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Chapter 4:I'm Eating Bren Flakes For Breakfast!

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Uhhhhhhh.....BRENDON URIE!

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Adam continued his lovely walk in the haunted house. He heard a noise. it sounded like a tv. So Adams interest clicked and the stupid part of him clicked in his mind. So his stupidness forced him to follow the tv sound.

"Yawn." Adam yawned. "I wonder what that sound is." Adam walked into the tv room. He found Ray Toro sitting right in front of the tv, watching a tv commercial. "Hey Ray...watcha watching?"

"I am watching Fuse. They're gonna put our new commercial on tv." Ray responded.

"Why aren't you watching it back at your house in jersey?" Adam always thinks.

"Because." Ray said.

"Because why?"

"Ooh! Shut up. It's our commercial."

Ray blasted the tv. "Hello, I am Brendon Urie." The TV shouted.

"What?" Ray asked. "This is supposed to be my add!"

"Kellogs cereal company finally agreed to give me a cereal company."

"Who is Brendon Urie?" Adam asked.

"WHO IS BRENDON URIE!!!!???" Ray shouted. "AHHH!!!!"

"Now to start my offical commercial." brendon said on the tv.


"Hey Spencer. What are you eating?" The dude on the tv asked.

"Well Ryan. Only our good friend Brendon Urie can answer that." Spencer said.

"OH BRENDON!!!" Ryan shouted.

"Whats all the commotion ab-What are you guys eating." Jon(the third dude) asked.

Brendon walked in. "They're eating Bren Flakes."


The tv screen went to a picture of a cereal.

"I'm Eating Bren Flakes for Breakfast." Brendon said.

"The worlds greatest cereal"

"Also the worlds greatest good tasting cr-"

Ray turned off the TV before the thing ended.

"I think I'm gonna buy some." Adam said.

"Oh no your not. What about Honey Nut Afreals."


"The cereal with the flakes shaped like my afro but are honey nut flavored."

"I've tried those."

"Did you like them?"

"They sucked...real bad."

Adam walked out.

"WHO THE HELL IS BRENDON URIE???!!" Ray screamed from outside the door.

Chapter 5 coming soon.
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