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Days 15-17 (The Plan)

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Uhhhhh....Lol CURSE ISLAND

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DAY 15 (Dear Diary)

11:09 PM


Dear Diary,

My God, why is life so complicated? I'm going INSANE without Julius. I hate to admit it, but I'm missing Ursula, too. It's hard when Als blind like a bat, everyones cranky and taking it out on each other. Everyone is killing everyone else. It's horrible. We need to get the hell off this island!

We never saw the BloodHound, DJ Hook or Con Man yet. It's been 15 days (I counted with pebbles in the sand) and not have we seen them. They must be planning something...planning to make their move soon. We have to keep our gaurd up. We just have to. We were going to get off this island and survive.

~Delilah Devonshire~


Day 16: (The Plan)

1:59 AM

DJ Hooks point of view:

I knew the plan Con Man told me. Con Man was to look after those two stupid blonde haired kid, as I quickly put some posionous berries on their little shelter. It was fool-proof! They would eat them! They wouldn't even think it was me who changed them! This was too perfect!

I took about ten purple berries out of my pocket, and put them near their campfire. I had to hurry, for I didn't want to wake them up. Man, this was sooooo good! Our troubles will be over, and Delilah and Julius, plus the academy, gone forever!


Day 17: (Posion To The Mind)

6:12 AM


"WOW! Berries!" Cried out a voice.

"I don't believe it1" Cried out another voice.

Huh? I woke up with a big stretch and a yawn. I went out of the tent, to see Emmet, Al, Nosey and Scarlett around in a group by the campfire.

"What's going on?" I asked them.

"BERRIES! We found berries!" Shried Nosey like a little child. "And we don't have to pick them! God, my hands are hurting from those thorns..."

I looked curiously in the middle to see about ten purple berries. They looked ripe and juicy. We all took one. then everyone took a bit out of their berry. It was very bitter, like a lemon. My lips began to puker. Then, slowly I began to lose focus. Everything got blurry, and my eye lids got heavy. Ohhhhh...

Then everything went black.



xxDarkness' Kidxx

Sorry so short...writers block.... :( plus I just updated three stories in a row, LOL...also I'm working on an original drama story that has nothing to do with Delilah and Julius, lol, called "My Sanctuary." I'm really into it and have lots of ideas, even though I'm probley headed for a trainwreck, LOL. I would personally like to thank Trinda for reading it and reviewing. You rock, thanks! :)
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