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Days 12-14 (Listening To Darkness)

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Day 12(Listening to Darkness)

8:48 PM


I was thankful that Julius didn't have anoter attack...yet. But he sure did sleep alot. He was asleep now, in his and my shelter, in his bed. He breathed heavily and he looked like he was cold. I helped him up, being careful not to wake him up, and hugged him to give him warmth. Julius moaned silently in his sleep. Then, he slowly began to move in my arms. He let out a yawn, the opened his eyes.

"Hey, beautiful," He said softly.

"Hey you," I said. "How you feeling today?"

"Not too good."


Then Julius closed his eyes again. He did the exact same thing he did before at the camp fire...he began to shake, cry and scream. Oh, no...I dropped Julius, and ran out of the shelter.

"HELP!" I screamed.

Then I remembered-no one was here. They all went berry-picking. I was alone with Julius. Crap.

It was seconds later Julius came running out of the shelter. He ran up to me, and started choking me. It was getting harder, and harder to breathe. ohhhhh...I was getting lighthead. I didn't know how much of this I could take. Then Julius suddenly stopped. He fell to the ground, crying...a normal crying, not crying of pain.

"Delilah, I'm so sorry..."He said between breaths. "I'm so sorry..."

"It's ok, Julius, it's not your fault..."

"I don't want to hurt you..."

"Julius, it's ok," I said again. "It's not your fault, you're being controled...

Then Julius got that look in his eyes again that frightened me and stuck fear into my heart. He began to choke me again. I was tempted to kick him, fight him off...but this was Julius. I couldn't hurt him. Then Julius stopped again, and then again...normal crying, not pain crying.

"Delilah...I'm again so, so, sorry...there's only one thing left to do..."


Julius introrupted me. "Delilah, there's not much time left intill I stike again. I'm not going to stop untill you're dead. De, I love you. I'd die for you..."

I knew were Julius was

"I love you, Delilah..." He whispered.

He quickly gave me a kiss. I noticed the tears in his eyes. I was so shocked, I couldn't say anything. Nothing at all. Julius ran into the lake. NO...he was going to drown himself! I dived in right after him. I dived deep as I could into the water. I could barely see, the salt water was hurting my eyes. Or what that just me crying?

I caught up to Julius. Swmming lessons really came in handy here. Then I saw it- Julius' feet were stuck in the seaweed-he was stuck. He was going to drown. Julius stood there lifeless, and closed his eyes. Wasn't he afraid to die? I tried to get his feet untangled, but it was so hard.

I soon realized if I didn't get out of the water, we were both going to drown. I had to get up for air. When I did, I ran for a little wooden sword Scarlett had made. It may help a little bit. I dived down, cut the seaweed, and got him to surface.

Julius' eyes remained closed. I quickly tilted his head and did mouth-to mouth, pressing on his stomache-not response. I quickly chucked his pulse, breathing and heartbeat...nothing. Julius was...Julius was...dead. he died for me. I fell onto his body, crying.


Day 13 (Mourning For You)

Dear Diary,

I can't believe it. Julius is actually gone. He's gone. We had a little funeral for him today. I couldn't stop crying. Memories came flashing through my head over, and over again. out adventures, out first kiss...everything. Everywhere I looked, I was remined of him. I felt like I wanted to die-but no, I couldn't let Julius' sacrafice for me go to waste. But...he's gone...he's really gone...

~Delilah Devonshire~

(a/n:If you were to look at Delilah's diary, you would have seen tear drops all over it, smearing her once neat writing...)


Day 14(You Belong To Me)


I was trapped in a cold dungeon behind bars that reminded me of jail. Ursula was beside me. I remember what Con Man had told me when I first came here after I "died"...

"This is vitual reality," he had said. "When you "die" on this island, you belong to me."

I shivered. I was no captive. How lonv were Ursula and me going to be here? Would the Bloodhound take over me here, too? I am so confused...


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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