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Heart Broken

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Atlanta and Archie...what will they say to each other!!!!

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Archie met up with the boys after school. jay had told them all about the "incident".

"Dude! You actually kissed her!! How did she react!!" herry jumped on Archie.

"What! You told them!!!"

"Sorry..but their gonna find out sometime..sooner or later anyway.."

"You got to talk to her!!" Neil said.

"yeah, tell her how you feel...she prabably already knows from the kiss...but you two could become..a couple!" Odie exclaimed.

They kept saying things non-stop..Archie couldn't take it.

"FINE! I'll go okay..."

"Yes!" Jay and herry said to each other.


Atlanta rehearsed lines as if it were an important play.

"! Hi! What's wrong with me..i don't say hi after we kissed!! Archie...I'm..Archie..I am....Archie...." Atlanta didn't know what to say...what if he didn't like her...What if Theresa was wrong? Why did he kiss me? It was prababl;y just an accident...our lips just somehow touched.

It felt magical to her..something she never felt before..not even with Pan...or any other guy. She had to admit, Archie was the cutest guy she ever met. He might not be sweet sometimes...but that's what she liked about him.


Archie was writing a poem..

He actually made many poems but lots were scrunched into a ball around his locker.

"Why don't i just talk to her in person..."

he looked in the mirror smiling...but he couldn't stop blushing as well.

Then he saw Olivia...the popular girl...but she was not nice to Atlanta..Archie thought she was quite annoying. She had a little crush on Archie as well and got on the nerves of Atlanta...

"Hey archie." She put her hand on his shoulder.

"What do you want olivia..' Archie said looking at her hand wanting to slap it off.

"Oh nothing...I heard...that girl...Atlanta...she kissed you in gym dare she you know..she knows your all mine..."

He wanted to slap her face, but knew he couldn't be rude, and the teachers might have seen him.

"'re not mine...and what's wrong with Atlanta..she's my best friend by the way!"

She started making fake tears.

"Oh,'s just that..I really like you.."

Archie rolled his eyes.

Olivia turned around. "Archie don't you like me?"


Atlanta watched the hallways empty as she walked rehearsing her lines towards Archie's locker.

"I know--" She turned the corner seeing Olivia..the girl she most hated kissing her Archie.

She ran...towards the gym.

"Atlanta!!" She heard behind her.


Olivia leaned in and kissed him.

He moved back.

"Olivia what are you doing!!" He said angrily.

He saw Atlanta.


he chased after her.


Atlanta raced around that track.

For the first time in her life she couldn't run as fast as she use to..for the first time she never felt this pain..for the first time,..shje never felt this way about a boy...

She ran and ran until she fell on the track..wincing in pain...

She couldn't get up..she couldn't....

Her heart was weak...fill with anguish...

okay i'll continue on next chapter!!!
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