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Chapter Four: Uninvited guest

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The fourth part to the trilogy.

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Begin Chapter:

The moment that Jack and Julie were sharing was cut short by and uninvited guest.
Jack and Julie let go of each other slowly, not give away that they were aware they were being watched.
They both turned around to 'supposedly' head back to the house.
Julie turned around and out of nowhere flames wrapped around her hands and formed a bow and arrow!
She fired into the distance toward the trees.
Jack was exited to see this, he had never seen her actually use her powers before. His eyes glowed with exitement.

There! The Ying-Yang bird emerges from the trees, and flies toward Jack and Julie.
Julie walks toward the bird. just as expected Hannibal Bean was mounted on the evil bird.
"Just as I suspected. I thought you would have been dead by now.", Julie says as she stops in front of the bird.
"Aww, that's no way to greet an old friend.", he says sarcasticly, "And after all I've done for you."
"Friend? Since when were we friends? And--", She paused, "What do he mean, 'All I've done for you?'"
sudden flashes of Hannibal holding the reversing mirror came to her.

"You don't remember?", he asks, "I'm the one that set you free.", he smiled evily as he finished.
Julies eyes widened. "So it WAS you.", she exclaimed as she tighted her fists.
"Why?", she asked demandingly. They've been enemies since long ago. what did he want from her?
Did he want her to do something for him in return?

"I just thought you might like some freash air after such a long time.", he said jokingly.
Hannibal was really trying her pacience.
she grabbed him and was squizing him tight in her fist.
"Answer me! Why did you set me free?! What do you want from me?!", she yelled out in frustration.
Hannibal began to laugh at her. He used the Moby morpher and grew bigger than Julie.
she showed no fear.

Suddently Chase popped out and attacks Hannibal.
Hannibal begins to retreat. He turns back to normal size and hops on the Ying-Yang bird.
He turns toward Chase, "Why if it isn't Chase Young. What an unpleasent surprise!"
Chase takes a shot at the bird. he misses by a hair.
"Perhaps this is not the best time for this conversation.", he says to Julie as he flies further and further away.

Jack rushes to Julies side, 'What is Chase doing here?' he asks himself.
Dazed and confuzed Julie turns toward Chase. after a long pause she utters out, "What did you do that for?!"
"That's a nice way to thank someone for saving you." chase answers as he walk toward Julie.
Puzzled, she asks, "Save? Save me from what?".
Chase answers, "Hannibals plan was to free you and steal your power so he can conquer the world when the time was right."
"That little basterd!", Jack yells out.
"He knew all along." she says under her breath.
Jack noticed she said something but he can't quite make it out.
Julie gets enraged. He only freed her so her can suck her dry and rule the world.
A perfect plan for Hannibal, kill two birds with one stone.

Julies eyes begin to turn a blood red and a powerful aora forms around her.
"Hannibal, you no good Mother F--" she was interupted by Chase.
"Perhaps this is a good time to form an allience.", he states.
Julie turns back to normal, "Huh?"
"It would be easier to keep an eye on Hannibal if we join forces, don't you agree?", he asks.
this was his chance to get The Great Vendettadrake to join him in world domination.

"That would be a good idea, but I must respectfully decline on your offer.", she answers.
Chase was not surprised to hear this. Someone as powerful as her can not be won over so easily.

"May I ask, why? Chase asks. Julie was quick to answer, "Because I don't know you well enough to know if you would backstab me or not.
Besides I have already formed an alliance with Jack." Jack was very happy to hear this. Finally someone actually respected him!
"I see. I understand completely.", chase begins to walk away.
Julie gets into deep thought. 'It might not be a bad idea to have Chase as an ally', she thought to her self.
She called to him, "Chase, I will keep an eye on you, if you meet expectation I will seek you out. If not, well then, we'll see what happens."
With that said Chase knew soon they would from an alliance.
Chase smurked, "Until then Vendettadrake.", he was soon one his way.

Jack and Julie began to head toward the house.
"So, THAT'S Chase Young. Humm, he's alot more handsome than I thought.", Julie waits to see what Jack had to say about her
thinking Chase was Hot.
Just as she expected, Jack DID have something to say about that.
"What?! You can't be serious. How can you be thinkning that when you have a handsome young stud here next to you?", he stated as he made a proud face.
Julie giggled.
"What are you laughing at?" Jack asks as he crosses his hands.
Julie puts her hand over her mouth and tries to stop giggling. She finaly stops.
"I knew it! You got jealous." she stated as she pointed at him.
"What?!", Jack blushed, "What are you talking about? Why would I be jealous of Chase?".
Julie stopped in front of Jack and got really close to him. Jack began to blush. He gulped.
'What is she doing? Is she going to-' he thought to himself.
She got closer then BOOM! Jack falls back right on his butt.
"Exactly.", she answers as she begins to laugh and head for the house.
Jack gets confused, he gets up and runs after her.
They were soon side by side.

After a short while Julie blurts out, "Jack?".
"Yeah?" he asks.
"I want to thank you for earlier. You know, when you said you'd listen when I'm ready to talk." she answers as she tries to hide that she is blushing by looking down on the floor.
Jack begins to blush, "I- umm-It--" he begins to studder. "Your welcome." he finally says out as he scratches his head.
Julie reached for his hand, "Thank you, Jack."
They walked home holding hands.

End Chapter
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