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" Atlanta?" Archie asked as he climbed up the mountain. " Oh course she isn't going to answer me." He said aloud brushing a few strands of sweaty hair from his eyes. He climbed a bit more until he ...

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Chiron paused a moment and played with his moustache.
" Okay, you seem eager enough and you do seem rather brave so I guess it's alright if I told you." He took in a deep breath and for a moment Archie though he wasn't going to tell him.
" Well?" Archie asked leaning forward in his chair.
" Here let me show you." He said walking over and picking up his large book.
" Lets see, Ae, Ar, Are, Ah here it is Artane." Chiron said waving his hand over the image causing it to make a hologram of the plant.
" I've seen it before," Archie said rubbing his chin.
" Oh no young man you have never seen this, it is very rare and only found in certain places in the world."
Archie said nothing and let him continue.
" I don't have the right ingredients to make it and it is far to dangerous to go retrieve by yourself."
" But I think I can make it, I only need a few more things, I can get some but you will have to get the others."
" I'll get everything you need as long as it will help my friend!" Archie said.
" Oh and we will need to go and rescue your friend in order to give her the medication."
" No prob I can do it." He said boldly.
" If you think you can manage I suppose you could."
" Great thanks I will go get her." He said leaping for the door.
" Just be careful it may be hard to get the two of you down." Chiron said.
" No problem I can do it." " I'll be back in a few hours or whatever you call 60 minutes." Archie rushed out the door.
" Oh but wait before you go I must warn you, After the victim is poisoned you will only have 46 hours to save them." Chiron read aloud to him. " Okay that leaves us like well just over 10 hours at the most." " No problem I can do it."

" Well seeing you are still only 5 I guess you're friends have yet to return." Hera spoke emotionlessly to the others.
They slowly nodded their heads.
" Were could they be?" Jay asked stepping forward.
" I do not know, but you shouldn't worry Hermes is trying to find them with the portal."
" Could Cronus be behind this?" Jay asked.
" I do not know." She said once again.
" But their signal said that they were not far from the school," Odie tried to explain.
" Were does it say that they are now?" Theresa asked. Odie pressed a few buttons then spoke " They aren't with each other" " It says Atlanta's in the same spot but Archie's far from her." He said puzzled.
" Really?" Neil asked stretching the word.
" You shall go home." Hera nodded to the door. They all left the room.
" Oh Jay come here a moment." Hera said fingering him over.
" Yes Mrs. Hera?" He asked.
" I don't want you to worry, but it might be a good idea to look around for something." She said.
" I understand." Jay nodded and ran after the others.

" Hey what's this?" Theresa asked picking up some of their friend's mess.
" Oh that's from when Archie and Atlanta were studying." Odie said picking up some loose papers.
" No I mean what is this?" Theresa said pointing to the large brown book. The binding was loose on it and some pages were torn out. " Probably some book on hunting." Odie said still going through the papers. " Let's see." Odie said taking the book from her. " This isn't right what would Atlanta be doing with a book of ancient spells?" He asked a little freaked out. " Okay this is creepy." Theresa said.
" What's so creepy Atlanta would probably read that book because she IS creepy!" Neil exclaimed.
" Neil!"
" What you know I'm right." Theresa rolled her eyes and continued to flip through the thick book. " We should tell Mrs. Hera about it." Jay said stepping into the conversation.

" Oh yes this is going so nicely." Cronus snickered.
" Agnon get me a cup of coffee." Cronus ordered. The giant ran of quietly and returned later with a mug of hot liquid.
" Ah I'm going to savour this moment." Cronus sighed sipping the drink.
" You call this coffee?" He demanded. The giant crossed his legs shaking.
" Gahh!" Cronus slammed the mug down on a table near his chair. Coffee flew in the air from the force of its master.
" Blasted I broke my favourite mug! He shouted in his deep voice.
" Clean it up!" He shouted pointing to the shards of broken glass. The dumb giant nodded and began to clean up the hot drink mixed with bits of blue glass.

" Atlanta?" Archie asked as he climbed up the mountain. " Oh course she isn't going to answer me." He said aloud brushing a few strands of sweaty hair from his eyes. He climbed a bit more until he was pretty sure that he was on the ledge were he had left her. The only thing was, She wasn't there. Archie began to panic a bit but managed to keep his cool. He regained his breath and began to climb once more thinking he was merely on the wrong ledge. He climbed his way up the hard rocks that left marks on his fingers. He had been climbing almost an hour more sense the last time he stoped to rest. Still no sing of Atlanta. He glanced down to see how far he had climbed but that was a huge mistake. His vision began to blur and a small thumping began in the side of his head. He felt dizzy and began to sway. Archie now seemed to be forming a new fear of heights, which was never a problem before. Archie snapped his eyes shut and tried to regain himself. Below him was mountain as far as the eye could see. There was also a slight mist floating around the cliff. Archie couldn't remember climbing through it but now he knew it was there. Archie glanced upward to see how much mountain was left. He could make out the top but it was still more then half an hour away. So Atlanta defiantly wasn't here but if he went to the top he would find Hera and mabey she could help him. But then he remembered how Hera and Zeus had treated them when they went back in time. But this time he was the same size as them so it had to go better. While he thought of this and also what he planned on saying he had already made it to the surface.

Well not much to say, Archie fineally goes looking for Atlanta only to find her gone and now he finds out about some kind of time limit! R&R! Oh and also I wanted to know why you read my stories? Please tell me why!
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