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In his eyes and arms.

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Atlanta is heart broken! Will Archie make her understand??!!

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Atlanta lay there on the ground. She heard footsetps...

They cam ecloser and closer...

it was Archie.

His strong body and delicate calmiing eyes moved towards her.

He picked her up laying her in his arms...

tears running down and topling on one another down her cheek.

She wanted to slap him! But couldn't..not to this boy...she hadn't much energy..and she realized she loved this boy...

His blue warm eyes were comforting. Atlanta felt calmer...

She was breathing heavily..but softer now...she regained some enegery by laying there swimming in his eyes.

Soon she felt healed from the pain. But not completely.

She knew in her heart Archie wouldn't do this to her..he wouln't try to hurt her..but it did.

It left a scratch on fire...a deadly posionous dagger plunged right through.

It was a painful scar...

"I'm sorry.."he said. He dried a few tears."She kissed me." He explained. "I would never hurt your feelings by kissing the very girl you hate. Forgive me..." Archie annouced.

She was half speechless. All she could do was whimpered out a few more tears as she daydreamed in his arms feeling much better than she did.

"Atlanta...I'm're the only one for me..."

His shining eyes leaned ina closed...and kissed her once more.

He couldn't blush because he knew the pain through her and could feel it. He tried to heal it by giving the best treatment of all...a kiss. Her tears swept away.

They broke apart.

She was to say what lay in her heart.

"Archie..I forgive're the only one for me too...i love you."She exclaimed.

He smiled.

"Me too...more than a best friend.." He said.

They stood up.

"Want to skip class today?" Archie said.

"Yeah.." She lay her head on his shoulder as they walked down the stairs.

Jay and Theresa hiding..who were actually spying on them the whole time...

They peeked out watching them go.

"Okay I didn't want to be nosy..buyt that was so romantic!!!" theresa exclaimed.

"Yeah.." He took her by the waist and held her just like archie held Atlanta.

"Theresa..I love you too..."

She smiled.

"Me too."


I'm actually not done..but I loved the chapter!! And I hope you all did too!!!
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