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Chapter 3:A Hip a Hop

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Authors note-So I'm a little sad finding out that Adam Lazzara's married. Yes, he is. It's obvious. Ring never takes it off, plus the INTERNET sas he is. So in case you didn't know. He is...:C But I can still fantisize. Can't I? So lets not let one little marrage get us down. FAN FICS TO THE END!!! On with the chapter.

I continued my what was supposed to be pleasant tour of the haunted mansion. I heard a loud noise on the upper level. I started to freak.

'But what if someone's in trouble?' I asked myself. "I shall be the savor!"

So I ran up the stairs into the mysterious room. I looked in the room. Nothing. I heard the noise again.

"It's okay Adam, it's just your imagination." I said to myself.

I turned around and saw a giant bunny. It was playing The Sleeping.

"Bunny?" I asked.

It replied with a "Back, back, back, back, thru' the radio. Now who's listening tonight?"

I was really confused. "What the hell?" I asked.

"Don't hold back, hold back tonight."

"Oh my friggen god." I said. "I gotta go." I ran away. Far away.

"DON'T HOLD BACK!" The thing yelled.

I then remembered that, that bunny was on the cover of their new c-d. Questions and
answers. Buy it in stores today!
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