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Days 9-11 (Wierd)

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Day 9 (Revenge)

1:23 PM


I laughed at the blonde haired girl tied up in the chair before me and DJ Hook. Apparently the girls name is Ursula.

"Why are you keeping me? How'd I get here?" Ursula asked.

DJ Hook sighed. "You've been here for a couple of days, and you ask that a million times. If I tell you, will you shut up?

Ursula shook her head yes.

"I'm keeping you for revenge," I told her, smirking under my mask. "And you got here, for DJ Hook and myself control this island."

"What?" She asked confused.

I sighed. Man, captives, you got to tell them everything...

"You see, this island isn't real." DJ Hook said.

"Not real?"

"No. It's not," continued DJ Hook. "It's a virtual reality. You guys just think it's real. So if you "die" on this island, you automaticly come to us. You're now ours."

Ursulas voice quivered. "What are you going to do to me?"

"You'll see soon enough," I told her. "Timings everything."

I turned my head to the large TV screen. On it, it showed everyone on this island- video cameras were hidden everywhere.

"Looks like Julius had fun with Bloodhound," I said laughing. "He got scratched...oh, this is too good! Soon, you all will be ours!"


Day 10 (Wierd)

7:13 PM


Nosey had built a small campfire, and we all sat around it. I was sitting beside Julius, of course. In the flames of the night, I could see Julius was awfully pale.

"Do you feel alright, Juls? You don't look right." I asked him with concern.

"No...I'm fine," He said.

I could tell in his voice he wasn't sure himself. I raised an eyebrow. I quickly pulled myself closer to him and felt his forhead.

"Man, you're really burning up...maybe you should go down and rest," I told him.

"I'm fine," He muttered.

But as we continued to visit with the others, Julius didn't seem focus. His eyes became glassy like and his breathing got heavier.

"Julius, you should really lay down..." I began again.

But Julius soon had tears in his eyes.

"Julius? You ok, hon?" Asked Scarlett.

Julius then fell down into the sand, put his hands on his head, and began to shake as if he was having a seizure.

"JULIUS!" Everyone screamed.

Julius began screaming. Everyone was around him.

"JULIUS!" I cried out again.

I ran beside my fallen partner/boyfriend. I went to help him up, but when I did, Julius suddenly got still. At first I thought he fell asleep- intill he grabbed my wrist, and began sqeezing it...hard.

"Julius, you're hurting me..."

Julius' eyes were no longer glassy as the were before. They were no longer blue. Now he had bags under his eyes with an ugly grin. I didn't recanize him anymore. He then flipped me, forcing me to fall on the ground. Ouch...Julius then sat on my stomache, and pinned my arms down.

"You're scaring me, Julius, please, stop," I begged him.

"Julius is no longer here..." "Julius" said.


I noticed Julius' voice was now deep and robot-like.

"I now control this body." "Julius" said.

"Julius this is a sick joke, man!" Cried out Al.

He may not be able to see, but he could still hear well. Nosey, Emmet, and Scarlett ran to my aid. They ended up getting Julius off of me. I had to sit on Julius' stomache, and Scarlett and Nosey both held one of his arms down. Then Emmet sat on his legs. He couldn't move. He was stable.

"GET OFF OF ME!" He hissed.

He began jumping, trying to break free. He was acting like a caged animal. Soon, Julius began to calm down. He looked at me for a sec, before a moan escaped his lips. His eyes rolled back, and he closed his eyes.

"What the hell was tht about?" Asked Emmet.

Then it hit me...the Bloodhound...had scratched him...does that mean he can take over Julius now...Because I remember Julius saying...

Julius no longer here...

I told the gang what happened to Julius and the Bloodhound.

"Is he going to be alright?" I asked with concern.

"Well is someones body is taken over, it must take lots of energy out of the vessel," Scarlett said thinking.

I hated when Scarlett called Julius a "vessel."

I took Julius' pulse- it was racing. I then put my head to his chest to listen to his heart- it was beating fast. I then put my hand under his nose-he was also breathing fast.

"I guess he seems alright," I concluded. "I think he's just sleeping. Emmet, please help me take Julius to his bed."

"Sure thing," Emmet said without hesitation.

What the hell had happened?


Day 11: (Meeting)

6:12 AM

"We're in deep trouble, guys!" Moaned Al.

I knew what he was talking about- Julius and what happened last night. Julius still didn't wake up from after last nights episode.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Nosey. "He's going to hurt one of us. We're not going to have a clue when he's not going to be himself anymore."

"The real question is is how do we get the old Julius back," pointed out Scarlett. "We have to keep a close eye on this kitten."

"We'll take shifts watching him" Concluded Al.

"Yeah. Good idea." I agreed. "I'll probley take most of the shifts...I hate seeing him like this. He needs me."

Everyone nodded their head in understanace.

Oh, Julius, I want the old you back...But for once in my life, I was scared of Julius. But he needs me more than ever now. And I wasn't going to abandon him.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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