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Chapter 23: Dee's P.O.V.

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"'Don't be late' he tells me. Where is he?"

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I awoke the next morning to find myself nestled in the sheets with none other than Patrick. Wait, we didn't...Did we? I take a quick peek underneath the thin blanket. Nope. Clothes still on. You'd think I'd be disappointed to realize that fact, but no. I was content with him just being next to me.

Bzzzttt. Bzzttt.

What the hell? I sat up to get a better idea of where the sound was coming from. Patrick's sidekick was spinning on the table. I lifted myself from the bed and flipped open the Sidekick.

"Hello. Patrick's"

"Where's Patrick?"

"Sleeping. Wait. Who's this?" I ask puzzled.


"Oh. Sorry. I didn't- You sound different on the phone."

"Not exactly a morning person."

Well, I'm sure...especially if you spend all night fu-

"Oh, and thank you for the search party last night. That was greatly appreciated." He notifies me, a "hint" of sarcasm in his voice.

"Did you need anything else, Pete?" I say arrogantly, ignoring his last statement.

"Just tell 'Trick that if he wants to try and get some studio time down, he needs to get his happy ass up."

"Alright. I'll tell him."

"See you in a bit."


I click off and proceed over to Patrick. I shake him gently and he finally opens his eyes.


"Hey." He replies, sleepily.

"Just so you know," I inform him, "the studio awaits us. Pete called and said you need to get your 'happy ass' up."

"Well, I'm up. I need to change though. "

"And shower."

He laughs inwardly. " That too."

"Speaking of changing...I need to. " I realize looking down at the attire I had worn last night.

"Well..." He breathes getting out of bed and slipping his shoes back on, "I guess I'll see you all in the studio. Don't be late." He kisses my cheek as he slides past me and out of the door.


"'Don't be late' he tells me. Where is he?"

"How should I know?" Chad remarks, as he spins himself around on the chair.

Just to piss him off, Sam grabs the seat from moving.

"I was actually having fun. Thanks for ruinin' it."

"No prob. Besides, you should have known I was going to do it. I like ruining people's 'fun'." He turns to Emily. "Isn't that right, Em?"

Em sticks out her tongue as she flicks him off.

Chad lets out a coarse laugh. " That would be a 'yes,' I think."

"So, it's just us and Patrick, today?" Emily slips out.

"I guess. I think we're just supposed to run through a few things. You know, get acquainted with the whole studio thing. Just to get an idea of where we'd like to be. Vocally. Musically."

"Maybe we should warm up first?" Em proposes stepping in the sound booth.

I follow suit with Sam and Chad right on the back of my heels. We all get situated with our respective instruments and give each other a nod as soon as we are all ready.

"So, what should we play, guys?" Sam says before drumming sporadically.

A wide grin reveals itself across Emily's lips. "Grand Theft Autumn."

"Ah. Should have guessed." Chad shakes his head.

"Yeah, you should have." I laugh, adjusting the strap on my shoulder.

Emily lets out a breath and begins:

Where is your boy tonight?
I hope he is a gentleman.
Maybe he won't find out what I know:
You were the last good thing
about this part of town.

Chad and I rip up the guitar melodies as Emily belts out the rest of the song, with us occasionally adding extra vocals when needed. Sam meanwhile keeps the beat with a blur of hand movements and continuous head banging. Patrick walks in just as we finish, with a mix of embarrassment and worry on his face. We immediately drop our instruments and step back out of the sound booth.

"What's wrong, Patrick?" I say as he seats himself in front of the mixing boards.

"I'm sorry. I got caught up. I didn't mean to keep you guys waiting."

"It's okay. We made use of the extra time." Emily vocalizes, settling into one of the swivel seats.

"No. It's not okay..." Patrick trails off.

"So, then why were you late?" Chad questions innocently.

"I met up with a few friends of mine and lost track of time."

"Who?" Sam oozes with curiosity.

And as if on cue the members of Panic! At The Disco amble through the studio doors.

"No way." Emily breathes quietly.

"These are the guys I was talking about: Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, and Jon." He says, pointing each one out.

Sam rolls his eyes. "Like we don't know."

Brendon lets out a nod. "'Sup guys."

"Hey." I smile.

He smiles back, revealing his braces-straight pearly whites.

"Soooo..." Jon draws out.

"Oh. Sorry. It's just weird. We're a little starstruck." Emily says truthfully, never leaving her gaze from Ryan's youthful face. "First meeting Fall Out Boy and then Panic! At The Disco? It's just crazy."

"Any friend of Fall Out Boy is a friend of ours." Spence points out.

*A/N: Yay! Two new chapters! Been a long time, huh? Now we have Panic! introduced in the story. Any guesses for what will happen next? Remember reviews are love.
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