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Hidden away

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Archie fineally finds the help he needs but what if it's too late?!

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Okay all, after restarting my computer and losing all of my stories and snippets of writing, I managed to recall some of what I lost, (not literally .) Oh and it may just be me but as I re-read what I had written before I believe that I am a much better writer then I was before, those earlier chapters stank.... Oh and this chapter is written a bit differently then the others.


Archie lifted his hand to the wooden door and stood back as he waited for somebody to answer. Maybe this wasn't the house belonging to Hera and Zeus. Well if it wasn't he was about to find that out. A rather strong built body greeted him. He had a rather unusual hair style done in a golden honey with strands of bangs floating around his eyes. Something in the shape of his face told Archie that this was the god he had come to see. The man groaned impatiently as he tapped his large knuckles against the side of the door.
" Oh." Archie remembered his task at hand. " Could I come in?" He asked bravely trying to make himself look a bit more in shape then he was in fact. Rolling his eyes and taking a step to the side he let Archie inside.

The 'mountain house' was decorated much different then when he had last been here. If it was even here that he had been. A large fireplace much like Helen's centred the room. Atlanta. His mind raced. Behind him sat a wooden table covered in herbs and spices. He rested in a maroon coloured chair with a floral design around the bottom. Zeus came back into the country style room with a younger looking Hera. She glanced his way and then whispered something quietly to Zeus. He nodded and they both looked at Archie. Feeling pressured by the eyes staring hardly at him he escaped a corny half smile.

I stared at the young boy seated before me. He didn't like this, that I could tell. His story was far fetched, very far. Hera had come downstairs now and she was looking at the skinny boy with the most awful haircut.
" He comes for our help." I spoke to Hera. She nodded and sat down in a wooden chair facing his. She held out her hand, but not to shake, she firmly held his and looked into his eyes. " I can help you with your task." She spoke as she gripped his hand.
" That's great." He said enthusiastically.
" Now tell me all you can recall." She leaned forward in the old chair as she listened intently.
" My friend and I were studying, you see...." He stopped when he say Hera shaking her head.
" Tell me everything you know." She said " Everything." Archie began to tell her all about his life at the school, living with his friends, and battling Cronus. Then he told her about his plan to help Atlanta and how it had backfired. Hera nodded understandingly.
" And when I came back here to get her she was gone." Archie explained. Hera turned back to look at me, I raised my eyebrows and she turned back to what he was saying.
" So is there anyway you can help me?" He asked hopefully.
" Here come quickly." She stood up from her chair and quickly walked into another room. Now it was just him and I in the room.

Archie quickly followed after the queen of the gods, the trail of her purple robe swished around the quick corners she traveled. Finally she stopped and spun around to face him. She held him by the shoulders and directed him to were she wished him to stand.
" Look into the ball and think very hard about your friend." She commanded.

Archie stared into the pool that looked much like Helen's and tried to picture Atlanta standing beside him. Her vibrant attitude , sweet smile, and amazing personality. Her sparkling green eyes, and fluffy red hair. Her petite figure, and strongly built legs. He stared into the pool and an image began to show. It was his best girl friend.

She was all cut and bruised and was trapped in a small room. The image shifted and he now saw Helen sitting outside of the room. She smiled cutely and twisted her thick hair around her fingers as she read some sort of book.

" That's Helen." Archie lifted his head from the pool before him. The couple nodded as Hera opened up to Zeus's arms that held her in a tight hug. This was the first time Archie had seen the two act like they were married, unlike the usual glance in the others direction that occurred while Jay was blabbing on about the plan and Hera happen to look over at the old man washing the floors.

For a moment it seemed as though they had forgotten Archie was in the room, for one moment only they seemed to be talking in their minds, and for one moment only Archie had no idea what was going on around him.

Even though it wasn't more than a second the rulers of the gods were off on their own it seemed like hours to Archie.
He waited impatiently as they hugged one another.

" Um, did I mention that I only have a few HOURS to find my friend?" Archie blurted out. The moment those words left his lips he wished them back inside.

But it seemed to get the attention of the gods and they once again seemed focused.


The un-lost group of friends flipped through the thick yellow book Odie held in his hands. As they reached the center of the old book a fresh looking piece of paper fell from the pages of the book and onto the tiled ground.

" Oh." Neil exclaimed as he reached down to pick up the thin paper. He turned it over in his hand and read the small writing on it.
" What's that?" Herry asked turning his attention to Neil.
" Some sort of ," Neil paused. " Thing."
" Give me that." Jay said ripping the paper from Neil's hand. His eyes trailed back and forth as he scanned the paper. Odie read over his shoulder, his eyes widened as he neared the end of the paper.
" Ah-ha," He exclaimed. " It seems that Cronus purchased this old book in a desperate attempt to..." He trailed off as he re-read the page that the paper had fallen from. " In a desperate attempt to divide us, causing the prophesy to break and that leaving him to take control of the earth."

Herry and Neil exchanged a glance and then both faced Odie and Jay and nodded dumbly. Theresa sighed.
Jay grabbed the book from Odie and began towards the door. " You guys are coming right?" He asked, but before her could get an answer he was gone.

Helen turned her head full of bouncy curls toward the door.
" Coming." She called standing up and lightly running through the Hobbit style house. But when she opened the door her once joyful expression quickly faded into one full of hate and disappointment. But when she saw Hera behind him she covered up with a fake smile .
" Hello Hera." She said in the fakest voice possible.
" Hello, Helen you know Archie don't you?" She asked fixing her hard cold eyes on the petite woman in front of her.
" Why yes hello Archie, come in won't you." She gestured towards the plant filled hallway behind her. Archie glared at her with a your-so-not-getting-away-with-this expression. Hera just stepped in without a glance at Helen.
Her eyes darted calmly around the house.
" Can I help you two with anything?" Helen asked her voice still filled with a sugar rush.
Archie looked back at Hera who stood behind him.
" Oh well. Perhaps you could tell us what this is?" Hera said handing the bottle of poison to Helen. Her eyes instantly widened but her expression remained calm. " I have no idea what this is." She shook the half empty bottle lightly and then set it down on the wood table.

As Hera spoke to Helen for a few minutes Archie used this chance to sneak of in search of Atlanta and the plant outside in the garden. He ran quietly around the house, it was almost impossible to find out were he was. Every room was about the same size and decorated similar. Archie then came across a room of to the side, it was hidden behind a green curtain and above it was a sign that said pantry. Archie glanced around and then snuck into the closed of room. That's were he saw the room that he had seen when he looked into the pool of water. He began fiddling with the lock until it swung open. The room was dark and bare but as he opened the door even more he could see his friend lying in the corner.

Tah-dah there it is another chapter! Hope yall like it anyways I'm just trying to update most of my stories so I don't need to worry about it! R&R! Please!
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