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Chapter three: The vindicative

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third chapter

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Chase Young, Clay, Dojo, Jack Spicer, Kimiko, Master Fung, Omi, Raimundo, Wuya - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006-10-30 - Updated: 2006-10-31 - 1541 words

Begin chapter:

At the Xiaolin Temple:

"This is most troubling." says Master Fung as he paces thought the Great Hall. "So you HAVE heard of her?" Kimiko asked.
"Yes. But who would dare set her free?" Master Fung answers. Startled by the face that Master Fung had Omi jumps up and asks,
"Set her free?". Master Fung sighs. "I hoped that she would never be awakened...", he sits down in front of the Monks, you were
able to tell that this was not going to be good. Omi sits back down to listen to what Master Fung has to say. Master Fung begins to tell his story.

"The young girl known as Vendettadrake was sealed over 1500 years ago.
Before Chase Young and even before Wuya, she wreaked havok to the world..."

Omi interupts Master Fung, "Before Wuya?! Then she must be ancient!". "Not quite Omi.", Master Fung answers him.
The Monks look at each other in a confused way. Dojo jumps in, "Lets let Master Fung finish his story and we'll find out
how it is that she is not technically a walking Mummy."
Master Fung continues

"Yes, although she should be over 1500 years old it is as if she did not age at all...
One day everyone powerful enough was brought together to think of a way to stop her.
There was only one way they were able to stop her...
Sealing her in a frozen slumber."

The Monks were surprized to find out how powerful Vendettadrake is.
Master Fung continues.

"She was able to be sealed only by using an HUGE amount of power and magic...
Before she was completely sealed she swore revenge.
She was given the name Vendettadrake because of what she stood for and her power...
A vindicative young girl with dark powers; a blood thirsty Drangon with only revenge and destruction on her mind.

Only something or someone powerful who knew about her and knew how to awaken her could have unleashed her...
You must be very careful from now on young Monks."

The Monks look at each other. Kimiko stands up, "But why would anyone want to awaken her?". Master Fung answers, "I don't know Kimiko."
Raimundo jumps in, "But, why didn't she kill us when she had the chance?". Clay answers his question, "Maybe she just want to play with her 'food'."
Raimundo takes a step back and has a wierd face on. He looks at Master Fung, "So, is she litterally a Dragon?" Master Fung answers, "I don't know Raimundo,
lets hope that she is not."
"If she is so powerful, what is she doing with Jack Spicer?", Kimiko asks. "I don't know the answer to that either, Kimiko.", answers Master Fung.
You can see Omi in the background looking very pensive. He thinks to himself 'what DOES she want with Jack Spicer?"

Exit Temple

Enter Jack's Evil Lair:

You can see Jack and Julie hovering over Jack's table. Julie points to something on the map, "See, if we would conquer Rusia we can use it's defences to help us destroy the enemy
more quickly which will give us more time to relax and live the high life.". Jack points to Asia, "I still think we should conquer Asia first."
"Why just because it's bigger?", Julie asks, "Just because it's biggest continent doesn't mean it would be the best place to conquer first."
Jack glares and crosses his hands, "Fine! We'll go for Rusia first.". Julie begins to go through the plan before they put the 'Okay' on it.
"I'm not too sure about it now, we'll have to plan some more." She says as she walks toward the computer. Jack just stares at her with his mouth open, and follows her.

"What are you looking for now?", Jack asks. Julie begins to type on the keybored, "Just searching", she answers.
"Searching for what?", Jack asks. "I want to know what happened these passed hundreds of years.", she answers, got a serious yet depressed look on her face,
(It had taken Julie a while to explain to Jack why it was that he had never heard of her, but he finally got it a couple of hours ago.)

Judging by the face Julie had Jack came to the conclution that she was hidding something,'Maybe she's not ready to talk about it.' he thought to himself.
"Maybe I can help you.", he suggests and he moves another seat toward Julie. "Really? You'll help me", Julie asks.
"Who better to teach you then... Jack Spicer Evil Boy Genius!", he answers enthusiasticly.
"Alright!", Julie blurts all-of-a-sudden, "Teach me EVERYTHING!". "Everything?", Jack asks in a tired way.
"Yes, EVERYTHING!", she answers, "I want to know what happened thru all these years and how they-" she runs to the bathroom and flushes the toilet," invented indoor
plumbing!", her eyes glittered as she flushed the toilet over and over, "It's marvelous!".
Jack runs to the bathroom, he begins to pull her away but she is too strong. the Jack-bots join in and help Jack.
"We already talk about how you flushing to much will effect the water bill!"

Exit Evil Lair

Enter Chases House:

"Vendettadrake? I thought she was only a myth." Wuya says in a surprised way.
"Of course she is real, and her name is Julie.", Chase walks toward Wuya, "Oh, I'm sorry." Wuay says sarcasticly.
"I have waited hundreds of years for her to be wakened.", Chase states as he sits on his throne.
"Why didn't you just go unleash her yourself?", asks Wuya as she begins to file her nails.
Chase maddogs Wuya, "Because she must be unleashed at the right moment."
"How do you intend to get her to join us? She has a thing for Jack and I doubt Jack would want to share her with you." Wuya says in a laughing manner.
It seems Wuya pushed a botton. "That is none of your bussiness, Wuya." He snaps at her.
Wuya begins to get the idea that Chase has some kind of a thing for Vendettadrake.
'I'll have to be carefull with this 'Julie'. I'm not as strong as she is, especially after Chase has taken most of my power!", Wuya thinks to herself.

Exit Chase home

A few weeks later...

Enter Jacks Evil Lair:

"Best 9 out of 17!", Jack blurts out after he loses yet again in Versus mode on Goo Zombies 8.
Julie sighs and leans back on the chair, "Sorry, Jack. I'm already tired.". "C'mon I have a good feeling about THIS round." , Jack begs Julie.
"I told you, Julie's got skills!", She gets up out of the chair.
Jack drops the control and crossses his hands, "How did you get so good anyway?". Julie answers, "I'm a fast learner."
She turns off the game and T.V then heads out the room.
Jack orders the Jack-bots to clean up the soda cans and candy wrappers that were scattered everywhere.
He walks out the room and sees Julie staring into the bathroom mirror.
She seemed kind of absent minded, as though she wasin't there.

What Julie is seeing:

Everything seems dark and humid.
Sudden flashes of people being tortured and Julie screaming while trying to help.
Then you can see her in the seal.

end of what Julie is seeing.

"I'll avenge you, even if it's the last thing I do." she says under her breath.
Her eyes begin to glow red with anger. She looks down and you see a lonely teardrop fall on the bathroom floor.
Jack enters the bathroom slowly. "Are you okay?", he asks as he touches her shoulder.
She gets startled, looks up fast and answers, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just want to be alone for a while."
She heads out the lair and out the front door.

She walks out the gate toward a field close by. It wasin't long before she reached the middle of it.
It was a windy day. Her hair and dress blow toward the direction of the wind.
She was deep in thought when Jack appreared behind her.
"What do you want?", she asks rudely. "I just wanted to know if you were alright, But I can take a hint. I'll come check on you when your in a better mood."
he answers in a mean way. He begins to turn toward home. 'Man, I just came because I was worried. She didn't have to bite my head off!' he thought to himself.
He then feels her grab his arm, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be taking it out on you. It's not your fault." she says apologizingly.

Jack turns around slowly. he sees her with her head down, she lets go of his arm.
He puts his hand under her chin and lifts her head. They stare at each other.
The wind blows, their clothes and hair flow in wind.
Everything is quite...
Jack suddently hugs her. Julie was surprized, not angry but happy. She hadn't felt the warmth of another in a long time.
She hugs him back. He whispers, "whenever you want to talk I'll listen."
She whisters back, "Thank you, Jack..." she sighs" It makes mad that this moment was ruined."
"What do you mean?" he whispers back.
She answers, "We are not alone."

End chapter

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