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Chapter one: They meet

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the begining

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Who is this new arrival?

Our story begins in the heart of the Forest of the Vindicated.

"Jack Spicer, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!!!", Raimundo screams out while he and Jack touch the Animorphous.
Jack thinks to himself, " Damn, and I really thought I wasn't going to have to have a Showdown today!".
"Alright Raimundo, first to fall in the--" Jack shifted his eyes looking for a good place. He spots a weird looking lake about 50-60 feet away.
"-- Fall in that lake over there Loses!", he finally yells out. "Alright, my Sword of the Storm for your... what Shen Gong Wu DO you have?", Raimundo asks.
"Wait just a sec.", Jack begins to search for a Shen Gong Wu. He finds the only Shen Gong Wu he brought with him, "Damn, I'm screwed!", he thought to himself.
" Alright, my Shadow of Fear for you Sword of the Storm." Jack says. Raimundo chuckles a bit. Annoyed Jack says," Are we having a showdown or not?".
Raimundo puts him game face on. "Lets go Xiaolin Showdown!!!", they both yell out at the same time.

The earth begins to shift and change it's form. For some reason this showdown seemed different then the others, but both are determined to win this new
Shen Gong Wu. The sun disappears completely, they both begin to notice that something really seems wrong but the faster they finish the Showdown the faster they can
get out of the Forest of the vindicated.

"Gong Yi Tempai!!!" both yell out. The battle begins.
They both begin jumping from tree to tree, boulder to boulder moving from place to place. "Sword of The Storm!" Raimundo tries to blow Jack way.
Jack holds on as hard as he can. He reaches for his Wu, "Shadow of Fear!".
Raimundo's worst fear pops up and begins to chase him, they begin to battle each other but he kept an eye on Jack to make sure he wouldn't push him off the tree.

Jack takes out his propellers and begins to calculate were and when he should go for Raimundo... There! He gets the perfect chance!
Something rustles in the bushes, Jack shifts his attention to the bush. He can make out a shape of somebody but he can't actually see them.
He then remembers that for a while now he has been seeing shadows every once in a while that is why he had his security tightened, It hit's him,
someone has been following him, keeping an eye on him!

"HIYA!!!" Raimundo throws the disgusting blob at Jack.
"Arrgh!!!" Jack begins to fall down, down ,down.

Everything begins to change to normal.
The Monks begin to celebrate. Jack remains seated on the floor, he wasn't really worried about the Wu, he was worried about himself!
Who could be watching his every move? He begins to walk without a word.

"Hey Jack, no stupid remark this time?" Kimiko asked jokingly. Jack didn't even turn around, he's just too worried.
He hadn't been this worried since Mrs. Cornhaven said that he had to bring his parents to parent teacher night.
He thinks to himself,"Mrs. Cornhaven." he shudders. He walks away.

The Monks look at each other.
Raimundo :"What the matter with HIM?"
Kimiko:"I don't know, I've never seen him like this before. You think something is bothering him? Haha! look at me, asking what might be wrong with Jack Spicer!
Omi begins to follow Jack. "Careful there partner." Clay begins to walk behind Omi.

Omi catches up to Jack and walks beside him.
Omi: "What is wrong Jack Spicer?"
Jack: " Huh? What? Nothing that concerns You. Now get out of my way Crome Dome, I've got some thinking to do."

Omi stops and keeps looking at Jack with a puzzled look on his face. Jack keeps walking away looking really downhearted.
Rain clouds begin to appear from nowhere. Clay puts his hand on omis shoulder.
Clay: "C'mon partner, lets go back before it rains."
Omi: " Although jack Spicer is evil it is our duty as Xiaolin Monks to help those in need."
Clay:" True, but he seems to not want any help. I think this is something he has to fix on his own."
Omi: " Perhaps you are right Clay, perhaps you are right."
they begin to head back to the temple.

Exit Vindicated forest.

Jack gets home:

Jack-bot 1: " WELCOME HOME SIR."
Yes-bot: "How did it go Jack. I bet you did good. How about a snack and beverage, huh?"
Jack: " No thanks, I'm not in the mood to eat or do anything."
The Jack-bots look at each other.
Yes-bot: "Alright, but if you need anything you know who to call!"
Yes-bot leaves and plugs himself in to recharge his power.

Jack heads to his room and just lays down on his bed, he tries to remember every time he saw the shadow, maybe there is a connection.
After a while he fell sound asleep. He begins to dream...

Jack is running and panting, he doesn't know exactly what it is he is running from but he keeps going anyway.
After a while he turns to see what it is that he is running from.
"NO!!!" He screams in terror. It's the shadow figure!
It keeps getting closer and closer, Jack trips he turns around and he sees the figure right in front of him.
A moster! A shadow monster!
He tries to crawl away but he gets swallowed by the creature!

He wakes up screaming his girly scream. He hides under his covers.
He then hears someone fiddling with his inventions.
He gets up, furious. Who would have the guts to go into his lair to be messing with his things?
He storms out the room.

"Jack-bots!!!" He screams out, but no answer, not even Yes-bot.
"Jack-bots?", he begins to get a chill up his spine. Nothing, no answer.
He hears a noise behind him, he turns around...
The Shadow!!!
He screams and tries to run but it's too late ,he gets swallowed!

Dream end.

He wakes up screaming, "Jack-bots Attack!".
the Jack=bots enter the room.
Jack begins to get snapped back into reality. He was just dreaming. "Nothing really happened.", he thought to himself.
Jack: "No, nothing I just had a nightmare."
The Jack-bots begins to leave.
Jack: "Wait!":
Jack=bot 1: "YES SIR?"
Jack: Can you plug in the big night light?" he smiles sheepishly.
The Jack-bot plugs in a ridiculously huge night light that lights up the whole room.
Jack: "Thanks, you can go now."
Jack-bots exits and Jack falls asleep again.

Next day:

Jack is working on a Jack-bot upgrade when his detecto-bot detects a new Shen Gong Wu.
Jack gets ready and is on his way. He leaves on his Jet 3000. The Jack-bot quickly follow.
You then see the shadow in his lair, it's eyes glow. It follows Jack's trail.

Outside of Momo Forest:

Jack is yet again in another showdown, this time he is against Kimiko for the Eye of truth.
Jack: "Kimiko, you are going to down!"
Kimiko: "You seem to be back to your old crummy self."
Jack: "why thank you!"

The showdown has been on for a while now, both Jack and Kimiko are getting tired.
"star of Hinabi FIRE!" Kimiko yells out.
"Ahhhh!" it hits Jack dead on. Just like that he loses yet another showdown.

The Monks begin to laugh at Jack..again.
Raimundo: "Maybe you should just give up on world domination, you are no good at it."
Kimiko: "yeah, why don't you open your own junk yard? I bet you'd make a killing."
They laugh once more and begin to walk away.

Jack just stays laying down on the floor PO'd. "Those jerks." he says to himself as he closes his eyes.
He then sees that the sun is being blocked by something, he open his eyes. He sees a girl hovering over him.
"Shes beautiful." he thought to himself.

Description of mystery girl:
Black hair up to waist
Dark brown eyes
About 5'8
Looks around 16-20 years old
Long black and red medieval looking dress with corset.
Red lipstick
Seems to have no weapon with her.

End description.

Mystery girl: "So, this is the infamous Jack Spicer. I'm glad to finally meet you."
Jack: "I didn't know I was that famous." he blushes.
She moves to his side and helps him up.
Mystery girl: "I've been keeping an eye on you lately. You might have noticed me a few times.
Jack: "So you are the shadow figure that I've beens seeing for the past couple of days?!"
Mystery girl: "So you did notice me!"
Jack: "You know I haven't been able to have a good nights sleep in days because of you?!"
Mystery girl: "Haha, if you were so worried, why didn't you just call me out?"
Jack: "Why were you keeping an eye on me in the first place?"
Mystery girl: " Because I wanted to study you and find your weaknesses so I can destroy you!"
She looked at him evilly.
Jack Screams like a girl.
Mystery girl: "Haha, no I'm just kidding. I just didn't know how I should go about on meeting you."
Jack looks at her with a puzzled look on his face.
Mystery girl: "Do you need help with getting the Shen Gong Wu?"
Jack: "I don't need YOUR help!"
Mystery girl: "Oh really? Then I guess you won't need these."
She takes out the Monks Shen Gong Wu. Jack has a surprised look on his face.
Jack: " Where did you get the Shen Gong Wu?!"

She pulls them away and begins to walk for the forest.
Jack: "Hey! Come back here!"
Mystery girl: "No, you said you didn't need MY help."
Jack: "You ARE evil, right?"
Mystery girl: "What do you think?"
Jack: "I just wanted to make sure, I've been wrong before... I don't want to go through that disappointment again."

Jack gets a big smile on his face. Someone with this kind of power actually wants to help him conquer the world!
What are the odds of that!
Jack: "Suppose one day I decide I want your help, how do I find you?"
Mystery girl: "Don't worry I'll find YOU."
He can hardly see her now.
Jack: "Hey! What's you name?!"
She Stops.
Mystery girl: "I'm known as Vendettadrake...but you can call me Julie."
With those last words she disappears.
"Julie, huh?" Says Jack as he stares into the forest.

End Chapter.
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