half of it.

Less than two weeks later Atlanta died again while She, Mom, Dad and the others defeated an evil Greek god named Cronos. I know my Mom and Dad, heroes. I'll leave you more shock room. The next part is really BIG!!!

Ready now? Take a few deep breaths. Good, let's go.

Not only did Atlanta die, but also so did Dad, Herry, Odie, and Neil. Mom and Archie were left. And to top it all off Mom was pregnant with Jason and I. She had us three months later (something about a poison in her hot chocolate speeding up her pregnancy, and a different on in Dad's causing him to involuntarily screw her. Gross I know. )

Apparently it was three months AFTER Jason and I were born that Dad and the others came back to life. Turns out Archie and Mom used to fight a lot when they were younger (when they were younger, who am I kidding the still fight now!) and they had to learn that they needed each other to make the team and there lives complete. When they learned this Dad and the others were resurrected. Weird, Creepy, I know.

But it's also kind of romantic. Ok a little romantic. Well I have to go. I start training with Peresephone and the other Greek Gods tomorrow. I would leave you shock room, but I think you have already dropped this diary. I guess that it is time to start / Learning my place /.

~~ Janelle ~~


Ok it was not that great. And I'm sorry; it just gave me lost of issues. I knew what I wanted but did not know how to write it. Annoying. As always please rate and review. I have started my own original story called By The Light Of Our Love; it's in the fantasy section. And by beta readers I would have you test read that one as well but a couple of my friends already claimed it. And I think I will stick to one shots for a while. Oh and my wrist is feeling better, I was able to finish typing this two hand style!!!

See You At The Crossroads Is On Sunday (on teletoon) Whoot Whoot!!!
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