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Chapter two: Help is on it's way

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Begin chapter:

Several days have passed since that weird yet interesting and fateful day...

Jack is working yet again on some busted Jack-bots.
He stops what he is doing and removes his goggles. He looks at the calender.
"Three weeks and still no new Shen Gong WU!" he says as he sits down to take a brake from work. He begins to think back on the day he met...her.
"I wonder..." he thinks out loud. A lightbulb pops up over his head. "I've got it!", he gets up from his chair enthusiasticly and begins to pace
around his lair.
"I'll just go raid the Xiaolin losers' vault! I haven't done that in a while. Jack Spicer Evil Boy Genius does it again!"
, he gets his trench coat on and and his Heli-bot, he climbs in his Jet 3000. "Jack-bots! Time to get us some WU!" he yells out with a big smile on his face.
He shuts the glass door, starts the engine and is soon on his way with his Jack-bots not far behind.

Mean while at the Xiaolin temple:

Raimundo is yet again keeping himself entertained by making Omi do rediculous things.
Omi: "So all I have to do is put this wippedcream on Clays hand and tickle his nose?"
Raimundo: "Yeah, it's as easy as cake!"
Omi: "Are sure he won't get angry with me?"
Raimundo: "Shuuu! No, he won't get mad. In Texas when you put wipcream on a sleeping friends hand and tickle there nose it means that you value their friendship."
Omi: "Oh! Well in that case..."
Omi, so gullable.

Omi applies the wipcream on Clays hand, while Raimundo chuckles under his breath.
Omi: "Okay, I'm done, now for the feather, if you would please Raimundo."
Raimundo hands him the feather, still chuckling. Omi begins to tickle Clays nose... Omi fails to make him scratch his nose.

Clay begins to talk in his sleep.
Clay: "I'd like seconds, please!"
Raimundo almost can't hold in his laughter anymore, Omi tries once more...SMACK!!!
Clay: "What in tarnation?!"
Omi hugs him.
Omi: "I value our friendship very much."
Clay: "What are you talking about partner?"
He spots Raimundo laughing hystericly in the corner. Clay get's up, furious.
Clay: "Now you are gonna get it Rai!"
Raimundo get's up in hurry and begins to run toward the hall, followed by a very angry Clay.
A little while after that chase had began the Monks hear clanking and rustling in the Temple vault.

They all head toward the vault, who do they see? The one and only Jack Spicer taking their Wu. (As if we didn't see that coming already, just work with me people.)
Clay: "It's that no good Jack Spicer!"
Kimiko: "Has he finally lost his marbles? Does he really think he can take all of us on with no help what-so-ever?"
Jack looks up at them and just laughs.
Omi: "Yes, Kimiko I believe he has."
Omi runs toward Jack.
Omi: "Jack Spicer, put the Wu down and we will take it easy on you."
The Monks look at Omi with a confused look on their faces. They all go into fighting stance.

"Jack-bots, ATTACK!", Jack paid no attention to any word Omi told him. The Monk began to take out each and everyone one of his Jack-bots.
"It seems as though Jack plan has failed yet again.", Says Kimiko in a bored tone of voice.
"Huh!", the Monks say in unison, Jack was gone!
Clay: "The little Momma's boy actually got away with it!"
Kimiko: "How could this happen?"
Raimundo: "Beats me."
Omi comes out from the vault.
Omi: "He has taken most of our Shen Gong WU!"
Raimundo: "We have to get them back!"
Kimiko: "Yeah, but we have to think of a plan, he has most our Wu."
Omi: "Kimiko is right. We do not even know how it is that he got away from us. He must have been practicing these past few weeks."
Kimiko: "I highly doubt that."

Dojo: "No time for chit-chat kids, we've got a live one. The Immobilising fingers. They are sorta like gloves that give you the ability to freeze your enemy.
Now we've gotta hurry. A-doh... kids?"
All in unison: "C'mon Dojo!"
They all run out.
Dojo: "Hey, wait for me!

Exit Temple.

Enter The Viridity grass feilds:

"Haha, those Xiaolin losers don't know what hit them!" says Jack while holding The Shadow Slicer, "The oldest trick in the book!".
Just then, while Jack was walking toward the Immibilisong fingers,"Jack Spicer!". He turns around, "Huh?"
It was Omi calling him out.
Omi: "Jack SPicer, hand over all of our Wu or suffer a humiliating defeat!"
Jack: "Haha, no way Crome Dome. This Wu is mine now!"

"Hiyaa!", Omi lets out a battle cry. Jack gets a jumping sidekick right to his chest. "Ummph!", he lets out.
Omi get's all up on his grill, Jack doesn't have a chance! The Monks head for the new Wu.
Jack can't take it anymore, he lets out a huge "HELLLP!". The Monks turn around and laugh at his girly scream, they keep on heading for the Wu.

Kimiko reaches down for the Wu when someones foot steps down right on the Wu.
Kimiko: "Hey!... Ahhh oof!"
Kimiko gets pushed really far away by this person.
Raimundo runs to aid her without even looking at the attacker.
Omi stops wailling on Jack and heads to help them.
Raimundo: "Hey, just who do"
He stares at her with a love struck look. (we All know what a manwhore Rai is.)

Julie: "I heard you called for help."
She picks up the Wu and heads to help Jack.
Jack suddently has this cute little happy puppy-dog face. She stretches her hand out to help him up.

Clay takes out his lasso.
Clay: "Now hold on there little Missy."
He lassos her.
Jack: "Hey! Let her go!"
Clay: "I can't let you take the Wu."
She lowers her head and smiles evily. Clay becomes a little confused but before he can shake the confusion off he get's launches about 50 feet way.
"Ummmph!...She's alot stronger that what she looks." Clay says as he tries to get on his feet.
"I'd advise you stay on the ground." she says as she helps Jack up. Clay looks puzzled once more, "huh?", he finally utters out. "It would be of more convenience to you."
she answers as she heads toward him, "Unless, you would like to try to fight me once more?". Clay get's on his feet,"IT's my duty to fight evil do-ers, even if they are as pretty as yourself." Omi and the others saw that there was going to be trouble with this new girl and ran to help Clay. They get into fighting stance.
"Don't make us hurt you.", Omi says with a determinded look on his face. Julie smiles, "This'll be fun.". Kimiko looks as though she is about to burst with anger, "It's too late for that...SHE IS GOING DOWN!", she runs toward Julie.

"Kiyaa!", Kimiko lets out a cry as she jumps in the air, "Wudai Star FIRE!", Fire ball hits Julie. "Bulls eye!" Kimiko begins to celebrate. "Huh?" Kimiko sees there is something wrong.
"You want hot? 'Cause I'll show you hot!" Julie screams out as she throws these HUGE fire balls at kimiko. Kimiko gasps, "Wudai fire sheild!". The fire hits the sheild, Kimiko struggles, "I can't hold it much longer...Ahhh!" The force and heat of the fire was just too strong fo her to handle,
she gets launched waaay back. "Kimiko!", Raimundo yells out, he runs to help pick her up. "How is she so powerful?", Kimiko asks herself.

"Who's next?", Julie asks.
Dojo: "I think it's time we high-tailed it out of here!"
The Monks get on Dojo and leave as fast as they can. They had never faught anyone besides Chase that was this strong!
Soon the Monks were out of sight.

Julie turns around, "Are you alright, Jack?", she asks with a nicer tone of voice. Jack walks up to her, "Yeah, thanks." he dusts himself off.
They looked at each other for a while, not knowing what to say. Finally Julie broke the silence, "Looks like you called me at the right time."
"What do you mean?" asks Jack, she answers, "You were getting totaly paisted by Omi." she says jokingly. "Hey, you got here after I landed some hits, alright?" Jack says in his diffence.
Julie: "Riiight, I was watching you since the begining."
Jack: "Then why didn't you help me since the begining?!"
Julie: "In my diffence; you told me you didn't WANT my help until you asked for it."
Jack: "But I-... You've got a point there."
Julie: sight "So, what do we do now?"
Jack: "Plan world conquest of course! We must plan it out carefully and agree to what we each get after we conquer the world!"
"Sounds delicious" Julie says as she rubs her hands together. "Shall we?" Jack put's out his arm gesturing her to hold on to it. "Yes, we shall" she answers as she grasps his arm.
They walk toward his Jet 3000, "Ladies first." Jack says as he holds out his hand to help her in, "Why, thank you!" Julie gets into the Jet with Jacks help.
Jack turns on his Jet, "Woooot, watch out world domination, here we come!" Julie yells out as the Jet begins to lift of the ground.
Both Jack and Julie iniciate there evil laughs, "Nice evil laugh, Julie." Jck says as he gives her thumbs up. "Thanks, I was about to tell you the same thing." Julie says.
"Well, what can I say, I try." Jack says in a joking matter. Both Jack and Julie begin to laugh once more.
They leave toward his lair. "So, how old ARE you? "Jack asks. "It's along story but you can be sure that I'm 17." Julie answers. "Really? I'm turning 20 soon" Jack says with a praud look on his face. "You sure don't act it." Julie says, "I know, I know." Jack says, still praud. "I didn't mean it as a compliment." Julie says. Jack looks as her with a mad face, she laughs. They soon disappear.

You then see Chase Young. "So Julie... you're back."

End Chapter.
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